Got Brains?

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Kerry Washington is on the cover of Page Six magazine where inside she discusses “beauty, brains, and breakups.” Brains, huh? Yeah our mind is in the gutter as usual this morning. SMH.

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  • mzsweetface


  • Hot Sauce



    yes…hers is HUGE

  • Fresh Perspective

    Lol re Nikki’s comment–that girl got a superdome for real!

  • Aunt Viv

    She does have an enormous noggin…

  • leave it be(STILL searching for some jelly beans)

    awwww. i had to look at her again, she does look like a lollipop….

  • mzsweetface

    @ hot sauce

    LOL. Sowy!

  • Oshie

    I usually think she’s pretty fine. Now I’m confused. And sad. And now I’m hungry…. a little sleepy. Feel a little bored now. Now I’m confused again.


    she used to be pretty back in the “Ray” days .. she look like a bobble head. head WAY to big for her tiny body. she all the way hollywood now. po’ thang.

  • BBC - Afiya

    This my gurl right here! I like Kerry…she was cute in that Chris Rock movie… 🙂

  • JJ

    She’s so dainty, I love it.

  • tara

    yes she is so beautiful .and i have just read a news from … .it’s said that she is dating with a guy who is very handsome .that’s really ture!

  • circa-81

    ha, I tried to cancel my 1st comment because of the misspelling and bossinp posted both of ’em.

  • Ms. Philly


  • Hot Sauce

    Ms. Philly

    speakin of head, hows yours. You got skillz?

  • The Grundle

    Kerry Washington is freaking beautiful & smarter than most of you hating chicks in here today.

    Did you guys see her on Bill Maher last Friday? She held her own up against Michael Steele (former Maryland lieutenant governor) and Scott McClellan (former white house press secretary.)

    Kerry Washington can fart in my porridge any day she feels like. Kerry, I Love You

  • flawda

    I first noticed her on (I think i love my wife), then i saw her on Bill Maher show and now i am infatuated. The thing i find attractive about women is there intelligence and she definetly has that, then looks/physique and she definetly has that.

    That’s the type of woman i’ll wife up

  • Oshie

    She said in college she had a compulsive eating problem. I don’t see it.

  • Lacombe Redbone

    She’s a cutie y’all! And she’s talented! Don’t be so mean! lol

  • Butterscotch

    I agree with those who commented on her appearance on Bill Maher’s show. She was fantastic – somebody needs to send HER on the road for Obama.

  • DinaLee

    She’s an intellligent black woman we should all be proud of. She had those dufuses in check on Bill Maher. And she is on the road for Obama – i live in Denver and she was out and about during the DNC.

  • Lady Architect

    She looks great and I agree with other people. I saw her too on Bill Maher and listening to her talk and put dudes in check was funny. She’s very intellectual and well aware of what’s going on in the world. Other stars act like airheads. I won’t give any specific names.

  • So tired of the bull

    That forehead is pretty massive there lol

  • Moreaces

    Yep,, my mind was Def. in the gutter.

  • samira

    She is sooooo beautiful and got brains to match.

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