4 Month Old Infants Are Growing Breasts Due To Hormones In Milk

- By Bossip Staff

WTF?! We told y’all yesterday about little girls going through puberty as early as 7 years old. Now, new reports have emerged documenting female infants with breasts as early as 4 months old!

According to the official Chinese Daily newspaper, medical tests performed on the babies found levels of estrogen circulating in their bloodstreams that are as high as those found in most adult women. These babies are between four and 15 months old. And the evidence is overwhelming that the milk formula they have been fed is responsible.

Studies conducted by doctors as early as 1980 noted strange cases of early puberty. There were four-year-old girls with fully developed breasts. There were three-year old girls with pubic hair and vaginal bleeding. There were one-year-old girls who had not yet begun to walk but whose breasts were growing. And it wasn’t just the females. Young boys were also affected. Many had to have surgery to deal with breasts that had become grossly swollen.

Dr. Carmen A. Saenz explained the cause. “It was clearly observed in 97 percent of the cases that the appearance of abnormal breast tissue was…related to local whole milk in the infants.”

The problem was traced, and found to stem from the misuse of hormones in dairy cows. When Dr. Saenz was asked how she could be certain the babies and children were contaminated with hormones from milk rather than from some other source, she replied simply: “When we take our young patients off… fresh milk, their symptoms usually regress.”

If you are going to buy dairy products, try to get them from organic sources. Organic milk products by law can’t be produced with bovine growth hormone (BGH). Or look for dairy products that specifically say they are produced without BGH (also called recombinant bovine somatotropin, or rBST). Starbucks only uses dairy products that have not been produced with the hormone. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream likewise uses only milk and cream from dairy farms that have pledged not to use BGH.

If you’re going to eat cheese, remember that American-made cheeses are likely to be contaminated with BGH and excess levels of IGF-1 unless they’re organic or labeled BGH-free. Most cheeses that are imported from Europe are safe, though, since much of Europe has banned the hormone.

No wonder so many people are lactose intolerant.


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    o wow

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  • I lovekuanGG


  • Allie

    Milk formula? this is why babies need to be breastfed

  • nite stick

    You see the government has been feeding us this junk for the longiest.

  • BAPE747

    RICE DREAM. Get into it


    I breastfed all my children due to my skepticism of formula.Its funny because I remember the nurses would do everything to get new mothers to give their babies that garbage and I always refused.
    Once they stopped being breastfed,I only give them soy milk.I also believe the baby formula is responsible for so many children being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.

  • Soul Touch

    It’s not just milk, it’s in the meat too! Becareful of what you put in AND on your body (they found that many products we use are also causing things like cancer).

    Well said Cat Eyes. They push that on you because the government wants us to locked onto their drug supply (including perscription drugs)…Hospitals also get paid for giving out those products.

    I don’t eat any of that mess.

    Mind you, I have a 34DDD, but that’s genetics.

  • dee

    This is just what the establishment wants. They are poisoning your food, why do you think 7 year old girls are getting breasts and their period. Unnatural, they want to make you unnatural. They are trying to kill us. I only buy organic milk made by the Amish. I should really just drink Almond milk instead.
    There is a war against mankind, open your eyes.

  • dee

    Did you guys know that they put formaldehyde in your ground beef, and this is fed to your kids in school????
    Pack your kids lunch with healthy foods, please. Cancer awaits us all.

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    What’s sad is that overall, alot of what we eat isn’t healthy b/c of all the pesticides and hormones in our food. Canned food is cheaper, but has alot of sodium and artificial perservatives. The actual lining of these cans contain chemicals that leech into the food over time too. Our food is no longer natural, and it’s no wonder that there are so many kids in the world are sick. Think of all the kids that have autism, rare cancers, ADD/ADHD, birth defects, early onset puburty, ect. The only food that’s really healthy and safe is organic. What’s sad and ironic is that the food grown free of chemicals is also the most expensive to buy. Doctors say that if you can switch at least switch over to organic milk, that alone makes a big difference in your health. Organic is the way to go if you can afford it.

  • darealwifey

    It’s not just milk. It’s also chicken. By local, organically farmed, hormone-free milk and chicken. It costs more, but it’s better for you.

    Also, I was at the grocery store buying tomatoes and noticed that hundreds of fruit flies were swarming two kinds of tomatoes, but none were swarming the other varieties. I bought the ones the fruit flies wanted. If the insects don’t want it, that’s a hint-and-a-half that it’s no good.

  • Lady_Star

    I only buy TRADER JOES!! Ok ok and also the Clover brand milk since it’s local =)

  • http://logicvigilante.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/kanyewestentourage1.jpg Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    The problem was traced, and found to stem from the misuse of hormones in dairy cows.

    I’m not even surprised, it was bound to happen and makes sense that this would be the result…

    Have y’all noticed how big & tall youngin’s are nowadays?!?!

    Wow, I see a great business opportunity over there for milk is “bovine growth hormone free” and I say that because a lot Asian Women are flat chested…

    Love me long time…


    How have you been?Long time!!Still got the jokes,huh?

  • Soul Touch


    lol To answer the first question: yes. But a sloppy jiggle jiggle,no. I work out. I like being thick, but tight.

  • LMAO


  • bklynista718

    when my daughter was born she was lactose..i nursed her for 4 months do to complications but after that she was only fed soy formula till she was 12months..then after that only organic milk yogurt n cheese..also organic baby foods prior to her eating solids..becuz of the hormones found in milk products in meat, amish or organic is all me n my family eat…i just wish i could have the money for organic veggies..to freakin expensive!

  • http://logicvigilante.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/kanyewestentourage1.jpg Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators


    Big Sis, I gotta get off the white man’s internet and finish up some work but I’ll catch up with you later… Oh yeah, I wanna hear how that thing with the white man trying to run the Black History Center thing in your town went…

    @Soul Touch

    Whew, I thought I was gonna get in trouble with you… You know I was playing around but kinda wanted to know *wink, wink*… I’m glad to hear it’s not sloppy and that you don’t suffer from bootydo = when your stomach sticks out more than your “booty do”… Keep up the good work so Mr. Right can bounce a quarter off that thang… Heads or tails??? SMH @ myself…

  • Sydney

    I’m sorry, but as I read the title that is too funny.

  • miss marie

    This is why some mother’s need to stop acting like they are entitled to deny their babies breast milk for their own selfish convenience. Too many mothers want to bring life into the world then neglect it when it gets here.

  • Naomi

    Oh and also, I was getting WIC during my pregnancy and the amount of cow’s milk they give you on those vouchers was insane! Then they kept pressuring me to drink the milk. When I finally told them that I didn’t drink cows milk and that I planned to breastfeed, the lactation counselor almost turned cartwheels. She said that so many young black women were against breastfeeding bc of all the myths they’d heard like it makes your breast sag, or they can’t produce enough milk. Anyway, she arranged for me to get a top of the line breast pump paid for by WIC just to encourage me to stay at it.

  • lilbabiphat2004

    ummm thank god i breastfeed and drink soy milk

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