Jesus Take The Wheel! 5 Year-Old Chicago Boy Accidentally Shot To Death By Twin Brother

- By Bossip Staff

This is so sad. A Chicago family is in mourning, as one of a set of five-year-old twins suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the abdomen at the hands of his brother.

Five-year-old Jonathan and his twin brother had just been given their baths and were playing in their room, about to settle down for the night before their first day in kindergarten.

Then a shot rang out.

Jonathan’s brother ran from the room in his pajamas, followed by Jonathan who was crawling and bleeding from his stomach, relatives say.

Jonathan was rushed by ambulance from his two-flat in the 700 block of South California to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 11:07 p.m. Monday from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He would have turned 6 next month.
Relatives said the boys, who were nearly identical and inseparable, had been playing when they found the gun. They believe Jonathan was shot by his brother.

“They were in the house playing cops and robbers and found the little gun,” said an aunt of the twins, Tameka Patterson. “It’s really sad, that’s my love, that’s my heart. They’re babies, they didn’t know any better. He’s in heaven right now.”

She called the boy’s death “a straight accident.”

At the home this morning, Jonathan’s great-uncle Bruce Prince said relatives were in other parts of the home — a great-grandmother who is bedridden was in her room, their grandmother was in the kitchen and their mother was on the porch.

Then everyone heard a single gunshot.

The other twin “ran out of the room and Jonathan crawled out,” Prince said.

Prince described the brothers as inseparable, playing mostly with each other even when other children were around.

Jonathan was the older by two minutes and 39 seconds, but he carried himself like the much older sibling. He learned to tie his shoes first and helped his brother learn to tie his.

Today was to be the boys’ first day of kindergarten at King Elementary School, a few blocks away, Prince said.

It was not known who owned the gun or where it had been kept in the apartment. The shooting was under investigation by Harrison Area detectives.

Jonathan’s brother has been put in the care of relatives while the Department of Children and Family Services looks into the case, agency spokesman Jimmie Whitelow said. The agency had no prior contact with the family, he said.

What a terrible tragedy. That poor surviving boy will probably feel the loss of his brother for the rest of his life. So sad.



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  • zee

    This is horrible…..

  • aaaaa

    proofread plz !

  • shut the fu*ck up


    is full of just dread



  • JolieCoeur

    Handsome little dude :(, rest in peace.

  • Mabel

    Beyond sad. If you need a weapon why not spend the extra money for appropriate storage especially in a family home? There is no excuse for storing guns in drawers or shelves with kids in the home, kids have a way of finding everything hidden. Get a safe and keep it locked!!

  • amyee81

    That little boy is gonna therapy for the rest of his life. He will be in my prayers. Blessing be upon the deceased twin, amen.

  • Kristina

    Very sad, he was such a cutie pie.

  • Ms.Drizzy

    this is why people should not have guns in the house with children ! R.I.P

  • mimi3180

    Wow this sooo sad i live in the burbs of chicago.. and just to keep hearing stuff like this really saddens me .. i can only express my deepest sympathy to this poor lil child who really doesn’t even know what’s going on… except his brother is no longer here… parents why oh why was there a gun in the house.. we have to better people please keep the weapons out of our children’s reach…Remember we must continue to keep the faith may GOD bless you and keep you

  • idonkollo

    I agree with Tasha, the parents should be held fully accountable because 1) It wasn’t mentioned that the weapon was legally owned & 2) Even if it was legally owned, which i doubt it was, how come your kids have access to it?

  • auntdoggandauntfail

    very irresponsible

  • REALLY?????

    This makes me want to throw up!!!
    I am so tired of kids having kids…

  • TMoney253

    More black on black violence. No surprise. Next.

  • martika pender

    this very sad

  • Sydney

    The only think I can blame the guardians for is not letting their kids know its not safe. I remember at 5 years old my dad had a hand gun sitting on the dresser, and I knew not to touch it. Its easy, your supposed to know what guns do without people having to tell u. But that surviving twin, but be devastated. I feel the pain

  • sportstalk23

    These damn guns are nothing to play with and shouldn’t be in a home with children where they can just find it, these phukin guns will be the end of black people decline,kids playing with guns, people bustin gats at block and house parties over some dumb stuff,a dispute breaks out and folks quick to pull out a piece,my condolences to this family especially the twin because he can’t comprehend what’s gone on and will grow up without his brother, and then realize it was an accident he was apart of, but the blood of this baby belongs in the hands of whoever had that gun in the home or those who knew it was there

  • sportstalk23

    *meant to say reason for the end of black people*

  • Henry

    Man that was my nephew and we all loved him dearly we didn’t know the gun was in the house so before you start judging people and their families think about what we have to go through right now I love and miss my nephew so please leave him and my family out of any negative comments you feel compelled to make.

  • gigi

    Tmoney23 black on black crime has nothing to do with it its the respnsibility of the parents to hide the gun matter a fact put it somewhere high n for you to stay next is very RUDE beside that RIP YOUNG BOY U LEFT TO SOON

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    Horrible tradgedy for both the survivng twin and his family. This child will spend the rest of his life with guilt b/c of the irresponsibility of the adults in his life. Personally, I think no one should own a gun in a home with children. But, if you must, it’s of the upmost importance that the firearm be far out of reach from children, and even more important, the gun should always be stored unloaded, with the ammunition licked and stored away from the gun. Children who live in a home with firearms should be sent to a safety meeting that teaches young children to respect the real power of a gun and to never, ever touch it. If you can’t be responsible, then don’t own a gun. And on a side note, if you have kids, don’t be afraid to ask others if they keep any firearms in thier homes and where and how they’re stored. If you don’t like the answers, don’t allow your child/ren into that home period. You never know if the next tragedy can hit your home. I don’t think this mother should spend time in jail, no amount of jail time will punish her enough. But I do think that this woman should serve some community service, recounting her story to others as a warning. I hope this child won’t have his life destroyed before it really began. I’ll pray for him. May his brother rest on peace.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    too cute and too sad. now the brother has to live with the guilt of his brother/best friend gone for the rest of his life for something his family could have prevented. R.I.P. little man…

  • Woozy

    Thats beyond terrible! Poor boy! So young and his twin is gone! And all those adults there! Smh! He wil need therapy bc I know some1 grown who lost a twin and it affects them PROFOUNDLY.

  • rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    @Awwww shaddup… i dont know whats up with Chi.. but i dont wnat to say anything after being accused of bragging on Chi.. first of all i aint from Chi.. go there though and got relatives there and Chicago aint nothing nice it speaks for itself.. im from STL and its rough here too.. what kind of fool brags on how bad their city is.. Chicago needs Jesus and any damn body that reads or listens to the news sees that! One of my relatives are on the verge of moving to a Chi suburb but you know alot of times it aint the area its the person and this could have happened anywhere!

  • It's Me

    sad sad accident. RIP lil buddy. I hope the brother is not affected to much when he gets older. Damn that is going to be a hard conversation for his mom or dad to have with him when he is older. WOW..

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