Ne-Yo Tries To Prove He’s Straight… Again: “When My Baby’s Born I’ll Be Celebrating With Alcohol And The “Opposite” Sex

- By Bossip Staff

Ne-Yo keeps making himself look more and more SUSPECT as each day goes by. The Sun in London is reporting that Ne-Yo claims that he is single and Monyetta Shaw is just a friend that he can pro-create with… They have an “UNDERSTANDING”!!! Whatever makes them happy is great but what we are not so sure about is Ne-Yo’s choice of words… SUSPECT!!!

The R&B titan, whose first child is due in January, said: “I’ll be in Atlanta, Miami or Brazil and celebrate with alcohol and a member of the opposite sex.”

When I asked about his tot’s mum, he said: “I have a friend. Not a girlfriend. She’s carrying my child but knows I can’t commit. She doesn’t mind other women.”

Ne-Yo will celebrate the birth of his FIRST born child in Miami, Brazil, or Atlanta with alcohol and a member of the OPPOSITE SEX… Hmmmm!??! As oppose to the “SAME SEX”??? ….. SURE NE-YO!!!

In the upcoming issue of Ebony, Ciara and Ne-Yo have “The Sexiest Face-Off”. Ciara tells Ebony;

By the time I’m 30, I want to be well-off financially and I want to really control my destiny…

Yesterday, we posted Ciara telling Paper Magazine that she wants to be an Icon. If she stop spending $11,000 on shoes every month it seems like she should be able to obtain the financial goal before the “Icon or Legend” goal

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  • Sydney

    If Ciara has been spending 11,000 dollars on shoes…wouldn’t yah think she already financially secure already? lol

  • idonkollo

    Wow, Neyo…”members of the opposite sex”? You mean women? lol, he’s gayer & gayer by the minute…not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, but he just needs 2 stop playing games..

  • loc

    That article sounds fake and isn’t he engaged. I believe ne yo is gay but that statement seems phony

  • lala

    If you can’t commit, why get her pregnant. Really, was that part of the agreement: I can’t be with you but let me get you pregnant. And his “friend” is just as stupid, now she’s stuck taking care of a baby while he’s out boinking every male/female around the world. Just admit it Ne-yo you’re gay, and you figured getting a woman pregnant would make you look straight. The truth shall set you free.

  • sallyg

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  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    HE IS SO GAY!!! Come on! What is the purpose of this agreement? If you like women why not chance (since you are still fairly young) that the right one or a decent one you might want to commit to, will come along. This is a surrogate mother. She is having a child for him and his lover Jamel. P.S., the fact that he speaks on this so much is the reason why people still question it. AT THE END OF THE DAY…WE REALLY DON’T CARE NE-YO! And um…’How u doin’?’

  • TMoney253

    By opposite sex, he means chicks with d*cks.

  • lala

    LOL his lover Jamal, that was funny. But you’re probably right.

  • anonymousalien

    wow. not only is he gay, but he’s an a*sh*le! What kind of mess is it to get a woman pregnant and NOT commit? “There’s an understanding?” Negro Please! No real woman (only ho’s with a plan for a come up, and she doesn’t seem like the type, because she could do better) would go for that mess!

    “celebrate…with the opposite sex”? Did he word it that way? Because that seems stranged that he emphasized what “sex” he would be celebrating with, it shouldn’t matter.

  • Boi Wonda

    Get over it! then the hollywood, hip-hop, pop and celebrities wont have to hide from the Black homophobic press, bloggers, and church ANY LONGER.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    @ lala There was an Essence or Ebony interview in 2006 where he admitted to having a boyfriend in high school. I cannot find the article now but he put out there, he needs not skirt the truth now.

  • tj

    Ok. Two points. 1) Ne-Yo honey, if you have to scream from the mountain top that you’re straight – you aren’t. You’re really saying, “Look at me. I’m afraid to be what I am.” 2) Damn that’s an ugly picture. Oh and PS – Ne-Yo. You are a talented young man. No one really cares about your orientation. You shouldn’t deny it, but you don’t have to flaunt it, either. Just stop taking those power bottom pics. K?

  • EEE

    He is very talented, I don’t see why he keeps defending himself. If he is gay what is the big Fu@#ing deal?? Don’t nobody care….On the other hand, he probably doesn’t want to be sterotyped…too late for that. Man live yo life and forget about what people think about yah! I must say though, the more I hear of him, the more I think he’s gay.

  • Tray

    Neyo is so gay! He has a financial arrangement. Neyo wanted a seed to carry on his name so I’m assuming that he paid this young lady to have his baby. His status is so obvious. I think he is playing games because the truth might affect his record sales. I don’t know, I think there is more respect for a “flaming queen”, then for a downlow brother who is not honest about who he is.



  • Lola

    It’s sad that some black men do not understand the ideology of family is 2 loving married parents in the home. The whole “let me make a baby with some chick that I am cool” with concept is disturbing and sad. As if we don’t have enough single mothers out here. Wow.

  • amyee81


  • It's Me

    Neyo getting pumped in the azz right now. He is an in the closet fagget.

  • Mikki

    Hello! This chick was one of Steve McNair’s jump offs, remember? I’m sure she would do just about anything for a check…

  • lala

    Wow for real? I did not know that.

  • Tatiana

    note to Ciara: you can never be an icon and the only tranny who has made a mark in the entertainment business is Rupaul:)

  • Eddy

    Ciara is not going to be an icon and Neyo is gay. Both are forgettable.

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