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Lil Rudy is not so little anymore:

Television child star, Keshia Knight Pulliam, 29, has certainly out grown her role as the cute adorable Rudy Huxtable of the family sitcom, The Cosby Show. The talented actress has made a name for herself by turning her childhood success into solid adult roles. Pulliam has gone from working with one heavy-hitter, the legendary Bill Cosby, to another-Tyler Perry, a film/TV/theater legend in the making. A new generation is now enjoying her talents each week on the top-rated TBS sitcom, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne as Miranda. “It’s wonderful to work with someone like Tyler Perry who is an innovator in everything he’s done,” said Pulliam. “Being such a highly acclaimed show, it was a perfect fit.” What’s next for Pulliam? Early next year she will star in the film Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail. Pulliam will portray a troubled prostitute named Candy. “I was so excited to play this role. It’s so ‘out the box’ from anything that anyone has seen of me,” she said. “I know people will be shocked because they grew up with me as a child.”

Who cares about all that ‘talent’ talk, Lil Rudy is fine as hell now.

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  • Hot Sauce


  • swoosh


  • Kevin

    I’d hit it

  • Oshie

    Not only that but she’s 29 and looks 18.

  • mzsweetface

    She grew up to be very beautiful.

  • Aunt Viv

    She looks great!

  • Its the Foosa

    Never seen the Tyler Perry show, but she was the main reason i watched the movie Beauty Shop.

  • BeReal

    She did grow up to be quite beautiful!

  • Lovely One

    Rudy does look good…must give her props 🙂

  • Necy

    now, that is natural beauty!!!

  • Moreaces

    She is a very beautiful young lady, but she is not the niecest person in the world. I knew her when she was growing up, and she treated her family like crap, basically when she turned 18 kicked her mom out of the house, and did a lot of other low down stuff.. She is not a nice person at all. beautiful yes, nice Helllla NO

  • Lisa

    She is pretty, is she married or engaged cuz that’s a nice ring on her finger. I heard stories about her and Raven not being as nice as people think, but they are successful, beautiful, and not into drugs, so I wish them the best.

  • Lady elle

    Good for her. She seems well rounded.

    She hasn’t gone through her money (from what the word is), She earned her degree and has kept herself working and growing….good for her…..

  • Lady elle

    yeah after reading some of the other posters, I have heard stories about her not being too nice but that may be a security wall.


    Rude look like a Jackson….no?

  • BBC - Afiya

    She has grown into a very lovely lady…I’m impressed. 🙂

  • Somer

    She’s 29???? Damn, I thought she was around 23 or 24yrs old. Rudy has been grown for some time now. I always thought NBC should have done a spin off for her after she graduated Spellman. It could have been a great show with all the old characters making guest appearances. It would be nice to see “BUD” today. NBC hasn’t had a hit since Friends left the air. They are too busy with horrible reality shows like Celebrity Circus.

  • Domino

    Now that’s a pretty dark skin chick.




  • Tracey

    Full black, lovely, pretty, gorgeous, real, talent and CUTE love her!

    I cannot believe lil rudy is 29 now, mannnnn time flies, but time suits her more than well!

  • Miss_NC

    She is beutiful, about not being so nice who knows? People don’t realize those are characters that they play.In real life, when you need to be about your money sometimes you don’t have time to be “nice” if it’s business related. When men do it, it’s cool but when a woman does it she’s a b*tch.

  • angeleyedqt

    Most celebrities aren’t nice in person, it’s a sad shame b/c its the fans who made them successful but I give props where they are due, she looks good and has an education, rare for celebrities to go back and get their degree and im sure her rudeness or attitude is just something to keep people out of her business, like someone mentioned a security wall

  • dapro11

    What’s up Ladies of the BBC

    Damn Rudy got FINE AS HELL

  • The_Truth

    Bill Cosby has to be most proud of Raven Symon. . .Keshia fyne, but she’s video girl.

  • justme

    Rude look like a Jackson….no?


    That’s the first thing I thought too…. She does….

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