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Naomi Campbell says she has nothing to gain by lying in her testimony about alleged “blood diamonds.” But according to London’s Telegraph , she could have everything to lose, including her freedom.

The supermodel may face charges for possessing illegal uncut diamonds in South Africa. Penalties could range from a large fine to 10 years behind bars for frequent offenders. Legal experts also suggest the British beauty could face up to two years in jail if the court rules Campbell lied under oath.

Campbell, 40, testified at the war crimes tribunal of former Liberian President Charles Taylor last week. She admitted she was given “dirty looking stones” by two men who showed up at her door following a 1997 dinner in South Africa, hosted by then-President Nelson Mandela, where Taylor was an attendee.

But she contends she did not know the stones were blood diamonds or that they were from Taylor himself. Campbell said she gave them to a South African charity the next day. Taylor is under investigation for allegedly swapping weapons for illegally mined diamonds with rebels in Sierra Leone, which were used to kill thousands of people during that nation’s civil war from 1992 to 2002. Taylor has repeatedly denied trading for “blood diamonds” to finance the bloody conflict.





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