House Members Cut $12 Billion From Food Stamp Fund

- By Bossip Staff

During one of the worst national recessions the government has decided to cut $12 billion from the Food Stamp fund, potentially effecting 41 million Americans.

In the midst of Michelle Obama’s campaign to eat well, the Government has decided to help its citizens do just the opposite.

House members convened Tuesday to pass the multibillion-dollar bailout bill for cash-strapped states. The Bill requires that $12 billion be stripped from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps, to help fund programs that provide $10 billion to school districts. The money will be used to rehire laid-off teachers or ensure that more teachers won’t be let go before the new school year begins, keeping more than 160,000 teachers on the job, the Obama administration says.

Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro, blasted the move as “a bitter pill to swallow” but still voted yes.

“I fought very hard for the food assistance money in the Recovery Act, and the fact is that participation in the food stamps program has jumped dramatically with the economic crisis, from 31.1 million persons to 38.2 million just in one year,” DeLauro said in an e-mail sent to “But I know that states across the nation and my own state of Connecticut also desperately need these resources to save jobs and avoid Draconian cuts to essential services for low income families.”

The Food Research and Action Center said a family of four would see benefits drop about $59 per month starting in 2014.

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture figures, the number of people on the food stamp rolls has been growing to record levels for 18 straight months. Nearly $5.5 billion in aid went out to beneficiaries in May alone. The number of May recipients marked a 19 percent increase from a year ago and the USDA projects that next year’s enrollment will reach about 43.4 million.

The Obama administration has pushed hard for the $26 billion bill. The White House argued that it is essential to protecting 300,000 teachers and other nonfederal government workers from election-year layoffs and will not add to the national deficit.

“If we do nothing, these educators won’t be returning to the classroom this fall, and that won’t just deprive them of a paycheck, it will deprive the children and parents who are counting on them to provide a decent education,” Obama said in the White House Rose Garden shortly before the bill’s passed on Tuesday.

“This proposal is fully paid for, in part by closing tax loopholes that encourage corporations that ships American jobs overseas. So it will not add to our deficit,” he said. “And the money will only go toward saving the jobs of teachers and other essential professionals…I urge members of both parties to come together and get this done, so that I can sign this bill into law.”

So they noticed a 20% increase in food stamp recipients and decided to cut the fund? It’s a sad day when the country has to choose between learning and living.


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  • Myhairparadise

    Dang there goes my niece extra income. She use to sell her food stamp now how is she going to be able to pay for her club clothes

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  • john

    What about the bail outs. Let’s give it to banks and take it from food.

  • nooty09

    its just sad to me that this country has no problem of making it hard on the americans. the country he is actually over. but has no problem spending billions of dollars in places that dont even want us there. for once can they decide to take care of home before trying to save everyone else. im referring to all the americans who werent born rich and just work a regular 9-5 job. trying to make a honest living. but always feeling screwed

  • o.

    I know most people think that the majority of welfare recipients are African American or “black’ but that’s really just a myth. According to the statistics, European Americans or “whites” form the largest racial group on welfare at 40%. The point is the government doesn’t care about it’s poor citizens in general regardless of race.

  • The Desolate One

    I’m quite ambivalent about this issue. I know that there are people that truly need these services, as they are broke and can’t work for medical reasons. Then there are the opportunists; MILLIONS of them who take advantage of this system because they are too lazy to work, OR they’re trying to milk the system for extra money. I PERSONALLY know a woman that makes 45k a year AND gets EBT and food stamps. 45k is FAR beyond the limit to qualify for EBT or food stamps. She has ONE kid. I asked her how she was approved for EBT and food stamps with the amount of money she makes. He hd no problem admitting to me that she LIED about her financial status on her applications. She said the money she saves comes in handy when she needs new shoes, purses, etc. There are a LOT of people who scam the system in the exact same way.

  • o.

    Why is it so hard for people to believe that the rich and the wealthy are positioning them selves to be as comfortable as possible in the difficult times ahead. Racism is for poor people. The elite ruling class deals in a much more sophisticated form of discrimination: Classism.

  • o.

    Why is it so hard for people to believe that the rich and the wealthy are positioning them selves to be as comfortable as possible in the difficult times ahead. Racism is for poor people. The elite ruling class deals in a much more sophisticated form of discrimination: Classism

  • o. aka othello

    Why is it so hard for people to believe that the rich and the wealthy are positioning them selves to be as comfortable as possible in the difficult times ahead. Racism is for poor people. The elite ruling class deals in a much more sophisticated form of discrimination: Classism……

  • Ann

    I’m personally happy that they are cutting food stamps because unfortunately there’s way to much abuse going on. There are some households who truly do need the funding, then there’s an overwhelming number of ppl who don’t need it and uses it as a crutch. Maybe if they cut the funds, women will think twice about having unprotected sex, stop letting grown azz men with two arms, and two legs live and eat off them, and start getting married instead of having a billion and one kids out of wedlock that they can’t take care of. The entire program is abused and needs to be reevaluated.

  • coldt7

    F*ck America,this country is on it’s way down.White folks,i swear everything those demons touch.They f*ck it up,with they’re greedy,selfish,stingy,evil hate filled ways.It’s fuuny how all these dumbazz broke whites with they’re racist azzez.Are quick to shout,USA,USA,yeah you go on and love the USA.But the good ol”USA,sure don’t love your broke poor white azz.

  • Nuffsaid

    This is some BULLS#!T!!!! Why can’t they cut the hundred thousand and million dollar bonuses given to the CEO’S and others on Wall St, Bank’s, Corporations, etc. Why can’t they start taxing the rich like they’re supposed to, Why can’t they STOP allowing free flowing grant money to the Charter Schools Director’s, Why don’t they put a limit to the amount the rich gives to “charity” I can go on and on. This world is a really cold and F^c#ed up WORLD!

  • loc

    That Sux I get ebt and I have two jobs and no kids ….I don’t get much but it def helps me out

  • sepia830

    Good. I hope section 8 and GR are next.

  • Human Racist

    @ Ann

    I totally agree…

    Its a sad day when the poor have been made to think that education is synonymous with daycare. Which is what a large portion of this country views our public school system as. Try to get an education comparable to the one received in the US… you won’t find it unless mom and dad are wealthy.

    if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach him how to fish you’ll feed him for a lifetime…

  • truth hurts

    Guys the truth is.. A lot of people on the system are 5th generation families. Their grandmother, mother, cousins and everyone else was on it.. in VA 1 child = 389 in food stamps and 2 children = almost 500. Not including section 8, tanf and all the other stuff. I know people who had no job man one child and then made a second with no job! Because they knew they were getting more money… And most boyfriends live with for free or do some sort of craft on the side..Promoters, braid hair, yard work, something…Most poor including illegal citizens get some social services benefit too. Currently i am laid off, worked 10 years straight and can’t receive much of anything bc there is a waiting list. People are getting on the system and doing nothing to get off. Very small percentages actually are utilizing welfare the correct way (use to help them as they better themselves). Young kids know if they get preggo, they can just get on welfare and be ok.. I don’t think I even knew about it their age..


    Those of you all who see this as a bad thing are probably the ones who wouldn’t abuse it or use some extra help but most on it, aren’t doing what they are suppose to do and are getting over on our tax money. By the way should you get laid off, there probably isn’t much help out there for you because to many people are on it…. smh!

  • o. aka othello

    Why is it so hard for people to believe that the rich and the wealthy are positioning them selves to be as comfortable as possible in the difficult times ahead. Racism is for poor people. The elite ruling class deals in a much more sophisticated form of discrimination: Classism

  • sassy

    yea, maybe if they stop giving aid to all these Illegal Aliens there will be enough aid left for the actual US citizens…

  • sunflower

    People are without jobs and kids are starving. Yes kids are starving. You’d be surprised to know that a school meal is the only meal some get. This is a problem for everybody -see what happens to a society when the gap between the “have” and “have nots” gets too big,just pick up a history book. Abuse is not relevant people are in need

  • A Mess

    @ loc, how do you have 2 jobs, no kids, and getting food stamps?

    There is alot of abuse going on with foodstamps. Plenty of people walking around here in top name brands, carrying prada bags and swiping their ebt card while wearing their labels. Fuk outta here. Good they cut it. No one should be getting free money. Mcdonalds, burger kings, wendys, is hiring pick one. lazy sob’s.

  • truth hurts

    @ A mess,
    I was wondering the same thing. Because you either have to have to have kids, be old, have a mental illness and or have a handicap.

    good point….how?

  • Niasia

    Wow it is amazing to see the contempt towards the people who need this program. People think it is abused and such but that may be a small majority of the recipients. The number of applicants isn’t increasing for no reason. Food is exhorbitantly priced…well healthy food anyway. IF they let those tax cuts stay in place it will be a blatant smack in the face to the poor of this nation. What say you to the richest of the rich who get tax cuts and offshore accounts? It seems as though the contempt is only towards the poor who you say are “getting over”…trust me the RICH and ELITE get over more than anyone could ever dream of. But no contempt from the little people. Such ignorance. I am sure alot of you are one paycheck away from needing food assistance.

  • truth hurts


    I get your poing but some of these parents just are doing right by their kids and aren’t going to do right becasue the same parents that kids eat only one meal. Those same parents have older lexus, mercedes benz and a weave oh and club heavenly. I know people who are like this. One girl from my highschool is on everything!! and never even has her kids, even doing the school year! The kids are like 2 years behind what they should be but she is living life with: 480 tanf checks, 460 food stamps, rent paid via section 8, car provided by social services, electrial paid by section 8, free cell phone from with free minutes from sprint and free daycare. And as god as my witness NEVER had a job at 32. By the way I couldn’t get any of this when I got laid off! Why??? because there is a 3 year waiting list! SMH..glad I worked to 50,000 a year to support her lifestyle.

  • truth hurts

    1) poing = point
    2) some parents are NOT doing right by their kids.

  • Niasia

    ok my comment just wasn’t posted. I will say it again. Yuo are ignorant if you think MOST of the people abuse it. Have you seen most of the people on food asistance? The rich and elite get over a heck of a lot more than the poor, but where is your contempt? I am willing to bet MOST of the posters on this blog are one check away from needing food asistance themselves. Look at the cost of tax cuts for the rich and the cost of the food asistance program. It may just startle you.

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