“Naughty Bodies” Stripper Hits Client With Car, Drags Dead Body Under Vehicle For 2 Miles…

- By Bossip Staff

Meet Kristina Hensley. Kristina is an exotic dancer employed by a company called “Naughty Bodies.” Kristina was hired by Jae Cho to come to his crib to perform a “private show.” Unfortunately, the evening did not end with a “Happy Ending.”

Police say 35-year-old Kristina Hensley, an exotic dancer hired for a private show at a home near Cincinnati, struck her client with her car and dragged him for over a mile, killing him. Hensley, of Higginsport, Ohio, about 55 miles south of Cincinatti, is being held on $50,000 bond. She is only charged with fleeing an accident scene.

Police say a service called “Naughty Bodies” was hired to come to the home of 31-year-old Jae Cho early Saturday morning. CBS affiliate WKRC confirmed with police that Hensley was the “entertainment” for the night. But something apparently went terribly wrong because police say that Hensley suddenly left in a hurry.

WKRC reports Cho followed her out of the house and was apparently trying to stop her when, according to police, Hensley’s Ford Explorer hit him. She then drove almost two miles to a gas station to ask for help. That’s when the attendant discovered Cho was under the SUV. Cho was pronounced dead at a gas station.

According to court documents obtained by WKRC, investigators seized a laptop, marijuana and drug paraphernalia when they searched Cho’s home. Police are still investigating.

WTF?? Something sounds fishy about this story. Why was she running out of the house like that, and how was she driving without realizing that the dude was dead under her car??? AND why is she only being charged for ‘fleeing the accident scene’?


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  • It's Me

    damn sad ending. I would like to know what really happen as this does not sound right.

  • Belle

    What a very unfortunate looking creature.

  • shut the fu*ck up

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  • Chee-Chee

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  • cincyguy

    stupid stupid people. listen to the news. also her neiughbors and those who know her say she was on drugs but has been clean for a while now. and u idiots that are commenting are the ones probably trying to look her up on craigslist. i know , i own my own company and see it all. besides the fact that there was a reason for her to run, hmmm like being in fear of her life. stupid stuypid people

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  • cincyguy

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  • cincyguy

    and for the record. who are the most people in jail for drug abuse and drug dealing? hmmmm people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. until you are in that situation you dont know how you will react. you can say what you want, but you really dont know til you are there. so you who think that, whenever yopu get in a life or death situation, dont run just hang out and call 911 and wait for them to get there. are you willing to trust that system? i dont know if i would be. born in instinct is to run from danger, not sit and wait for help.

  • cincyguy

    and one more thing from my pulpit-” judge not lest you be judged”. God himself is the only one who needs to be judging.

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