Haitian Presidential Opponent “Sweet Mickey” Says Wyclef ‘Doesn’t Know The Country’

- By Bossip Staff

Wylclefs’ Presidential opponent Michel Martelly publicly announced his intentions to run against Wyclef in the upcoming Haitian election. Although he spoke highly of Wyclef’s decision to run, he also added some ‘interesting’ facts about his relationship with ‘Clef and the people of his impoverished country.

In a recent interview, Michel Martelly emerged as the newest candidate for President of Haiti. The career musician, also known to Haitians as “Sweet Mickey” spoke highly of Wyclef and the friendship they have established over the years.

Martelly claims he spoke to him about teaming up to make political changes for Haiti long before Wyclef announced his plans to run. He says, although he found it “strange” that Wyclef didn’t share the information with him, he would have supported him instead of running himself, if he knew. He also went on to say that he thought Wyclef had ‘ good intentions’ but not necessarily good qualifications:

Martelly: “Well, I know that Clef is well intentioned. But, I believe that not having been raised here, not being familiar with any neighborhood – because I don’t think Clef can drive anywhere here on his own – he can’t speak the languages, I agree that those are handicaps. I’m not saying that he couldn’t surprise the world and be a good president. I cannot say that; I would be speculating. I’d be speculating if I said he couldn’t deliver. But there are things about him that raise concerns for us here in Haiti. Because he doesn’t know the country. He doesn’t know who are proper political allies, who he can trust. He doesn’t know our culture, he doesn’t know our way of life, he doesn’t know what we expect. He doesn’t know our needs. He doesn’t realize that some people may never truly accept him. And right now, we don’t need anyone that’s going to be a further source of conflict between the Haitian people. I believe that Wyclef can still help Haiti, I believe he could be a good president after living here for a few years. But again, I welcome his participation. He makes it exciting. And you know, he could be the best president ever, who knows! I don’t want to speculate, I’m just offering some analysis based on the fact that he didn’t grow up here, he doesn’t know the country. He doesn’t know our problems. Because our problems may be more than the money; our problems could be the leadership. In order to make the changes Haiti needs, we need a leader that the majority of the people can trust and believe in. And that’s exactly why even if he was running for President, Clef should have aligned himself with someone who can be a supplement to what he doesn’t know. And I don’t want to make it seem like we’re not still friends. I’ll probably speak to him tomorrow. Who are we to judge how much he’s been in Haiti since the earthquake? We don’t know what his obligations were. So how can we blame him? But we have to analyze the sociological aspects of him not being familiar with our customs, with our way of thinking. Because, you might think that you understand everything from abroad, but when you come here, the problems may be completely different from what you envisioned. And these are things that I would say to Wyclef directly. I love Clef, I appreciate his efforts for Haiti.”

Michel sounds like he’s trying to be politically correct but he does make some valid points about a President understanding the people he plans to rule. It will be interesting to see how this develops.


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  • nettie

    I agree, he has good intentions but not enough knowledge. I don’t think he really has thought this decision out entirely. Good intentions nonetheless. He can still be a part of helping his country but not in that position!!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    He’s not critisizing “Clef” because he doesn’t want to alienate all those youthful voters that Wyclef keeps talking about having in his pocket.

  • samech

    didn’t they do a song together on the ‘carnival’ album…yes! Wow. Two musicians running a country. Be that as it may, it’s a ruined, small country, but non the less. Neither of them are good if you ask me.

  • 507_diva

    Does that mean no more Sweet Mickey performances in MIA? Ah well, it was great while it lasted

  • http://bossip MY BAAD>> trust nothing, believe even less

    they can still work together.. what made this dude decide to run?? puhlease :/


    ‘Sweet Mickey,’ ‘Baby Doc,’ ‘Papa Doc’ – Who names these people?

  • Bun Babylon

    I applaud Clef for his pursuits


    Sounds like a bunch of wiseguys from the Prohibition era.

  • Bun Babylon

    the other dude look like yul brynner

  • juliemango

    Very good take on y wyclef should not run he needs to respond to this analys ASAP!!!


    Or Alderman Fred Davis from ‘Good Times.’

  • GEGE

    I have to agree with Sweet mickey
    and he looks more like a prez than that stupid wanna Wyclef Jean

    I bet Sweet mickey doesn’t owe the IRS!

  • http://www.myhairparadise.com Myhairparadise

    I dont understand why people make such a big deal about this. Ronald Reagan was an actor and we let him miss up our country so give him a chance.

    Check out myhairparadise*com for all your hair care needs

  • Divatude

    Clef has done more & has been more visible than Mickey Internatinally. He was born & raised some in Haiti. He knows Cite Soleil. he’s been going back n forth to help n the last 5 years. He feeds the poor of City Soleil. Mickey lives primarily in South Florida & Haiti. Has Mickey ever been to Cite Soleil? Y r we talking about Haiti elections now n US media. Because of Clef. Clef brought visibility to the plight of Haiti. I bet if you’d mention Sweet Mickey w/o Clef in this thread, y’ all woulda been like who is this n.ic.c.a?

  • Divatude

    The Haitian Elite is probably cringing now because Clef is not fair skinned & doesnt speak French. LMBAO I mean LS. 😉

  • Bey-nonsense

    he can’t clown clef because he is a singer also

  • Somali Ninga

    Clef’s going to lose anyways. Whos going to take him seriously?

  • ocapkid aka the Haitian

    Wyclef will bring a different mentally to Haitian politic… Wyclef’s greatest asset is the fact that he’s an outsider… we need things to be done different!

  • ocapkid aka Mr Haiti

    Wyclef will make a good president… he’s passionate and he will definitely bring a different mentally to Haitian politic… Wyclef’s greatest asset is the fact that he has lived life outside of Haiti, he knows what the country needs… i support him 100%

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    @Divatude- that’s what I was thinking too (I”m Trini and Haitian). Wyclef will have to align himself with a fair skinned Haitian with money. Mickey looks more like what they want. And Tim Geithner has tax problems, but I don’t see anyone up in arms that Obama is letting him and Paulson (ex CEO of Goldman Sachs) “fix” the economy and banking system…

  • ocapkid aka the Haitian

    Wyclef will bring a different mentally to Haitian politic… Wyclef’s greatest asset is the fact that he’s an outsider… i support him 100%

  • Know ur Enemy

    Wyclef is not eligable to run because he has not lived in the country for the last 5 years.
    The fact that he can still run eventhough he is ineligable to vote shows you the sham of an election America is putting on in Haiti.
    The Haitian Elite are not cringing they are happy that Wyclef is running.
    The Elite and the Corporations in America that abuse Haiti want Wyclef to run so they can continue their destruction of the country for another 200 years.
    The corporations like Halliburton that is already in Haiti are gonna steal all the oil, gold, coal, and cobalt and charge the American public the cost of rebuilding Haiti.
    No suprise at all that all these semi-Haitians like Sweet Mickey and Wyclef are coming out the wood works to help bleed their own country.
    American politicians do the same here in the US and all those African and Arab dictators do it also over in those countries.
    Wake up Black people. Wake up.

  • Jaz

    Ronald Reagan was Governor of California first. “Know Your Enemy” the decision has not been made to amend the law that one must live in Haiti for five years before running for public office. American and foreign tax dollars support Haiti and the Haitian people. Legally elected Presidents and military coup has contributed to the plight of the nation. Haitians have never been independent because Haitians rely on foreign support and live under corruption throughout the country.

  • jdmann

    If Clef does not plan to ‘rule’ the people he might have a chance. Haiti needs a friend more than it needs a ruler.

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