*Bossip Exclusive* Vivica And Boyfriend Slimm Break Up! Viv Heads Back To L.A.

- By Bossip Staff

Sad news for Vivica Fox and Atlanta nightlife promotre Slimm — the pair have called it quits!

BOSSIP recently received the following message from Slimm:

Unfortunately me and Vivica are no longer dating. After 8 months it’s time to go our separate ways. In life you can love and have chemistry with a person but flaws can sometimes outweigh the relationship. I wish her the best and I know she feels the same.

Aww… Sad.

Vivica is doing just fine. BOSSIP spies spotted her at the Atlanta airport having a drink at the 1 Flew South restaurant as she prepared to head back to Los Angeles.

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    Well…. we all knew it wasn’t gonna last! She’s old & he’s young! I know it was bcuz he creeped out…. all those beautiful young chics @ the clubs everynite he can have a different chic everynite if he wanted. Vivica find u a man not a lil boy!

  • nite stick


  • ME

    does anyone have his number. he is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Sage

    He saw Vivica’s messed up feet and came to the realization that his woman was a kin to Greek mythological creature.

    I saw her feet in Booty Call and I am still traumatized.

  • ----* raquel, (shawns girl)

    —-* damn girl, why she date that young boy anyway?? What is he like (25)? I just seen pics of her buying him mad versace clothing/ acc’s.!! And all that bs about “flaws”, what flaws?? He just wanted to use her for her money & leave her…witch he did!!

  • kalifa

    Vivica and her ageing botoxed a$$ needs to sit in a corner and fix her stink attitude, realize that she is too damn old to be chasing after these young brothers and get a man her own age who is not a rapper/club promoter.

    leave young men to be young men…they dont want to settle down…they want HOES…and they will treat your granny a$$ like a hoe if you keep sharing the vagine.

  • Martinigal

    Poor Viv! She need to find a man her own age. At the end of the day that young boy need a young girl and maybe will marry a young chick.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    LOL, @raquel, I’m so mad you spelled “which”…”witch”. 🙂

  • GreeneyedBandit


  • Martinigal

    Whats with her and these rappers. It’s like shes only attracted to one type of men. Branch out Viv, and see whats out there for you. Act like the grown a$$ 47 year old woman you are.

  • amyee81

    I think that it is time for Vivica to get married to a handsome, fourtyish man with a nice career and a good heart. She is too old to keep going through this.

  • Marquis de Sade

    …Trust, in a month or so, she’ll be out there buyin’ a new THUG. – It’s her nature. 😆

  • why

    One day you will be old and the same will be said of you.
    47 is not technically old, is just older than you are

  • SexyD

    She look much better without all that make up…She looks younger…V will be okay…

  • shut the fu*ck up

    she ain’t no different then these black azz men out there running thru females like theres no tomorrow…..but that makes yall a man right…..yeah
    fu*ck that

  • detdoll5

    The negative comments being made are typical.typical of jealous females who wish to walk in hers shoes and the pathetic men who know they in life could never have a woman of her caliber.

  • auntdoggandauntfail

    so sad, breake ups are hard to do 🙂

  • rudeNcute

    poor viv

  • soulwoman

    Why is he sending this around to all the blogs? Did people actually think this was a true relationship??? It was all for publicity, on Slim’s part.

  • Keepnit100

    Wow! Why all the ageism in these posts..let Viv do her..age is a number, it doesnt define love, how one feels about themselves nor how long a relationship will last. She will be ok and by his comment it appears the split was ammicable..

  • rudeNcute

    What the hell was vivica doing with him in the first place?. Did she really think she could get serious with a man half her age? She must be going through a mid-life crisis. After all she has achieved, you would think she would date an accomplished, mature gentleman and not some guy named ‘slimm’ ugh viv

  • Keepnit100

    @ Christelle..what! headed to SandraRose immediately!

  • It's Me

    Viv needs a married man like me. I can step out a few times a month beat that thang up and we both go home. I can give her 5 nights out the month max. call me.

  • Sha

    Translation: She cut me off. No more v.i.p.’s or shopping sprees, cause money don’t grow in trees!!!! 😛

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