Bossip Video just got off the phone with BDR and his lawyers and Mr. Simmons is not pleased that Bossip calls him “Blood Diamond Russ. ‘Blood Diamonds” has been in the news lately with Naomi Campbell allegedly lying at the war crimes trial of former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor. Apparently, swirl-em up Russ is feeling some heat.

While on the call, BDR mentioned his life was being threatened because of Bossip and asked us “do you know what happened to Tupac and Biggie?”. BDR says he has a lot of resources and his big white lawyers will be coming after Although BDR said he loves the term “Blood Diamond Russ” in an previous interview with Bossip, he is now riding hard against us using the term.

Where did the term BDR come from? Russell Simmons was attacked by the director of movie ‘Blood Diamond’ for understating the problems from the diamond industry exploiting Africans for profit. It has been alleged BDR has a close relationship with the diamond industry. We are not backing down from swirl-em up Russ and will continue to use the term “BDR”. If BDR is ever hurt, it won’t be because of Bossip, it will be because of something shady he was involved in with regards to the blood diamond industry. If Bossip was to stop telling the truth and stop being critical of suspect leaders in our community, we wouldn’t be true to what was behind starting Bossip in the first place.



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