Oooooh…RihRih’s Soooo Freakin’ Hard!! New Tat Means “Rebellious Flower”

- By Bossip Staff

Just in case you were interested in what Rihanna’s new tattoo says/means:

Rihanna isn’t done expressing herself via body art. The 22-year-old star revealed yet another tattoo, this one on her neck, while out and about in Manhattan on Wednesday. Written in delicate cursive script, the fresh stamp reads “rebelle fleur,” which means “rebel/rebellious flower” in French.

Random pics of Rihanna in NYC below:


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  • myhairparadise

    Why the neck? People do not try this at home you still have to find a job and they might not want you with a tattoo on your neck

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  • juliemango

    Good girl gone bad gone back good, is that the symbolism!!!

  • MsCollierKeepIt1Milli


  • *she rocks*

    This girl is not afraid to speak her mind…

  • Just Sayin

    Dats gonna look real nice when she’s 60 years old. :-/

  • PraDaMaMa

    U can barely see it .. Mayb She shouldve use black ink…

  • *she rocks*

    @ Just saying who cares what will happen when she’s 60… stop hating!

  • smh

    she meant to put.. curry powder

  • ShellyO

    Who cares!!!

    This just prooves that an ugly lightskinned chick without talent can make it anywhere because she is lightskinned. Whilst, an ugly darkskinned chick without talent would be flipping burgers at McDonalds.

  • Bambi

    I love tattoos but this one is just dumb! “rebellious flower” what is that even suppose to mean?

    just a another tattoo for the sake of getting a tattoo….

  • Just sayin'

    @strawberry is actually right.
    Her tattoo is grammatically incorrect; It should have been written “Fleur Rebelle”: Noun before adjective. It reads and sounds very clumsy! If I’d had something tattooed on my skin to keep for the rest of my life in a foreign language, I’d do my homework to make sure that it is correct!…

  • Empress

    @ pradamama: go on sandrarose’s site, u’ll see the tatt. its actually black, like a regular tatt. the pic posted here is just the pre-tatt drawing

    @strawberry & just sayin’: true. she messed up lol or maybe she knows and wanted the incorrect grammatical version of rebellious flower. but if she didnt, we call that a big fat FAIL. it bothers my french when i see it lol

  • amyee81

    It looks faded out I dont like it. if I am gonna pay for a tat I want to see what it says however that may the way she wanted it

  • GTFOH with the dumb ((the one & only))

    Not only the wrong translation but a damn neck tat, ugly, masculine, Ghetto as hell, and jailbird bullsh!t. Nobody can wear or do anything and look good all the time- NOBODY!

    That hair is a wreck and that tat is a ginormous FAIL-Get Mad and stay mad.

  • Sharie

    Who the hell cares…

  • shut the fu*ck up

    this bi*tch is fu*cked up and it is in the open now there is no chris brown to blame this on anymore….she has birds flying around her head and seeing stars….coo coo

  • keepingitreal

    horribe. why the neck? attention much. she getting uglier by the day.

  • Yeah Ninja I Said IT

    Neck tat on a female is tacky as hell.Being tatted used to be cool and unique now ppl stand out more if they’re not tatted.

  • Bobbi

    “Whilst, an ugly darkskinned chick without talent would be flipping burgers at McDonalds.”
    @ShellyO…. Ahhhh, don’t be so hard on yourself. Go back to school… There’s something out there for you…

  • redtape16

    Its ugly and BTW its wrong in french its “fleur rebelle.” who ever gave it to her does not speak french and she did not do her research. That tells you how smart she is.

  • E

    the direct translation is actually flower rebel

  • mimi

    stupid little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!wromg spelling!!! Fleur rebelle !!!!

  • Badd

    If she just isn’t a DUMBASS.
    It’s backward…anyone could
    have told her that.
    Only English writes words
    like that….She gets the award for idiot of the year.
    & it’s on a stupid, ghetto place.

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