Co-Host Of Michael Baisden Show Discriminated Against, Denied Right To Buy Home By White Couple

- By Bossip Staff

George Willborn, the co-host of the nationally syndicated Michael Baisden show has been named in a discrimination lawsuit after authorities say a white couple denied him the right to buy a home because of the color of his skin.

Willborn and his wife Peytyn were in talks to buy a five-bedroom Chicago home at $1.7 million and prepared a final sales contract with Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia, a white couple.

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    they probably madd at obama, so they hatin all blacks right now. ain’t nuthin changed but the date.

  • PRPPLE, take dat take dat

    Who cares really. Stop trying to live where you not wanted!

    The more interesting question is where did he get 1.7 milli? teehee

  • phelaw

    Michael Baisden is one arrogant a–hole!!!

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    That looks more like a business than a home. Im sure neighbors had smtg to do with it too. They probably told the Sabbia’s not to sell to a Black. Anyway, I think its sad. I never knew MONEY had a color besides green. This shows how racism still lives on

  • AlekWekJunkie

    Schitt fucc ’em! With that kinda $$ you can go and build you a dream home, who the fucc wantz to move in behinds some racist crackaz anyway!!

  • SexyD

    Phelaw you are right…I don’t listen to him…He’s not a nice person…George is cool, but Micheal is real A$$ hole…


    Looks like to me he’ll be getting that home for the free free….


    housing discrimination is a BIG NO, NO….

  • Glok... Check baby Check baby 1,2...!!!


  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I am confused like hell (besides the obvious of skin color)!

    If he had the money, what was the problem again!?!

    However the case, the realtor could have made his pockets deep, and now with his racist rant now he is about to be in deep shit!

    I hope this teaches him a lesson!

  • yz

    I bet if he was a white gay man his would not have been an issue. Gay is not the new black.

  • Lil mama

    He’s not making any of this crap up. I lived in Bridgeport a year ago and its no secret that it’s a racist neighborhood. Not only are the residence racist so are the 9th district police in that area. I myself am latina and was living in the area with my african american boyfriend. A neighbor across the st. from my home came out and made racist comments to my bf mind you we never had any incidents or even as much as looked at this italian female. She came outside to cuss at my bf and called him the N word. Naturally he defended himself and even asked her what her prob. was w/ him. next thing you know she had him arrested for a verbal assault and knew the arresting officers. They arrested him and took him to the county jail and gave him a bond on a verbal assault. I bonded him out and guess what I’ve yet to receive the bond $ back after the chgs were dropped and that was in Sept. of last year. I’ve never in my life exp. something like this in my 30 yrs and honestly you really don’t know how to deal with something like this once it happens to you. I don’t fault africans americans for pulling the race card at all cuz its really not an experience anyone should have to ever go through.

  • Child Please

    Is it his color — or the fact that he is annoying? Maybe the other neighbors wouldn’t want to hear that annoying, fake laugh. Or see his ugly face. I love the chicken george comment. It is so fitting for this clown.

  • Glok... Check baby Check baby 1,2...!!!


  • tb

    Love George…Not really feeling Mike Baisden (short & cocky), but if he is paying like that, I need to go get a job over there ASAP!!!

  • tb

    My 8 yro son is taller than Mike Baisden. Lol!!! (no lie)

  • Niasia

    They will let you know that you are still black in America!

  • blaxitive

    Only immature young people with no direction in life would call Michael Basdin an A$$hole. This dude speaks the truth and puts the media on blast every day and the only thing any of you say it that he’s a a$$hole? Read a book or get involved or do something!!!

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    At this point, he’s probably suing on the principle of it. He’s in a position to do so, and he wants to send a message that these actions can’t be tollerated. Housing discrimination happens everywhere and for all kinds of reasons- race, sexual identity, parents of young children, ghettoness, ect. It’s not about the money, it’s how others see you.

  • Vel-J

    Every one is right, Mike Baisden is SUPER arrogant. Met him in Detroit. If your talking to him he will walk away from you in mid sentence. Me and a group of ppl was like DAMN! He is very rude but I listen to his show when I can.

  • Injera70

    Why are folks dogging Baisden? The man goes out and does mad stuff for the black community. The mentors program is one of them. Black folks love to hate boy.

  • Vel-J

    Aint no hate here just speaking the truth! I support his show and his cause 110% but he IS a rude and arrogant person.

  • if anything be noble

    I always thought you could sell your house to anyone you wanted and if someone offered to buy your house and you didn’t want to sell it to them, I thought you didn’t have to. I mean, it’s your house. You could give it away to your brother for a dollar if you wanted to and the assessment tax stuff would be on him. That’s what I thought…

  • jp

    yeah whatever they probably didn’t want to sell to him so what. My mom did not want to sell her first home to any body ghetto either does not make her a racist!

  • Betty Crocker

    they must didnt know who they was messing with when they tried to mess with “George” he will burn they a–hole up,then joke about it first thing in the morning but I got some advice for “George” be glad you didnt get the house,cause if you did they would of been peepping all in yo house cause they mad they cant afford what you got.

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