Kat Stacks Says She Doesn’t Have To Ho Anymore, Rappers Pay Just To See Her Face!

- By Bossip Staff

Why do ho’s get famous for f*cking? That’s the question we asked when we read the Kat Stacks interview with XXL. In it, Kat Stacks says she IS famous and she doesn’t have to be a ho anymore, now all she has to do is show her face to get that money.

Kat Stacks got off her back long enough to give XXL some insight into how she skyrocketed to one of the most well known ho’s in the game. With more than 70,000 Twitter followers tracking her sexcapades, Kat says she’s still “Kat Stacks, bitch!” and she ain’t goin’ nowhere, no time soon. She also claims that she got her ho’in from her mama.

“My daddy died when I was like 10 years old. I was actually raised by my Uncles… I never had a father figure because my mother was running around with alot of muthaf*ckas and my Uncles weren’t father figures either. They used to be physically abused by their father, so that’s how I was raised. I got tired of it. I left. I ain’t never had a mother figure. Ain’t none of them were ever there.”

XXL also asked her how she went from stripper to paid jump-off.

” When Ifirst started [stripping], I didn’t expect to meet anybody. I just thought about money to pay my bills. The first person I met was Pitbull, the next person I met was T-Pain because he owned the club Encore, and I was working there. I started meeting them out [in Miami]. And then I started meeting more on Twitter. I didn’t expect to meet none of these muthaf*ckas on Twitter, because you only think there’s computer nerds on there, but rappers are actually there.”

“Well since I was a stripper, back then it was all about money. So if anybody wanted me to go home with them, they had to pay. So yeah… I don’t have to f*ck dudes for money no more. They just give me money to see my face.”

Oh, and what a face it is! She also talks about getting paid for appearances. She should get paid for disappearances! LOL


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    The best article EVER written about Kat Stacks is HERE http://tinyurl.com/2co3met

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    I’m first atleast i think but who cares about her anymore

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  • jaahrastafari

    Ok! I mean she’s honest! U can hate all u want but she is who she is and she is not ashamed so why should I or any of u care?? I bet one of her Uncles slept wit her n whooped that azz as well! (Mr omar’s voice) TRAGIC!!!!

  • riding so high i can slap down a pigeon

    gets paid to let them feel her tonsils

  • Ashlee

    she’s another one who wants to be like that ho Kim K, get paid to show up after sukin a little dik

  • Tracy

    No one gives a f*ck…NEXT!

  • Le'pepe

    She looks like a rat! These men are stupid didnt they learn from b**** like super head?

  • wolton

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  • resurrected

    she is not pretty to me at all she reminds me of Amil.

  • resurrected

    She never looks like these picture in person or on U-tube she usually looks worn out of drugged out.

  • Whoufeelin

    Kat is pretty woman and should go into acting why not if the Bad Girls can have a show then why not Kat. Congratulations to Kat for being honest about where she came from even though its embarrassing.

  • Bossip Bites

    To say that Kat Stacks is honest is like saying Rush Limbaugh likes black folk, she ain’t honest about a damn thing “EXCEPT” for when she say she is a gutta ho, the girl needs psychiatric counseling ASAP!

  • her?yeahher

    smh, “lil girl lost” should be the headline whenever she appears. it’s unfortunate how people pick on her and demonize her (and chicks like her) who probably has never been treated well by a man(any man) and clearly has no trust for women either. She had to make a way for her self with out proper guidance in a very cold world…. the end result is the mess you see before you today. I pray she finds the security and love she badly needs

  • Shananigans

    hahah oh what a face it is lol

  • TMoney253

    She actually looks good in that airbushed picture.

  • GIFT

    what’s sad is that little girls will see this ho, and try to be just like her. SMH.

  • wmariah

    This hoodrat is soooo delusional. Go get an education or something. How long can being a hoe last? You will age and become old meat no one cares about. There’s nothing to hate on this chick..absolutely nothing.

  • *she rocks*

    @ BELVI 100& co-sign, they are trying to dumb us down… who would promote such rubbish?

  • resurrected

    PRPPLE, that prpple nurple

    Why is fking for money so valuable? I don’t think that people shouldn’t do it for free either but you also should not be just fking anyone and everyone either. It should be connected to much more.

  • KimJC15

    She looks like Kobe Bryant in a wig! Seriously…..

  • A MESS

    No, She looks like a white avatar!…seriously

  • http://perryone779@yahoo.com rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    She is fugly with fake butt!

  • juliemango

    Love this post, shes hilarious!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/mscreative1 MSCREAIVE1

    Rat Stacks is so confuse!

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