Was Fantasia’s Suicide Attempt A Business Move?

- By Bossip Staff

When I heard that the singer Fantasia attempted suicide this week, I was saddened and alarmed. Suicide is the last thing I’d expect from a woman who seemed to empower others with her seemingly endless supply of positive energy. Fantasia is a star in more ways than one.

As I researched the details of her suicide, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the causes of her depression may have been the slowdown in her career.

Artists who stop selling records suddenly realize that they were addicted to the fame and money. The declining artist is faced with massive economic problems, serious rejection issues and an intense sense of personal failure. When this is compounded with some of the relationship problems that Fantasia has reportedly had with a married man, you have a recipe for disaster.

That made me want to ask the question that others may not want to ask: Is Fantasia’s management team looking to milk sympathy from her fans to boost record sales? While I certainly empathize with what Fantasia is experiencing, I couldn’t help but notice the dramatic details of her personal problems being blasted throughout the media. It’s not as if her team has asked that we allow her a private moment to be with her family. They are bringing the entire world into her hospital room and sharing every detail of the experience.

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  • lilbabiphat2004

    yup sure was! the question is….is the suicide attempt gonna help her record sells?


    1st-Who knows, very possible. But it could be the media perpetuating their Bullshyt as usual.

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  • cc

    I don’t know if it will help her sell records. With Blogs and everything analyzing and exposing celebrities every PR move it makes it very difficult for and artist to turn the tide in their favor

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  • hardback

    I like when she sings. Not the yelling. 1st single. Second single off album look forward to hearing. Didn.t like monica 1st single yelling . Love second single is great. take notes from mary j yelling don.t get it.

  • Lisa

    I say Fantasia needs to fire every last one of her managers and PR people. If this scenario is truly playing out in her real life, then it shouldn’t be played out in public. It’s waaayy too much and too personal. (Attempted) suicide is nothing to make light of. But if this was staged to boost her CD sales and ratings of her show, then Fanny just committed career suicide because she played her fans, and that would be career suicide.

  • confusedgirl

    Hey anything is possible. But if I was an A&R I would use this situation, contrived or not, to gain more attention for my artist. The general public enjoys a drama. This entire fiasco can work in her favor. Opening us up to a side of Fantasia we didn’t know was there.It may also back fire. A month from now, hmmmmm.

  • miari

    never mess with a married man! take care of your daughter . by the way how is your t-mobile service?

  • Martinigal

    Who would try to commit suicide for attention? I don’t think her and her management team did it for attention. If they want to use it to their advantage then heay. It works for Rihanna, why not Fanni.

  • http://www.myhairparadise.com myhairparadise

    Leave her alone whatever it was I hope she feels better

    check out myhairparadise dot com for hair care tips and hair styles


    Shows she is human and vulnerable. But, all of Hellywood does these sort of things to gain popularity.

  • Angee

    Fannie Mae is a great singer, but all of these things are to close for me. The album coming out soon, and her reality show is starting soon. Some of these celebrities go to some strange lengths for publicity.


    Fantasia, DID not put her business out here nor did she contact any blog or sell anything to any tabloid, she did not send info about court docs, she has not attempted to gain money from, anyone the blogs and tabloids put it out there so who stunting.
    She has yet to speak.She never said she attempted suicide you all and the media did!!!!Put yourselves on blast not Fantasia or her team the nerve after you all started this mess.

  • I Agree

    This mighty hypocritical to place this article now after you done dogged ole girl out all week.You all ain’t a lick of good.Go one and defend yourselves this was no joke.She should sue cause now I heard he got paid and I believe the media had somehing to do with it all the while, you all started this mess.you gave her he publicity.dumbasses

  • You scared now???

    You covering your tracks now B.You put a good pic up,cause I heard old girl going to do interview soon.to tell the TRUTH!

  • concrete rose

    Y’all chick are amazingly ignorant…1st a woman cant steal a manual he isn’t a toy or candy u can put in ur pocket! He does him bc HE WANTS TOO! HE is the one obligated in the relationship(unless u and the other woman are so called friends)…none of us kno the truth in the matter and if that man was happy i would hope he wouldn’t have cheated. Some men just do it bc they can…”marriage” doesn’t stop ppl from doin them so stop callin her a hoe like u know her personally…she may be a lil touched considering this dude works@ t-mobile but the word hoe is harsh don’t ya think;-)

  • Bogus (article)

    Too late for this article you all already did damage.PR & mgmtcan’t do nothing if people got paid by tabloids and bloggers.Word!Industry crooked a hell.

  • Bogus (article)

    she ain’t let nobody in her hospital room, hell they said TMZ camped outside the hospital and her house and the media blew the phones up so bad some her friends even had to change their numbers.STFU,this article is more garbage.

  • You all been lying

    LIARS,LIARS,your pants on fire.Now YOU doing damage control.

  • kalifa

    i dont think fantasia would do such a thing…..

    they say all publicity is good publicity however, if a famous singer attempts suicide it sends a bad message to her young fans…worse yet if she faked it for publicity….

    i just dont think fantasia would stoop that low

    then again, if you’re moving around with a married man and disrespecting his wife then your morals are questionable and faking suicide would be right up there on your list of things to do


  • Tracey

    Of course it was. If it was not she would be dead by now, or we would never have been told about her suicide attempt, if one really took place, how many pills did she take….6? Infront of friends and family?

  • fishnets

    Who the eff is this bish MadameNoire and why the hell do we care about her opinion?

  • Just Bored

    Seems like she just got pushed over the edge and didn’t know how to deal with it. When she gets help and recovers, she could use her experience to help young fans learn coping skills.

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