Fantasia New Music Ft. Cee-Lo “Thrill Is Gone”… This Song Has Got To Be About Antwaun Cook

- By Bossip Staff

Fantasia’s attempt to commit suicide may have been a publicity stunt but her PR team is using the best of it to pump out new music before her album drops. Fantasia’s new jawn “Thrill is Gone” ft. Cee-lo is all about the heartache and pain. The recent pics of Tasia and married on the way to divorce Antwaun Cook… it looks like the “Thrill Is Gone”!!!

Take a Listen “Thrill Is Gone”:

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  • sowhat

    I am seriously getting tired of this publicity trick and that no good cheating a*s Crook

  • Sha

    Like, OMG, who cares! I just found my old white sugardaddy on…I’m just playin! πŸ˜›

  • Alana

    Fantasia’s new song is hot!! The bassline, percussion and vocal arrangment are superb. She’s one of the few younger artists out today consistently bringing good melodies, soulful sounds and substantive lyrics.

  • Alana

    Fantasia’s new song is hot; the bassline, percussion and vocal arrangement are very nice. She’s one of the few younger artists consistently bringing good melodies, soulful sounds and substantive lyrics.


    Fantasia you have been an “Angel” from the cradle to the present.Whatever obstacles are placed before you,just know you are truly blessed,respected,inspirational,and loved.You will encounter many challenges as a Celebrity..As I’m sure your probably experiencing now,and on and on.Whatever you do..please continue to evolve,you are absolutely brilliant.Stay on top of your game girl,and continue to make them “hate” you!lol. Keep getting richer your journey is far from over..I/We love and support you!!!Love A.C Hopkins

  • ThatsWhatThatIS

    THE DAY OF THE HO HAS ENDED!! When you ask? I’m glad you asked.. TODAY! Black women take a stand against these jump-offs! Take your power back! We represent Mashonda, Paula and many other women who’s husbands have cheated with another woman! How do we take our power back? How do you set up a standard against such behavior? My $10 is going to serve a good cause like Haiti, not HOMEWRECKERS!

  • Keveon

    like this it will do great

  • babyme

    fanny is so cute in this picture.

  • nite stick

    Wow how amazing sucide a couple of days ago and like magic a new Jawn about the guy. This woman is a piece of shhhh Ghetto Trash.


    I like it.




  • jrsells

    i love the song and ppl stop pulling theories
    out ya add..we been knowing since the beginning of the year when her album was going to be out….haters stay on they job like clock work lol…….FANTASIA MONIQUE BARRINO IS THE BEST VOCALIST OF HER GENERATION …POINT.BLANK.PERIOD

  • DelicateDzire

    Fantasia is an amazing artist with a soulful reach out and grab you voice. Married Man, Oh well. Wifey she did foce him to be with her nor to not be with you. His Choice. It’s all about the choice which is the destiny decider. Girl keep singing cause haters will keep well u know……

  • sallyg


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  • joobi

    Her only saving grace will be if the album is GOOD, REALLY GOOD!! If its whack she’s DONE!!

  • Choc

    I will buy her CD. I like this song. Like it or not, celebrities who are talented and drama filled catch my attention. I must stress truly talented. They feel more real. You can relate to them.

  • chi town

    LOVE IT!!!

  • SimplePleasures

    D.a.m.n. I swear I can’t stand this section 8 looking broad.

  • SimplePleasures

    I see Mantasia Whorrino has alot of her peeps up in here co-signing for her fugly a.z.z.

  • Miami Dime

    I love this song! Cant wait till her album comes out…dont know why everybody puts the blame on the other chick when its the MAN that is the cause! How can she break up his relationship if he’s not presuing her? Duh, cant no one break up a relationship but the people in it! Stop blaming the females, and check the men!I would never call another chicks phone, she dont care bout you, you deal with ur man he’s the one that’s supposed to be loyal!

  • Minding Mine

    I love the song, has that back in the day “good music” vibe to it. I’ll definitely buy the CD. What goes on in Fantasia’s personal life is her business and I have nothing to do with it just like she has nothing to do with mine. All I truly know about Fantasia, is that she can sing. And that’s all I care to know. I love you Fantasia!!!

  • sassy

    I like…. she didn’t need CeeLo

  • Delight23

    It always “cute” when the street team takes to the net. The problem with the words of encouragement is that this shyt does not translate to record sales.

    hope she can live off of the well wishers. cuz she and alicia skeeze are two peas in a pod.

  • LoriE.

    Nice Song. Nice pic.

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