Still No Dark Butts for Yung Berg

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Little midget Yung Berg and Nina Sky were spotted at the Baby Phat fashion show in NYC yesterday. We don’t think too many dark butts will be supporting this mark anytime soon. That’s assuming he is able to get another album out.

Click here if you missed the midget blast Black women..

From Ms Loudmouth:

this nicca sold less albums than SOLANGE!…

Moving on….

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    HE’S NOT CUTE.. 😦


  • Ms. Loud Mouth

    this nicca sold less albums than SOLANGE!…

    Moving on….

  • UnDisclosed Writer

    With that face – he forfeits his right to be particular.

  • rayallusion

    it is me or does he look ” how you doin ?” in this pic ??

  • Riley

    @ rayallusion I always thought he was gay

  • Lou in the Chi

    @I don’t need a tan

    Who the hell really cares what white folks think? We been laughing at yall pale wanna be down asses. Get a culture of your own and some originality ignorant arse biatch and keep on laughing. Cause we laughing too, all the way to the white house!

    Yes We Can Biatches.

  • vegasgal

    Damn Fashion Week must be really wack this year is F-Listers like Young Berg and Nina Sky are getting front row seats. How did they even get in when Vivica Fox was turned away at a show last week?

  • honeyboo

    what a whack nicca!

  • RaphaelK

    What is up with that checker shirt in his hand, and that highly suspect outfit overall. poor thang nothing is going right in his career right now sooner or later he’ll be dating wesley snipes long lost sister when the light butts don’t want to mess with this fool anymore

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    This nicca has a LISP…how YOU doin’!

  • Final Solution

    Jewish Lady

    There’s a shower stall with a special treat just reserved for you in Auchewitz. Enjoy!

  • LMAO

    who cares about this bum? he album sold close to nuthin he got jumped and jacked and the perpetrators are on the internet not concealing their identity and he still didnt get it back, not to mention those pics where he appeared to be burning. he’s a lame nobodys checkin for him

  • tasty

    i have no idea why but this boy looks like a women trying to be a man to me.

  • LMAO

    I meant *his*

  • kigali (Why do Black girls get pregnant by thugs?)

    To establish some consistent morality and propriety… Please lets not celebrate this clown getting robbed. He said some things we didnt like. Fine. Dont buy his music, dont go to his shows, whatever. But lets not celebrate more crime against black people. It isnt right and it ultimately his hurts in the end. THAT INCLUDES YOU BLACK WOMEN. ESPECIALLY YOU. You females are great at encouraging the worst behavior in black men.

  • http://checkmeout Jewish Woman


    You can’t encourage the worst behavior of black men! Gorillas put that on themselves.

    I bet you loves white women to, huh?

    You probably bash your own too?

    You guys are so weak for us. You can’t even see that we use you, and then leave with half. I was out with my girls, and this gorilla approached me and said, ‘I don’t date black women.’ I said, ‘I don’t date black men.’ I’m sure he was about to say black women are angry, they have too many kids (monkeys). I’ve heard it all before. We laugh at you constantly when you leave. I’m sure we make you feel better about yourslef if you date one of us. Black men love white women. White America knows that you people all hate yourselves.

  • Almost Famous

    haha where is the transformer chain? huh HUH?

  • Rozza♥

    @toocute: The comments by jewish lady and crew were removed – why?

    Yung Berg looks like that guy that got beat up and jacked by Dee-Bo in the movie Friday – after he got beat up.

  • http://checkmeout Jewish Woman


    You can’t be serious. Why do black girls get pregnant by thugs. Why do you gorillas have soooooooo many children, and don’t even take care of them. That’s another thing you darkies do. You come up to me and try to convince me that it’s the women fault that they are having kids. TYPICAL. Black people are some self hating nigrasforlife.

  • Baltimore Bree

    LMAO @ Final Solution

  • Prince

    i luv nina sky there highly underated and i see a lot of dark skin girls singing that the bizzness song so i think they really don’t care neither do i

  • Sydney


    What do you mean by this? “You females are great at encouraging the worst behavior in black men.”

    Do you not subscribe to the doctrine of personal responsibility? What do black women have to do with Yung Berg’s alleged robbery/assault? I’m not understanding. . .

  • shenise

    He is the definition of a ho ass nicca!!! I can’t stand people that hate on their own race of people!!! His album??? What a waste of studio time!!! P.S. This is from a dark butt!!!

  • Truth

    Minorities need to get some self love, self esteem, and self respect. Young Berg, publicly announces that he doesnt like dark women, although he dates another race of people who are so color struck they nickname there children by shade (blanca, bianca, negrita) and probably think he is too dark. Minorities should stop supporting this foolishness, we should “shut em down and open up shop” The world has been brainwashed into thinking that the physical characteristics exclusive only to the descendants of the Vikings is the standard of beauty.

    As for Jewish lady… Last time I checked Jewish was not considered white. You will never be a member of the KKK, they hate you too! That is why you harrass black sites b/c the real white people kicked ur a** of TMZ and OMG.

  • 1truDiva's Computer in on the fritz Again


    Waving frantically at my cyber-sis Sydney!

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