Drake Takes The Stage In Indianapolis And Brings Out _____________

- By Bossip Staff

Drake put on a show for the city of Indianapolis and had the fans going crazy over his special guest. Most of you are probably thinking Nicki Minaj but that would be a little to obvious…

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Little White Chocolate Justin Bieber came out on stage with Drizzy Drake during his performance for “Best I Ever Had”. Now, you’re probably thinking what in the hell do these two have in common??? Trust we were thinking the same thing and the answer is “Canada”. The fact that they are from the same country Drake refers to Justin as his little brother. Wonder how long it will be before Justin and Drake do a jawn together???

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  • Oh Anyway

    Who cares… twitter/@talonarene

  • enlight

    tired of that bad-hair having kid….sorry!

  • Shon


  • 13 inch pipe


  • Reality

    As much as I don’t like Justin Bieber he does have more talent than wack Drake.

  • http://www.myhairparadise.com myhairparadise

    What do u mean what do they have in common, they are both pop artist lol. Check myhairparadise dot com for hair care tips and hair styles for black women

  • yo

    Might as well be nicki Minaj.. bieber looks and sounds like a barbie.. but hey, he got dough, just dot let p diddy corrupt him, that’s why he got em the car

  • O.M. Goodness!!!

    Ive asked this before and Im asking again. Why are these “A” list celebrities like Diddy, Usher,Shaq, Drake, and of course the Hoedashian girl has to get in on it, but what is it about this bieber kid that these celebrities like or want? They all seem to put this kid on a pedalstool!!!

  • Shananigans

    ugh imm tired of hearing this kids name

  • ladydiva

    Drake is not gangsta and he’s a alright rapper justin on the other hand has potenials


    Flop. Drake sounds like a lil itch talking about some free Weezy! The lil white kid needs to go get a hair cut and discover soul.

  • flavfly

    They’re both super lame

  • Eyez

    I was there!!! That was a great concert and I love Drake:) Free Weezy!!!!!!

  • Bill Bigsby

    bo more beiber. this is getting out of hand.

  • choclate2


  • choclate2


  • choclate2

    he said the f word and he is under age that sad smdh

  • Bieber Fever

    Why yall hatin on Beiber..I bet if he was rapping or singing about chopping groupies down ya’ll would feel him more smh.

  • escuse my english i'm french

    what ? justin biberon ? I don’t care about that untalented little f….t
    by the way drake is freakin hot

  • synamen


    Waiting on November 4th….

  • peachycream

    Drake is cool! Like him!

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