The Wife Of Fantasia’s Lover Antwaun, Is Embarrassed & Humiliated & Distressed…

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All Paula Cook wanted was to have a happy life with husband Antwaun and their children – but her husband’s alleged affair with Fantasia Barrino ruined all that, according to Paula’s attorney. “She is saddened and disheartened by the end of her marriage,” divorce attorney Tamela Wallace tells PEOPLE. “She’s embarrassed, and humiliated and distressed by the lack of respect that was shown for her marriage by Ms. Barrino.” “It’s that kind of brazen behavior that Mrs. Cook has had to endure for the last 11 months, until June of this year,” Wallace says. “This is something that has caused her emotional distress, pain, anguish.”

According to court documents, Paula had planned a wedding anniversary trip to New Orleans for herself and her husband Antwaun, and ended up going alone. While she was there, she was informed that her husband was having an affair with Barrino. “She wanted nothing more than to have a happy family with her husband and her children. And she’s not been able to do that,” Wallace says. Her attorney describes Paula, a special education teacher at a local high school, as “just the quintessential soccer mom.”

Wallace wouldn’t confirm that her client might sue Barrino, 26, under the much talked about “home wrecker” law. But, she says, her client is “weighing her options.” Morris called the so called “home wrecker” laws “a comical irony … because they arise out of laws when women were property of men.”

Paula’s lawyer emphasizes that her client is a private citizen who didn’t ask for her husband’s affair to make national news. “The only mistake she made was marrying a man who Ms. Barrino felt like she was entitled to have,” Wallace says. “She is having to defend her marriage, when she didn’t ask for this.”

Damn, Tasia, this sounds like a case of Homewreckin’ Gone Wrong For Real.

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  • Sxybigsistah

    WOW! Im sorry but Mrs.Cook is delusional! Her man doesnt and hasnt lived with her for over a yr, had fannys name tatted on his shoulder and was seen on vacation with fanny. Im not saying Fanny is right because she played her part BUT this man was never acting married from jump. He was acting single. WHAT MARRIED MAN GETS HIS OTHER WOMANS NAME TATTED. His Wife tryn to stop teaching and live off Fanny. SORRY MRS.COOK BUT U R LOOKING LIKE A LIAR RIGHT NOW!

  • cef

    What I’ve noticed and am really annoyed by is that no one is taking MR.COOK to task for his indiscretions. Her lawyer says Fantasia was brazen, but makes no mention of THE MARRIED MAN who was the one stepping out on his wife. Fantasia is the only single person in all of this and was probably being lied to by Antwaun. It sounds like the wife is milking this for all its worth.

  • Woozy

    Thats so freakin sad! Poor Paula! Hope she finds a better man!

  • purple love

    @Marquis de sade that is the meanest most ignorant offensive and completely 150% honest statement I have ever read

  • GEGE



  • Sha

    I heard a song today by Fantasia. It’s called “Lucky”.

    For Fantasia’s sake, it would be wise for it not to be on that album…

  • Reya

    I love this law! When will Texas get one? Some women feel so entitled to other people’s husbands. I hope Mrs. Cook goes through with the divorce and gets millions from Fanny so that she can retire from years of selflessly teaching special needs kids for so long and several years of trying to sustain her sorry excuse for a marriage. She deserves a good, long, worry free vacation. I’m sure Fanny has the money for it.

  • first even when i'm not


  • Mya

    Ok and exactly where does HE come in? HE bears a whole lot of responsibility in this situation also. I’m sick of hearing only about Fantasia. They were BOTH doing the damn thing.

  • cef

    “The only mistake she made was marrying a man who Ms. Barrino felt like she was entitled to have,”

    Are you Fricking kidding me?!?!? A GOOD MAN, one that is trying to be faithful to his wife couldn’t be “had” by another woman. I get so sick of people talking about men like they are stupid little puppies….this is a grown man with his own desires and motivations. Fantasia didn’t MAKE him cheat. He effin chose to do so.

  • LOL


    What are you talking about? Her husband has been living with her until last month. And he does not have Fantasia’s name tatted on him. Where do you get this stuff from?

    He has his last name tatted on his shoulder “Cook” which is also the name everyone here calls him.

    Mrs. Cook is nowhere near delusional.

  • cef

    Paula Cook needs to be Embarrassed & Humiliated & Distressed. She married a cheat. How dumb do you have to be to think that marraige will change a man. Nobody can tell me that Antwaun up and decided to cheat on his wife when he met Fantasia and up til then was totally devoted to his wife. No way in hell.

  • Lisa

    Sounds like she’s about to hit Fanny with a big lawsuit–emotional distress, humiliation, pain, anguish–all sounds like law terms to me.

  • detdoll5

    @Marquis de Sade..trite and childish comment as usual.

  • no problem

    God tht pic on the jet sky is just burning my eyes! He doesn’t even look right with her. This has got to be a joke.marquis de same is a fool! I fell out laughing cuz tht is so true. Mean but true. I’m glad sum1 said it.

  • LOL

    Anyway, it is crazy seeing this thing play out in the media.

    I can’t imagine the pain Mrs. Cook is going through. People act as though a wife is a “girlfriend”, not so.

    A marriage is as much a legal contract as your contract with a company and more so. Beyond that the spiritual vows one takes include forsaking all others. Mr. Cook will reap what he sows for destroying his family.

    His sons are paying heavilty for his misdeeds. And it is his fault. Fantasia will also reap what she sows for KNOWINGLY spreading her legs to a married man.

    She was told the truth about him being married, she cloaks that truth in the “he lied to me and said his heart wasn’t in it…”

    But he told her he was married. There was no lie in that. Fantasia decided to go all the way in and try to destroy this woman, Mrs. Cook, to have a man who would piss on his own flesh and blood. (The same Bible she quotes at her convenience says the two are now one, husband and wife.)

  • cef

    If I was Paula Cook, I’d be Embarrassed & Humiliated & Distressed too. What woman isn’t embarrassed when she learns that she married a CHEATER. When are women going to learn that men don’t change just because they marry you. Nobody here can tell me that Antwaun just up and decided to cheat on his wife because Fantasia ran after him and wouldn’t leave him alone until he said yes. I don’t feel one bit sorry for Paula.

  • xoxo

    She didn.t see him at the award show with fannie. No police records . Within the 1st week of that. This telling me ya.ll wasn.t together. And if he had a apt. Kids do visit. Time to go threw his shit. It was over. She wants a quick buck.

  • no problem

    Oh yeah also he does not I repeat does not have her name tatted on him. He isn’t tht dumb. He is just trying to get his statis que up

  • Kristina

    Her only mistake marrying a man who Ms. Barrino felt like she was entitled to? And she embarrassed, humiliated and distressed by the lack of respect that was shown for her marriage by Fantasia? Really? Cuz I’m pretty sure Antwaun made the vows to Paula, not Fantasia. I feel sorry for the woman and all, but this is her husband’s fault. Blaming Fantasia…SMH. Like someone said, Fantasia didn’t MAKE him cheat, he’s a grown man who made his own choices.

  • Marquis de Sade


    What can I say, it’s a gift 🙂

  • CoCo

    Wait so her mistake wasn’t marrying a cheater who shows her no respect and jets off with another woman and takes photos and everything like he is single? Her mistake was “marrying a man that ms. barrino felt entitled to” WTF?!?! So HE isn’t responsible for cheating on his wife? I’m just saying “ms. Barrino” ain’t even know dude when they got married but i would bet money you his wife saw him for the liar he is at least ONCE before she married him and she ignored the warning signs and did it anyway.


    Why do the wife always blame the other women.The problem is the cheating azz husband playing both women against 1 another. WAKE UP ALL WOMEN!

  • LOL

    And I’ll say this about Fantasia, she is the biggest fool since fools have been created.

    You know a dude for two months and get “matching tats”. The dumb part is, the tat is HIS name. So this dude has you marked with his name and he can just walk away and have no parts of you.

    And everyone knows the other woman always gets the scrutiny in these situations. So he’s continuing to reap the benefits of Fantasia’s money and she’s catching all hell for being messy.

    How does that seem appealing? Only to a fool…

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