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  • rene grac

    Fantasia should leave that married man alone and stop being so damn selfish. So what if she’s lusting or in love. Sometimes you have to go without. Never mess with a married man…NEVER!!! This married man is also at fault. Control yourself. PERIOD!!! It’s like When you feel jealous of someone, you deal with it. Talk yourself out of it. You don’t react in a negitive way. You don’t hurt someone because of your own ill feelings. Fantasia needs to focus really hard and move on. If the man get a divorce first (than maybe.) She needs to focus on herself and her daughter. She’s messing with fire and has too much to lose. Mess with fire and you will get burned. Now that she tried to commit suicide…she’s needs some serious counciling. Nothing goods going to come out of her messing with a married man. His wife is feeling scored and she’s going to get revenge! Fantasia BACK OFF and stop being selfish!!!

    • Someone that Loves God

      If Fantasia and Mr Cook would like to see their blessings cut off from God then I recommend them continuing in their sins.If they would like to see their blessings flow as God has ordained them to, the both of them should repent and move on. For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life. God is not please with the was this man is treating his wife, fantasia , or his children.”REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND”.

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