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Rihanna discusses getting slizzard back in the day in a recent interview:

‘I’d go out and get drunk, but that’s what teenage girls do in Barbados,’ she says. ‘The country’s pretty laid-back about the legal age for drinking. But I never went too over the top. ‘I wasn’t exactly in Amy Winehouse mode. I’d seen what alcohol and drugs had done to my dad and I wasn’t going to follow in his footsteps. I knew my limits when I was a kid and I still do. ‘If I go to a club, I go for the sounds. I go out to have fun, to dance and laugh at people fighting or dressed like whores. I might have a few drinks, but I don’t get tipsy too easily. I don’t ever get to the point where I want to throw up, can’t stand up straight or say things I’m likely to regret in the morning.’


Some fashion shots of Beyonce coming up next…

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  • Letticia




  • 1classychik

    I bet it sucks for both these women to consistently be compared to one another.

  • 1classychik

    Does anyone notice that when Bee does high fashion shots like these, she NEVER shows her tattooed ring finger??? Interesting.

  • Ms. Toson

    The picture where Beyonce is lying down reminds me of the scene in the Black Dahlia just before she (Dahlia) was carved and killed…very eerie.

  • Amber

    I love Rihanna…that’s the same stuff my friends and I do. Except when ppl fight we run because I’m not trying to get shot…SMH!

  • Lisa

    Both of the ladies look hot and they both know how to take great pictures. Those some bad-a outfits B is wearing and we know RiRi is killing it as well. Geesh stop the hate, but that’s hard for haters to do.


    The same people Ri Ri laughing at in the club are laughing at her forehead. I dont like any of Beyonces pictures at all.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    She sounds exactly like me when I was 20 except I did get so drunk that I threw up and said things I regretted in the morning. Who knew we were kindred underage drinking spirits?

  • twentysomething

    Beyonce may beat Rihanna singing-wise, but Rihanna blows Beyonce out the water with these photos. Beyonce looks drunk/high. With the expception of the purple dress, she looks dead. There is no expression in her eyes. I’ve never seen Rihanna take a bad picture – she’s photogenic and looks like an actual model. And I am not hating..just giving my honest opinion, which is what these boards were created for. Both of these ladies are talented in different ways, and I congratualte them.

  • candy

    rihanna rocks!

  • Miley

    Am I the only who doesn’t think drinking at 14 is a good thing? smh. people today…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4NQ1PCE-H4 BEYONES WACK ASS

    their both hottt

    click “check me out”

    to hear beyonces newly leaked single.e.. its WACKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shavon denise

    I like the honesty. Alot of celebrities dont be as opem. Like their perfect and then….they get busted!!

  • Corree

    Unless Beyonce is smiling in a pic, her eyes always look dead. Tyra loves her so much, she needs to teach her to smile with her eyes. Ans Rhianna needs a slice of humble pie.

  • Jizel

    Rihanna is for whoever hates Beyonce. You know she’s not as talented so you support whoever you think can knock Beyonce off. Yall are funny but this chick Rihanna is not the one you should look for to do that. LOL @ the Bee haters




  • aiil

    But seriously girls of Caribbean descent make excellent models they have this je ne sais qua about them that you don’t quite understand.

    it’s like they are fly but you don’t know why.

    Look at naomi campbell, i think her grandma is jamaican. So that proves it.

  • kadian

    i luv rihanna she looks great so does beyonce

  • yo yo

    who ever says that all of the rihhanna fans are bee haters is absolutley stupid… i actually like bee, but i like rihanna more.. she’s around my age, i look up to her dressing and she seem like a cool ass everyday chick.. on the other hand i dont relate to bee nd any kind of way,she makes good songs and i will buy her albulm but i support ri ri as the whole package.. nobodys tryna knock bee down, we just stating our honest opinions.. geesh!! beyonce STANS are crrrraaazzzzy!!!

  • Lil Mama

    I absolutely love both Bey and Rhi-Rhi, they are both my favorite female singers right now, I’m fans of both of them. Love Ya Bey and Rhi-Rhi!

  • Trish

    Bey is so boring to me now. Rih Rih looks good. Chick can always be a model if singing doesn’t work out. And I agree that leaked Beyonce is weakkk.

  • Suckmybritt

    The stylist put that together for her in the shoot. She is making too many excuses for herself. If you got drunk…you got drunk. When you get tipsy it does effect your judgment and the things you say. She did it in Barbados and I’m not surprise she does it here.

  • Oshie

    @ hot sauce: I have that effect on men.

    Also, what is she doing in these pics? Skankrobatics?

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Why is this prostitute telling lies?

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