Pack Yo Sh*t! Fantasia’s Married Lover Gets Kicked Out The Crib

- By Bossip Staff

To the left! To the left! Everything you own in a box to the left!

We all saw this coming. After suffering the embarrassment of a very public break up, it looks like the wife of Fantasia’s jump off has had enough.

Antwaun Cook — the married man who was (and still might be) dating Fantasia Barrino — collected a bunch of his belongings from his family home in North Carolina … and got the hell out.
According to reports, 26-year-old Cook has moved into a nearby apartment.

The move comes just days after Cook was seen canoodling with Fantasia while a camera crew documented the entire encounter … perhaps for a reality show.

As we previously reported, Fantasia was recently released from the hospital, where she was treated for an overdose. Days before that, Antwaun’s wife, Paula Cook, had filed divorce papers .. citing her husband’s allegedly “adulterous affair” with Fantasia.

We have all heard the rumors that Fanny’s breakdown, break up and possible reconciliation with a married man are all staged to add drama to the next season of her show. The fact that this dude is captured carrying out a handful of crumpled clothes with no time to pack says ‘look at me, I’m moving out with no bags!’ This whole scenario gets the shifty side eye.


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  • joobi

    LOL!! Dude looks real sorry!!

  • LaDiva

    Am I supposed to feel a twinge of sympathy for him?? Nope. Moving on.

  • Divatude

    Daaayyyyuuuummmm! This ish is getting documented on a daily. Betta you. 😦 Saaad.

  • anewme

    This is just too messy!

  • Sha

    He gotta stick to “the plan”.

    Fanny may have been reading the blogs and asked him,

    “you tryin to trick me boy???”

    You know they have the whole Motives collection on DVD, and took notes. 😛

  • Butterscotch™

    Dang! This situation just continues to go downhill. SMH

  • -----* raquel (shawns girl)

    SMH….wait!! She JUST now kicking his silly as§ out? Like HELLO’ he cheating on you, and i thought fantasia & antoine broke up “summer O9″… Witch means where was he living for OVER a year? Cause Ms.cook filed for dovorce just last month so….he been living with her since he broke it off with fantasia in “summer O9”??


    Haha! Bye nigguh!
    Girl, your a$$ waited too damn long to put that foot down…but better late than never. At least you got some damn dignity, which more than I can say for a lot of other broads in your situation smh.

  • Marquis de Sade

    I’m sure the second most ugliest bytch in the world will be more than willin’ to pay his rent. 😆

  • huhsaywhat?

    I wonder if anyone in Mecklenburg County Child Services is also following Fantasia’s suicide attempt and media drama?

  • ImJustSayin

    bwahahahaha @ The sheets and comforter..Too funny

  • resurrected

    Just like with Swizz B he see Fannie now as a better option but that will all fade soon. Right now Fanie is looking like a come up for him especially since he has seen and tasted the spotlight with her and his past football career. He can go live with her and the rest of her family and fit in fine for the moment. This will only make it easier for the wife to indicate why the law suit should be permissible.

    Now is he already getting paid to be on the show because what married man would air out his affair on public television?

  • Somali Ninga

    What a mess

  • Mrs. Rance

    That boy has been in and out of the marital home this whole time. He’s just getting some blankets for him and Tasia’s next romp on the beach or at the park. He’ll be back home to his wife tomorrow.

  • resurrected

    Marquis de Sade

    Real men want something deeper then old open your legs Becky. The lifestyle that ones wants is a reflection of their state of mind and heart that doesn’t makes that next option better. We have just learned to be unsatisfied people whether it’s with a different one every night or the same one everyday. When does the substance of a person matter?

  • resurrected

    I do not believe that this man was seperated before this happen what do all woman so like to mess with other people partner just believe that because it works better for them at the moment. More men lie and cheat in this sitaution then men who tell the truth and make game changing choices.

  • http://bossip pecangirl

    Well, I like Fantasia but messing with a married man is a HELL NO for me! There is always too parts too a story, wish you luck Fantasia!!We dont know what the hell he was telling her so keep yo head up girl.

  • Missy

    1. This site lies ALOT!
    2. Maybe, he is just picking up some left over stuff and has already removed the rest of his things.

    People always trying to make a story where there may not be one.

    Mind your own d#mn business!

  • tb

    The houses in NC are big and cheap….the only problem is getting a job to pay for them.

    *Shrugs* All three of these people are grown, we don’t know what buddy told Tasia, we don’t know if buddy was always cheating on his wife, we don’t know if he’s been trying to leave the wife. We don’t know anything that is going on. Noone (who knows the real deal) is really speaking on the matter, so who are we to judge.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Oh snap, I pressed refresh and all the comments were gone. WTF?


    thats why nobody is on this site anymore, M T O make some room!!!!


    The changes didn't even make the site better it made it worse!!!!!!!!! nobody post here anymore.

  • rain

    i've lost respect for tasia,but i still love her music

  • yuk

    why is he taking stuff from the house now if he has supposedlly been apart from his wife for quite some time? Picture seems to support his wife's side of the story

    • Pleeezzz


    • TONNA


    • LEB

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • Missy

    1. This site lies ALOT!
    2. Maybe, he just removing these items because he removed all the other stuff before now.
    3. Let these people solve their problems without everyone interjecting into their lives.
    4. I am tired of this story and hope we don't have to endure every second of this day by day.
    5. Mind your own d#mn business!

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