Certified Links: Waka Flocka’s Stage Dive, Terry Kennedy & More

- By Bossip Staff

Waka Flocka Stages Dives Into Crowd, Falls To The Floor [Video] – (GO)

Former Top Model Says She Was Molested At Star Wars Convention – (GO)

Britney Spears Spotted Out In Her Short Shorts – (GO)

Teen Killed In The Bronx, Police Say Victim Of Gang Initiation – (GO)

Terry Kennedy: The African American Skateboarding Pro – (GO)

Bow Wow To Work At Foot Locker To Promote Film – (GO)

Craigslist Killer Commits Suicide In Jail – (GO)

D.L. Hughley Hasn’t Been Paid, Leaves Morning Radio Show – (GO)

Grandmother Arrested For Pimping Out 14-Year-Old Granddaughter – (GO)

Jenny McCarthy Turns Heads At The Midsummer Nights Dream Party – (GO)

Spike Lee Takes On BP In New Documentary – (GO)

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  • C'MON NOW!

    NICE!! UHMMM!!!


    Its not even that he ugly but something about his sloppy nap head disgust me! Besides his name being Wacka Flaka cause lawd knows thats #1!!!!

  • dmo

    They should have stomped his ignorant azz. Why are "men" rubbing his dreads? So gay! This is what these people follow. Ignorance, gang affiliated "supposebly", no talent, rapping about the same old bull, cornball azz nicca. Our young boys are being brainwashed more and more with this BS!

  • It's Me

    could not really see it as the camera guy was shaking too much. It looked liked more sausage in the place than females. I would have left quick…

  • G-Lo

    So…Waka looks like Kel Mitchell with locs…I'm thinking "Welcome to Good Burger…home of the Good Burger…can I take your order?"

  • williedynamite


    they all jumped off the stage like lemmings …why that last dude jump?!? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • DallasDiamond

    He look good n i woulda been all up on his big stomach but i woulda made him take me back stage for realz n let me rub down them dreadz one on one

  • gucciframes

    This man does look gross..I cant get the sh-!t stain pic out my head especially when he jumped i would have moved like sh-!t. Im mad at all the kids bitten tho on a non-rappin instrumental talkin dude but whatevs sooner than later you all will acknowledge how wack this man and alot others are.

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