Ciara Flexes For The Camera And Delivers Some Bangin’ A$$ ‘Basic Instinct’ Promo Flicks

- By Bossip Staff

Ci-Error finally got it right! We been saying for awhile now that the good ol’ round the way CiCi has been missing in action, but it looks like Ciara has brought back that ATL girl the streets fell in love with in the first place for her ‘Basic Instinct’ promotional pictures.



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    never been a fan of hers, so really, anythin' she does (in my opinion) will ALWAYS be mediocre……..

  • what_am_iDoing

    yo she look ridiculously skinny here? wow

  • Mystyri




    some1 stick a fork in dis chick. She done!

  • princess 24

    i think she looks rather silly………………iim just sayin though

  • tea

    I like the fourth and fifth pics!! She looks flawless!!

  • jujubi

    Beautiful pictures!! Finally someone who’s not dressed like Rihanna!!

  • Myhairparadise

    I can dance like that check out myhairparadise dot com for hairstyles and hair care tips

  • Exodaria

    Omg, I love it! 5th pic (Daisy Dukes) is the best. She´s looking all kinds of yummy here… Which reminds me, I need to eat 🙂

  • Pisces82

    I think her body looks great! Look at that flat stomach. Slim and in shape ftw!

  • HBkid*

    shes pretty but i jus dnt like her style, she dresses Tacky to me!

  • savy

    to my she is a good dancer. but cant dance and sing at the same time.

  • lilkobe

    She still fine

  • Yeika

    She need to get her weight back on when she first came out!!!

  • chile please

    Sigh IDK, it's just something small that's stopping her from becoming bigger, Nobody can seem to figure it out.

    She can dance-yes
    pretty-yes (she isn't drop dead gorgeous, but she pretty in a street kinda way
    sing-not the best, but some of the greatest werent either
    fashion-nothing special
    modeling-just because you're tall and skinny does not make you a model lmao

  • Whatev

    I don't like her and don't think she is talented or interesting except for dancing so for me to say these pictures are interesting and different is a big thumbs up for her.

  • Tiki Barber

    I dont give a fug . I just want to bang her head into a bed board.

  • ladyinblue

    I liked the old "ATL" Ciara, and then she went hollywood, and now she's trying to go back to her roots and all but I don't think it'll work cause now it looks forced, commercialized, and not raw. Sidenote: I think the second picture would be a nice cover for this album

  • ------* raquel (shawns girl)

    —–* ciara pics’ are OK, & just OK’..they look A L O T’ better then those pics of chilli i just seen on here….but ciara has been thin for mad long, but she still pretty, also her singing is HORRIBLE’ but her dancing is great..

  • dayg715

    they're pretty…i wouldn't call them 'bangin'. she's not the best singer, but she's better than Rihanna's billy goat voice.

  • K-mia

    She's bad…her body is flawless. I wanna lick her stomach.

  • Tina

    That’s right Ciara do not evolve!! Do not grow into a lady and start carrying yourel as such, do not be healthy or even stay on the go so much which may cause you to slim down a little, just remain an ATL chick, donr cross over, don’t have diverse friends, just stay the same you were at 19 and please these idiot crabs in a barrel on this blog!!!! Uuggghhhhhhhh!!

  • the floacist

    She looks good in some of them but I'm not feeling the dancing shot, her body looks strange there.

  • whydothat

    SAD.all people can say is she can dance.or shes really pretty.all she does all day is mimic janet jackson..yet no one EVER calls her out becuz shes not as succesful as other artists.i think shes a great dancer but theres nothing unique about her voice.say what u want about rihanna she cant sing either but THAT ACCENT makes her.its distinct.this chick show up on all her songs whispering and moaning..without soul or emotion.i used to like her but now i see that she has to get as sleezy as possible to sell anything.did u know fantasy ride isnt even a gold record..sad..i think she should take lil mama spot on abdc and call it a day.have a baby by the dream or something.

    • yep

      totally agree

  • hello

    baby by the dream hahahahhahahahahha

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