Who Is My Daddy?

- By Bossip Staff

This little cutie is the 2-year-old son of someone who has been in the headlines a lot lately. His Daddy hasn’t been famous for long, but his parents divorce has only meant more publicity. Can you guess who his Dad is?

The precious little boy is none other than Jackson Cook, son of Fantasia’s married boyfriend Antwaun Cook. He’s so cute. He’s probably too little to even understand what’s going on. Poor baby!

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    oh lawd!! this isht ain't bout 2 end ANYTIME soon huh!!!???? he's a cutie tho!!!!

  • I believe in KARMA!

    Good Grief Charile Brown…now the kids are in this?!?!?! "I can make you a celebrity over night"

  • WOW!

    Cute kid but who cares!!!

  • Lea

    both ugly and got the same big head. That other white woman wasn’t raised right like me. SAD having a baby by a ni**er.

  • Curious1

    Kids are expendible commodities of Men whoi want OUT to be with their Mistresse…EASY Casualties of War between the parents,,,BUT as LONG as It's about HIS Happiness and fulfilling Fanny's lonliness being single…


    SHOWING THAT POOR KID IS SO WRONG,,for what is happening now.

  • He She

    His wife is black not white….i am goin to need u ppl to get the facts straight before posting a comment

  • jdmann

    caption this picture…Yawn…Pimping is our family business…another day another hoe.

  • SitTheF*ckDown

    this was a tasteless post. His dad is NOT famous & all you are doing is exploiting that poor child. tsk tsk.

  • http://jstarmulti.com/blog J-STAR

    This dude is a Kappa?

    • ThatBKChick

      Yeah….he's a Nupe.

  • Lea

    The little thing looks retarded.

  • Dariush

    EPIC FAIL Kappa Alpha Psi!!! EPIC FAIL…ROFLMAO. Clowns

    • ThatBKChick

      Awwww….Common man. Greek Love. My husband is "Q" and my brother is a KAP…..That's the problem is being black we already don't learn to work together. This Greek: "better than you" stuff is old and over-rated! I am Greek and I don't go around hating on the AKA's/DST's. Most of my BFF's are other Greek Sisters!

    • Whatev

      You are not Greek. Anyway the whole frat/sorority thing is satanic.

  • meetlove112

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  • Resurrected


    Where the fk is your picture talk side ways out of the mouth.

  • Resurrected

    How stupid can some of ya'll be you know this little boy mother is not white. Most us us have been on this story for days and still don't know none of the facts expect a wife might be sueing her husband lover. This just comes to show you that gossip speak volumes over real details.

  • Ciana

    didnt think his son would be that lite.kinda looks like t.i's son

  • LaFiddy

    How tacky is it to post this picture?? That dude is not a celebrity and neither is his son.

  • http://Bossip.com Eddy

    This kid is not cute.

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