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Denzel Washington and his son Malcolm attended the USC vs. Ohio State college football game last night where USC made it rain all over those poor little Buckeyes.  Hmmm we don’t know, Malcolm seems to look a bit more like Pauletta than his daddy…

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  • Ms. Toson

    Malcolm seems to look a bit more like Pauletta than his daddy…


    well all of Denzel’s children looks like his wife…I guess goodlooking genes aren’t always stronger of the two after all.

  • eiphlurt

    Denzel still can get it

    check out

  • Gymo

    Whenever I see Will Smith kids I get the feeling that these are mini-moguls who will take over Hollywood when they grow up. I don’t get that vibe from young Denzel?

  • Ms. Toson


    Whenever I see Will Smith kids I get the feeling that these are mini-moguls who will take over Hollywood when they grow up. I don’t get that vibe from young Denzel?

    _____________________________________________________you can’t, heck, look at him. That is why he is going to college as did his oldest son who now plays in the NFL. He is fully aware of his children’s looks and they are not movie entertainment friendly

  • Gymo

    @ Ms. Toson,

    I am not talking about the looks of the kids, I wouldn’t be so tacky.

    Will smith kids just seems to be more interested in attacking and ruling Hollywood, more likely to be Hollywood moguls, nothing to do with looks, young Denzel is an handsome kid.

  • Oshie

    This reminds me of that classic song… how does it go?… “That Baby Don’t Look Like Me”.

  • Dee

    Ahh man. This is rare. Dissin a black male but I’ll bite. The funny thing is that he has his pops nose, chin… The only thing he needs to do to to be the spittin image is to get a process on his do & caps on his teeth. Why would a kid do that? It’s clearly not about the okey doke w/this fam. In my book the way that Denz represents himself & his entire clan to the media is the epitome of love & beauty. Love them.

  • this is some bull

    All yall sound stupid as hell, why compare hime to Will and Jada. If this young man wanted to act I am sure his father would have already taken care of that. Not all actors are fine and this young man looks like he has not even matured yet.

    Maybe he is his own person and has nothing to prove which I think shows the good upbringing from his parents.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Denzel is the greatest actor of all-time


  • tara

    Malcolm.i have read a news about him on ”””””it’s said that he is dating with a young girl marry .there are some pics about them that’s really ture !

  • noelle

    Denzel is liek a Bill Cosby. But wht the *&*( is Bbay doing lol

  • noelle

    probably f*&(^%^ Beyonce as well as Lil Wayne.

  • Stellargirl...chicity

    This is dumb

  • jonjon23

    Denzel is smart. He know’s just because he is a hollywood success doesn’t mean his kids will be—in fact its not likely. That education will always be there for them.


    i think that kid is cute in an ‘im pretty but im trying to be a roughneck way’. he did get the handsome gene

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Awww, leave young Denzel alone, ya know, in a few years, he might really grow into his looks. Honestly, if you see pics of Denzel from back in the day, he wasn’t exactly what you’d call a looker, but over time…

  • Rob

    At the end of the day, each of us should persue their on dreams. And while there is nothing wrong with the young mans looks, we know this. There are many examples of folks who find success in film, etc, with less than the supposed good looks. It is about talent. By the way, we as black people need to stop tearing each other down and spend more time encouraging each other and be positive. As Obama would say…ENOUGH!!!

  • always knew

    It doesn’t matter if his kid is attractive to yo uor not, the main thing is, Denzel is in the home, supportive of his kids..That’s the point…Much success and happiness to the Washington Family..

  • always knew

    that was to you..

  • http://yahoo densure

    the son is going to look more like his father by the time he reach 30.

    they are all a very beautiful family,mum,dad and the children.

    for me & most blacks, they are the most beautiful family in this world.fullstop.

  • http://deleted colinhu

    they have a happy famliy!some dedails can be found at “”.

  • Diamond

    Damn how old is his son? I might want some of his goodies ;D lolzz

  • roe ski love

    Denzel make dat little ni@@er comb his hail next time you take him out in the public.

  • Ms. T.

    Cute kid. I have always thought that Pauletta is pretty too. White Hollywood wives have nothing on her. You go Pauletta!

  • like I see it

    All the boy needs is a major makeover and he would b ok…some braces, a haircut , dermabrasion for the pimples and skin, and get rid of the ghetto clothes and put him in a polo and some khakis and he will be cool looking like his dad.

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