Pay Yo Bills!!! BrokeA$$ Housewife Goes On $60K Spending Spree

- By Bossip Staff

You’d think Teresa Giudice from “Real Housewives of New Jersey” might lay off the heavy spending considering she’s at the mercy of a judge to keep all of her belongings from being sold off in a bankruptcy auction. Wrong! Teresa actually spent the days leading up to her bankruptcy filing SHOPPING!!!

Spendaholic “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice celebrated her bankruptcy in style — with a $60,000 shopping spree, astonishing court testimony revealed yesterday.

The buying bender came to light as the Bravo star and her husband, Joe, who owe creditors $11 million, tried to convince a Newark federal bankruptcy judge to stop the planned Aug. 22 auction of the contents of their Towaco McMansion.

In court, even the Giudices’ own lawyer, James Kridel — who had filed a court document with receipts that detailed the spree — seemed at a loss to explain the profligate spending to Judge Morris Stern. Kridel said he knew the documents presented “a dilemma” and that Stern might view it as “conspicuous consumption.”

The receipts show that within days of filing to wipe out their multimillion-dollar debt, the Giudices blew $8,800 for curtains and nearly $45,000 on wall hangings, mirrors, frames, tables, urns and chairs, The Post’s Jeane MacIntosh reports.

“These were not Ikea-purchased furniture items,” Stern said. “These were from high-end design stores.”

The judge refused to stop the auction, but postponed it until Oct. 3. Stern called the Giudices’ high-spending ways “a lifestyle choice” but noted that “it’s not for this court to tell people how to spend their money.”

During the hearing, bankruptcy trustee John Sywilok noted that right before their bankruptcy filing, the Giudices racked up an earlier $21,000 worth of furniture buys — and paid off a total of $11,000 of that just two days before declaring they were broke.
After court, Teresa declined to comment on her shopping spree.

Hubby Joe — sweating profusely and barely able to contain his temper with media after the hearing — snapped, “None of your business! Back off before I get pissed!”

We kinda had an idea that Teresa was out her dang mind when she threw over that table last season, but you gotta be completely insane to spend $60,000 in a couple days when your household income is only $79,000 a year!!!!

At the end of the day all this drama pays Teresa’s bills! Maybe BRAVO should give her a raise. There should be some money freed up soon since we hear they’re firing castmate Danielle Staub before Season 3.


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  • Ciana

    that trifflin how u gone spend that much money shopping but not pay your bills?

  • ChinaMomma

    Well at least we know its just not our people that can be GHETTO FABOLOUS spending money on stuff they cant afford!!

    • [`~---.._mE_..---~']


  • Gina

    I want to know what credit card companies are extending a credit line to her that is triple their household income? Something does not sound right in the water, they are receiving some money under the table or trying to hide their income. Her husband looks like a sleazeball business man. I know he is doing something illegal,

    • She said it.

      I was wondering the same thing. But I think they paid cash for everything.

  • Anonymous

    I am convinced that the only Real Housewives with money is NYC b/c u never hear about them having money problems. Coincidentally, they're my favorite housewives.

  • Crazyheffa

    She is being ghetto fabolous! She’s originally from the hood! But all these so called Real Housewives are living a life beyond their means. I don’t know if they are doing it for the camera or just naturally stupid!!!

  • samech

    I like Danielle, but looking for her birth mom…..court case with the ex- friend's daughter….not good story lines. The show is corny, they are all related….no real drama. That Italian trip they took must have been expensive with 20 people going.

    • ses

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  • 2Sweet

    They can’t fire Danielle. She’s gangsta.

  • ThatBKChick

    Thank you@ Nickey. How in the hell did they run up that money? My husband and I remarried and between us both, we have seven kids (most 4 of them are college bound under 20) and we make barely a 100 G's and we are scraping by…I want to know how in the hell these trifling a** trolls get to have 11 milli in lavishness/debt?….SMDH!

    Just like some suspect Jersey people, always got some kind of illegal hustle or scam going on!!! They remind me of the Soprano's ghetto style…LMAO!

  • Allie

    I am so glad they're getting rid of danielle omg i can't stand her botched looking self ugh good riddance

  • Allie

    Exactly, jill and the countess have some serious money


    Daaaammnnn!!! Broke white folks?!?!?!?

    They gonna kill themselves next….

  • Allie

    dina's husband??? really where did u find this out at

  • michelle

    I hate her sooooo much!!! Funny how the tables turn!

  • concern

    shut the front door….smh every rumor has some truth….

  • Mulatto Mom of 3

    There may be some truth to Nickey’s story about Dina’s husband “smashing” Danielle…he has always had a chick on the side…

  • speaking of this ish...

    I forsee Teresa and Joe going to jail…cause they hiding money somewhere in that marble and onyx mansion of their..probably in they kids stuffed toys..lmaoo..

  • S@y Wh@t?!?!

    lol….luv the show….the last season …all her husband could say was “hope i can afford it”, ” don’t wanna see the bill”….hope he keeps saying that when they butts are on d streets…



  • sportstalk23

    Danielle is the most entertaining one and her daughters are the most well adjusted out of them all lol
    If yall remember Dina was on that VH1 special called
    My Big Fantabulous Wedding and her and Tommy mentioned his cheating on her which is why I think he married her
    To shut her up lol and yeah that trip to Italy had all them people and Teresa still shopping looking for Chanel and that christening for the baby
    Hubby was not happy with her spending but yeah
    I think the NY wives are the least broke
    Kelly exhusband is a big time photog,and the rest run businesses of some kind or married rich like the JP Morgan ex

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