F*ck A Thug: Philly Murder Suspect Escapes One-Time On The Way To Prison

- By Bossip Staff

This krazee-eyez killa is still on the loose:

Authorities in Philadelphia are searching for a homicide suspect who escaped from a police van on the way to a prison, injuring an officer. Police say 22-year-old Omar Roane was one of three prisoners who forced their way out of the back door of the van Saturday afternoon while the vehicle was stopped at an intersection in the northeastern part of the city.

Roane is charged with the June 9 murder of 17-year-old Kyree Young in a drug robbery. The van was on its way to the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility. The other two prisoners were apprehended within 20 feet of the vehicle. An officer injured his ankle. Court records indicate that Roane was arrested in an attempted murder case in 2008 and was shot multiple times in June 2009 during an alleged drug robbery.

Those sorry a$s cops couldn’t catch this dude?? SMH.


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  • ChinaMomma

    Enter text right here!Phillies FINEST!~!!!! Cops too busy being Corrupt anymore in PHIlly than to actually be in shape and run after a 22yr old!! MIND YOU HE STILL HAD CUFFS ON! Come on NOW!

  • sh!$ disturber

    they'll get him. they usually do. hopefully he doesn't do too much damage before they do…

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  • shannonr

    still love philly

  • Kenyetta

    It is his black mother's fault. She was driving the van. It's her fault that he was even in jail b/c black mother's stop looking after their sons after they reach 21 and then have the nerve to expect them to act like adults. SMH!!!! Step it up black mother's we are failing our grown azz sons miserably!!!!

    • Angel

      You're so stupid.

    • Kenyetta

      I know! It's my black mother's fault as well!

  • Kenyetta

    This ninja should've seen this ish coming with those big azz eyes!!!

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  • Truth

    Where are my comments?????

  • Tatiana

    Omg, this is such a shame I went 2 school with kyree and when everybody found out it was crazy. Kyree was a good boy who was into school and its a shame that his life had 2 end because somebody wanted 2 b stupid. R.I.P kyree

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