Nicki Minaj Billboard Shoot–Photo Gallery

- By Bossip Staff

Onika Maraj aka Nicki Minaj does Billboard…

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  • Amyee81

    I like that she looks like a regular and not a cartoon. They are nice flicks but I am surprised they only used just this pose with different faces.

  • E Free

    I love this girl

  • da angel

    she may not be as good as kim when it comes to rapping but she is sure a very good looking girl

  • [`~---.._mE_..---~']

    what happened to the hips??? guess she finally decided to go without the booty pads!!!

  • Jersey Kid

    Also Follow me On Twitter @MalikRockz

  • Chocolate Goddess

    This has to be the most boring photoshoot that I've ever seen in my life. lol. Maybe these are only few of the pics… *kanyeshrug*

  • HBkid*

    i agree!! lol

  • Noneya

    Hmmm… no piece about the Keyshia Cole vs Nicki Minaj incident? I thought this was a gossip site.

  • Missy

    she is nice looking.. Needs to keep it calm and cool this way.. She too old for that other shit..

  • Willie Lump Lump

    When will this chick go away?

    She is wack and a gimmick.

    I can't believe people really like her.

    Maybe everyone that likes her is under 10 years old.

    I don't know.

  • ihatelongcomments

    all hype, no substance
    boring photos, pretty face

  • auntdoggandauntfail

    If she's pretty, than the standards are low, low, low

  • obviously....

    look at her nose….lol

  • EJay

    Hip pads? She just has too much fat on her lower body. Plus, this photo shoot was for the White folks. Her publicist probably told her if she wants to make more money she has to look "normal". She even crossed her legs in order to make her hips look smaller. Good Idea!!

  • BigDaddy

    Very attractive face. She can wear a wig like nobody's business, but she's as talented as a dead puppy.

  • Wun7thsun

    This chic is the worst in the game. Her voice is irritating, she can’t rap and she acts like a straight up clown. Please stop posting about her and let her fade off into the past.

  • MsGV

    Cute pic.

  • Ms.GV

    Cute Pic

  • Daniele9730

    Is it just me, or does she look like Keys in one of these phtotos?

  • Roni

    That’s my girl!!! I love her!!!

  • Ashman19899


  • jullanar

    go nicki you look Fab love ya do you tell the hater kick rocks

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