Justice Prevails For Ice-T; DMV Gets A Ho Sit Down!

- By Bossip Staff

Ice-T has finally cleared up the issues surrounding his July arrest in New York City — and it turns out the DMV is at fault!!!

According to TMZ reports:

Ice-T just scored a major legal victory against “the system” — after Ice proved that he DID have valid insurance on the day he was arrested for allegedly driving without it.

As we first reported, Ice-T was pulled over on July 20 in New York City for allegedly not wearing a seat belt, and was then arrested after the computer discovered an “insurance lapse” from 2008.

But today, the case was dismissed after prosecutors decided to back down … after Ice proved that he had insurance the entire time — and also showed that the DMV did not properly update its records.

Outside of court, Ice and his lady Coco told us … “We’re going to Disneyland!

Congratulations to Ice-T and Coco! Free lap dances for ERRRRRRRRRRYBODY!!!

Keeping it a ‘hunnid’– that was some pure bullshizzz tho! Ice should sue the ish out of the NYPD, the DMV and the City of New York for all the time and money that was wasted on a computer error that the DMV should have been on top of.

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  • sh!$ disturber

    would love to see what our dear coco will wear to disneyland with all the little kiddies lolol….

  • Chocolate Goddess

    Many people should sue. Unfortunately this crap happens in NYC allllll of the time! My bro-in-law was just arrested in May for the same nonsense. He was given no apology, no press, and they have NO REMORSE. He doesn't have a record and naturally was upset, but was threatened that he would be hit with additional charges if he didn't shut up. He didn't report to work, couldn't pick up the kids on time from camp and guess what NOBODY CARED. The DMV in NYC is the biggest joke. A bunch of incompetant bastids!

  • belvi

    it was no computer error….that is a joke…..they did that on purpose…..

  • BAPE747

    DMV? That's the NYPD. Camp Kill Ya Self

  • binary hex

    you can get arrested in 2010 for not having insurance in 2008? wtf?

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    Wow how sweet we the police police the acting police ha ha…. Want to get her hair done for free? Check out myhairparadise dot com and become a salon spy

  • It's Me

    T already said he gonna sue, so they best to get ready. But it sounds like he will not get any money out of this as it happens often. Good luck Ice.

  • Satire

    Good for him!

    If he's gonna be arrested it should be for impersonating a pimp while dressing like someone from the 70's, heading to a blaxploitation film festival, and also for sporting his wife like a $5 hoe, while she seems almost as proud for the disrespect as she does the attention. Now, for that, he deserves a big fat ticket!

  • biggestdonks.com

    coco got a nice donk.

  • MsGV

    That’s a cute pic of them. I bet they are so in love.

  • MSGV

    That is a cute picture of them. I bet they are so in love.

  • Phukka_Bossip

    S.N. says it all.

  • Adrian

    who goes to disneyland but kids and parents with kids. who are they going to take and what will she be wearing.

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