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Diahann Carroll has a memoir:

In her new memoir, “The Legs Are the Last to Go,” Diahann Carroll – the Bronx-born beauty who made history as TV’s first black sitcom star in “Julia” – portrays Poitier as a heel who convinced her and first hubby Monte Kay to divorce after confronting Kay, saying he loved Carroll and was splitting from his wife to be with her. She writes: “Sidney called me at my hotel . . . ‘You bitch, whore, tramp,’ he yelled. ‘I know he just left your bed. I won’t have you running around with other men. You belong to me!’ “

Things got worse when, she says, Poitier told her he’d finally called it quits with his wife, Juanita Hardy, bought her a ring, and had her decorate a 10-room Riverside Drive apartment he’d bought. “I was only home a few days when he called to say his wife was having second thoughts. Our wedding plans would have to be postponed,” Carroll writes. “When the apartment was ready and I was about to move my daughter in with me, Sidney told me he didn’t want her there . . . He changed the locks so I couldn’t get in. Then he made me write him a check to offset his purchase and decorating costs. I did as I was told, submissive and desperate.”

SMH…even the old heads ain’t sh*t.


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  • Control Freak

    Am I first!. Wow, Sidney is an old-school 1950’s dog. Well he got the white woman that he wanted and he aint never left her. I will look at thim a little sideways from now on. Good actor though

  • misanalytical

    1st for the first time–I just wanted to be able to say that for some silly reason.

  • Rozza♥

    Wow – that is truly some old mean shyt right there! I wonder if that is the reason why she started seeing white men and even married Vic Damone?

  • misanalytical

    Oh–well…That’s a sad recollection. What prompted the tell-all now?


    Dang that is rough…

  • Ms. Toson

    Wow…two of the most well known, blacks who didn’t want to be with one of their own…speaks

  • shavon denise

    Diahann Carroll is a legend. Sidney Poitier is also a legend. I believe people arent perfect at all and everyone has their demonds. In that time frame men were the kings and women had to be submissive so..if Ms. Carroll is telling the truth, which I dont see why she would lie, them it is what it is. Hopefully Mr. Poitier has changed. Sidebar: Ms. Carroll in The Five Heartbeats, particularly at the funeral of her husband when Big Red tried to push up on her= CLASSIC!!!

  • Corree

    For some reason this doesn’t shock me. Sometimes people have the perception that old school men never behaved the way men do now, and that’s not always the case.

  • http://tsagrednerp.blogspot.com tsagrednerp

    Oh Sidney! There always did seem to be something a little off about him. I know I’m decades too young to even understand what they were going through back then so who knows what the real stories are.

  • Gymo

    That’s one side of the story, only a fool would believe a story before hearing both sides.

    When I have a book to sell I will say anything, do anything to make people buy it.

  • jammy

    I too have had my misgiving about Sidney Poitier I just could not put a finger on it. As a black woman I have always felt rejected when supposedly strong black men who have made it in any area have chosen a white woman as their mate. I felt that was my misgiving about him and moved on, now I know it must have been my sixth sense telling me he is no better than some of the young celebs today who disrespect not only the sisters they reject but show no respect for the women who they claim as their #1 since they do all the ish Sydney did to Diahann Carroll. Thank you for sharing Ms. Carroll.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    She makes women look bad.


  • tara

    yeah she is so beautiful and sexual , i have seen some more hot and sexual pics on ”””’bigbisexual.com ”””that’s so great!

  • shy007

    Damn in regards to the story.

    RE: But on the flip side I would like to say even though I respect your opinion Hot Sauce you sound very ignit right about now. U must be one of dem dudes.

  • this is some bull

    I am tired of all these memoirs…some stuff need to be left in the closet. I Love Dianne Carrolll but she could have taken that to her grave.

  • nicaw

    It’s interesting to hear more info on their relationship. She’s talked a bit about it before, many, many years ago.

    Someone asked about why should would write a tell all now. I don’t believe it’s a tell all. I believe it to be a biography. And it makes more sense for her to write it now that she has a history. So many people are writing about their life before they really have a story.

  • memchee

    carroll is a great actress, but she does appear to have a bitter edge. Not quite as bitter as Shirley McClaine, but bitter nonetheless.

    I don’t doubt that poitier conducted himself in the manner she recounts, but her phrasing comes across as if she is trying to tarnish poitier while accepting no fault of her own.

  • http://lisabolekaja.blogspot.com blakndn

    Women were treated like Sh*t back in the day. I’m glad she’s telling the truth because a lot of these black icons we admire are flawed human beings. No wonder Diahann and her contemporaries like Leslie Uggams, Lena Horn, Pearl Bailey etc married white men. How many of us females today are dealing with black men with egos trying to make it? As soon as they get to the top, as Kanye says, they trade you in for a white girl. No big surprise. People walking around like Sydney is Jesus. Not. I’ve always thought he was shady when he left his first wife. Diahann ain’t no angel either for creepin’ with a married man, so she got what she deserved too.

    So ladies, NEVER hook up with an entertainer, they are self-conscious, self-centered damaged people who seek adulation to make up for what they lack spiritually. That’s why so many crash and burn at the end.

  • Nita

    This story saddens me. I hope Sidney has made peace with her, for how he hurt her. Then again, she also had an affair. But to see two icons treat each other and to be treated by each other like this, it saddens me.

    As for Sydney, Sydney opened doors, as an actor, director and producer. He went through hell, including death threats from stupid. It really was a different time back then. Horrible time.

    But that was wrong of him to do that to Diahann. That *is* old school. Too bad there are suckers who think the old school is the only school even now… old and young. Again, I hope he’s apologized to her and made peace.

  • WordtotheWise

    >>>here, not her<<<

  • Jewel

    @ This is some bull

    I agree with you – I am sick of these memoirs too. There aren’t too many of us without a story to tell. After all of these years, one would think that Diahann Carroll would have moved on from this incident in her life. In some cases, it is o.k. to let people believe what they want about a person, even if the image they project is false. How is he supposed to respond to this now – if at all? He is about 80 years old… She makes herself look worse than the picture she paints of him.

  • Lala11_7

    I had heard about this for YEARS…I mean, back in the 70’s (okay, I was a baby then)…about this…it was a big SCANDAL that my Mama and aunts would talk about…those West Indian men…and my Mama’s family is W.I.

    And yeah…after that afair…She never messed with Black men again…

  • Lala11_7

    And I also believe that if you’ve gone through decades on this planet in the public eye…and you want to put your private business out there…

    That’s cool too…




    harry belafonte treated eartha kitt and dorothy dandrige like they were dogs. in fact, after having sex with eartha kitt, harry told eartha that a black woman couldn’t do nothing for him. she felt used sexually and that’s why she married a white man. lena horne was treated like a dog by black men as well. she married a white man.

    famous black women married white men because they were treated so poorly by black men.

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