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We’ve been hearing rumors that Maxwell has been creepin around with Leonardo DiCaprio’s boo Bar Rafaeli.  These Hollyweird cats stay running through the same broads all the time.  SMH.

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    She is young. It’s like she is dating her dad. SMH.




  • JKR

    Amd we care because?? When was the last time Maxwell came out with an album??

  • JKR


  • Sunny

    That’s funny! I actually saw them together at a party last Thursday. But, they were just chatting in a group. So, I really didn’t think anything of it. I saw Max again the following night at our friend’s Birthday party. Bar was nowhere in sight; but Leo was there. So…I don’t know if I’m really buying any of this…

  • Afro - Latina

    Bar Rafaeli downgraded big time. Leonardo Dicaprio was incredibly gorgeous and talented. He was also very smart and politically aware. Now she is with this gay-looking blast from the past reject? Oh well, she will come back to her senses. That’s what all white women do when they date / marry black men.

  • Afro - Latina

    How long is it going to take until Maxwell is broke and crying, because his white girlfriend took everything he had and ran back into the arms of a white man?

  • Corree

    These double standards in regards to interracial dating kill me. Seal and Heidi are ok, this is ok, but if it’s Kim and Reggie….forget it. They get dogged out like folks know them personally.

  • Oshie

    @ Jewish Lady: Seek therapy.

    @ This thread: Bar Rafaeli kinda looks like me, but not quite as hot.

  • Afro - Latina

    I am an educated woman silly broad. All of my boyfriends have only been latinos and whites. Anyway, black men are the worst kind and I would never be caught dead in public with one. It’s beneath me to date men who don’t use their brains to make a living. That is why I would not hesitate to reject a rich nba star or football star. Their so-called careers are not real careers. Dribbling a ball or throwing one across a field is not a real job. Rappers who promote violence and sex in their songs and videos are also not worth my time. I don’t care how much money they make, they will never hold my attention. I need a man who will engage in intelligent conversations. Someone who will stimulate my mind to think. I need a man who is calm, polite, and respectful. Someone who will also provide me with love and emotional support. I don’t think black men are capable of providing this for me or any kind woman for that matter.

  • Afro - Latina

    The post above is to Mr Toson or whatever her name is.

  • nikki

    what?! i thought he was married.. wasn’t he wearing a band while performing at the BET awards this year?

  • Corree

    @ brit chic I get that black women don’t like her, but at the end of the day Reggie is gonna date who he wants to date, and who he wants to date is Kim. They have been going strong for how long now? My point is, why do people act like they’re emotionally invested in who celebrities date.

  • this is some bull

    NOTE TO MODEL CHICK – Maxwell is is gay or bi-sexual, so go ahead have him and run the risk of getting a funky disease!

  • tara

    yeah she is so beautiful and sexual , i have seen some more hot and sexual pics on ”””’ ”””that’s so great!

  • Afro - Latina

    I can come on this site (and other sites) whenever I please. After a long day at work it’s nice to unwind and see what’s going on in the black and latino entertainment world. I do not, I repeat, I do not come here for black men. Get over yourselves already. You are not worth anything and you will never be worth anything. White women and mixed race women who date you all have been rejected by their own men. So stop thinking you all are special because you are not. You are a desperate woman’s last resort.

  • this is some bull

    Afro-latina – you spend alot of time dissing black men if they are not worthy then why not let it be?

    It does not appear as though you are unwinding but seem pretty wound up about your view of black men.

  • Hot Sauce

    afro – beaner

    yo azz sounds conflicted. You want black dick, but you hate yoself for wantin black dick. Get you some counselin chola ho and decide wut you want, either cholo dick or black dick. If yo azz wuzent such a immagrint, youd realyze that in america yo azz can have both with no strings attached.

  • Afro - Latina

    I cannot stand black men unless they are mixed like me and educated. Most of them are real screw-ups and try to act as if they do not have control over their lives and destinies. You don’t see men of other races complain when they are told to be responsible adults. I truly feel sorry for black women who have to deal with them on a day-to-day basis. I wish more of them would open their eyes and see the beauty in men of other races. I want them to know that true happiness can be found elsewhere.

  • Afro - Latina

    Wow. Black men are so angry. No wonder they are prone to act violent. Thank God I know this now. I wouldn’t want to end up like Nicole Brown Simpson.

  • ass_clowns_on_here

    I am a woman so I hope you are not refering to me.

  • Afro - Latina

    Do some research dumb, dumbs. Around 60 percent of black women are in college compared to 20 or 30 percent of black men. So your earlier comments that more black men are getting college degrees is false. Statistics are showing that there aren’t enough good black men, so black women are at a lost unless they date outside their race, which I hope many of them start doing for the sake of their future children.

  • Oshie

    @ Afro-Latina and Ass_Clowns – you both need some serious dicktation from some black manaconda. May I suggest the Alabama Blacksnake.

  • Afro - Latina

    Clown, I know you are not a woman because if you were, you would not get so defensive when I put down these men. You are a pathetic little fool. Why don’t you go and get an education instead of arguing with me?

  • Afro - Latina

    Michale Phelps is hot and a graduate of the University of Michigan. Too bad he likes rap music.

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