The Klingon Paying Dues

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Wyclef recently went to Haiti to help out a little…

Jean gave out bags of rice and beans and cans of cooking oil to hundreds of Haitians near the town of Cabaret on Saturday. At one point, the truck they were in got stuck in a ditch, so they handed out the food on the roadside.  The Haitian-born Jean, who founded his own Yele Haiti charity, was the star of the day – hardly anybody in the crowd recognized Matt Damon who went along with Jean.Later, at a church where 600 people who were left homeless by Hurricane Ike were sheltered,  Jean ladled out rice with vegetable sauce. Jean said he hoped more people will donate to United Nations relief efforts to help the impoverished nation recover from four devastating storms in the past month.

Always good to see a scando bumbaaclot pay dues…we wonder if he can help out his girl Lauryn since he seems to be remembering his past and giving back. He needs to give the same compassion to the Queen he damaged and made his riches possible.


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  • Hot Sauce


  • Oshie

    I love Wyclef – I wouldn’t care if his forehead was ten feet tall and had and escalator on it.

    People seem to forget that on their way in to the U.S. these hurricanes do pass through other countries with real people in them.

  • Oshie

    I also love hot sauce. Especially on red beans and rice.

  • beauty on lock

    Brothers if you ever really hurt a woman make your amends. You have no idea the healing power you can have. You can change the life of a woman through sincere and humble kindness.

  • noelle

    what is up witthe picture of that alien

  • hope4more

    What the hell, Lauren is a grown ass woman who is managing her own career, she don’t need Wyclef. She has talent and had her own hit album without him, but let her focus go to drugs. She got 5 babies with Marley, can’t that dude help her or is he still married? She just needs to focus on her music .


    Lol that picture is ODlmaooo made my day

  • bijoubabe

    lol yes its gud to c jean doin a gud job!!

    and im a jamaican n its spelt ‘bomboclaat”!!!

  • beauty on lock

    Lauryn is grown now but she wasn’t back when Wyclef’s ol’ married but caused her a nervous breakdown. She was 18, 19. She was his muse, she looked up to him and he did take advantage. Rohan Marley was her rebound. But at this point she should have gotten help. Sad if you ask me.

  • always knew

    I din’t like Clef cause of the Lauren Hill thing but it’s good to see that he’s still helping out his fellow haitians….Hopefully, we can get enough people to help rebuild after Hurricane Ike, people are dying….

  • always knew

    that was didn’t…..

  • Baby Please

    I always thought dreadlocks were a “mistake” for him.

    I’m just sayin’.

  • Jade

    I agree with most. There is a thing called personal responsibility. This man is no more at fault for Lauren Hills actions than I am. She has five children by another married man, not Wyclef. If anyone is responsible for her mental breakdown it’s Marley. If she is as “crazy” (I don’t like that word) as people say, then she should seek professional help. She is grown. (I personally love Lauren Hill, but she needs to take some responsibility for her choices).

  • Suga Mo

    Lauren Hill first baby belongs to WYCLEF!!! he was married thats y he didnt want her to have it! Thats y the group fell apart! He doesnt account his child. Marley and her started dating after the baby was born…

  • Don't mind me


  • Creole Baby Got Cone Bread on Love Lockdown

    what does scando mean?


    LOL @ Creole Baby Got Cone Bread on Love Lockdown…SCANDO MEANS SCADALOUS



  • Michelle

    In 2010 Wyclef has finally admitted he will never go broke thanks to the talent of Lauryn Hill. Okay granted she was young when he used her up, and so her called friends who convinced her to see Rohan Marley to get over ugly a== Wyclef. She need to find her friends who convinced of that move and kick there behinds as well as regroup her self.

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