Shirley Sherrod Should Keep It Moving

- By Bossip Staff

We assumed Shirley Sherrod would sue the heck out of the Agriculture Department and keep it moving, but it looks like she’s headed to Washington, D.C. to hash out the situation with her former bosses, including Tom Vilsick, the United States Secretary of Agriculture.

It was just a month ago that Sherrod was forced to resign from her position as Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture after a blogger (conservative Andrew Breitbart) posted a chopped up video of her which gave the false impression that she was discriminating against a white farmer.

So now they want to take back the slander, the embarrassment and the sheer unprofessional actions and woo her with a new fancy title? We hope Sherrod doesn’t fall for the okey doke.

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  • The Ric


  • sportstalk23

    Don’t do it sista they already showed you their true colors

  • Shon

    Move into the White House.

  • Ms.Drizzy

    Nooooooooo ..sue themmm!

  • No time

    It will b alright she just needs to b out spoken when it comes to showing wht the tea party and Fox news is really trying to do, which is take out as many powerful black leaders as possible it’s the same story with Maxine waters and Charlie rangle . There’s a target on us.

  • lovelybubbly

    Who she should sue is that hating azz blogger who set her up to get fired he should get hit with defamation of character and be put on blast. I would sue him for millions of dollars maybe that would teach him and his type a lesson.

  • God's Angel

    She should definitely put a voice to the targeting of powerful blacks in politics. Wasn’t it the Tea Party who said it’s time to take their country back? I guess some feel that taking out blacks in politics is a good start.

    If you take out the minorities in politics, they won’t be there to protect the interests of minorities. There won’t be anyone there who has been through what minorities go through.

    Everyone takes pens from the office, even though we all know it’s technically theft. But if you want to get rid of certain people, catch them on tape taking pens home. But don’t catch everyone taking pens, just those you are targeting…Get it?

  • God's Angel

    You take your country back, first, by taking back the power. You take back the power by putting in your own people in places to make laws and policies.

    I hope Maxine Waters and everyone else under investigation beats their case, and exposes the real culprits at the same time.

    I guess some are worried that if a black man made it to President, this will open the floodgates for even more minorities to take political offices. God forbid another minority becomes President after Obama has his run.

  • RazeKane

    Forget the token gesture mrs sherrod, since this job is part of a dysfunction administration. Sue’em, teach em a financial lesson then get you a highly esteemed position at a organization whose got ya back when chit the fan.

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  • Sexioldbiyatch

    Unfortunately, one can not sue the federal gov’t so that was never an option. If she wants any retribution at all she is gonna have to talk to them.

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