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Just as much of a shock it was to you that Ciara showed up to the “Lottery Ticket” premiere in Atlanta, it was a shock to Bow Wow too. Teen Hollywood caught up with him to get his thoughts on his ex-boo coming through and showing support:

TeenHollywood: Do you remember how you felt right before you first hit it big, before you got that first big paycheck? Describe it.

Bow Wow: I thought it was gonna be a good thing but it turned out bad. It’s really similar to [my character] Kevin in the movie. I just realized today doing the press, how close me and Kevin actually are. You have a kid comin’ from nothin’ and making it big and have all this money and power and everybody just wants a piece. In ways, that has its positive and negative effects.

TeenHollywood: Any incidents in your own life where girl Golddiggers tried to move in on you? How did you handle it?

Bow Wow: Most definitely. You definitely get that. You have to have the proper teaching; somebody to tell you that because, if not, you’ll get lost. There are so many guys that fall for the Nikki Swayzes in the world [ Nikki is the Golddigger in the film]. A girl can be so beautiful and so captivating that she can pretty much use herself to get anything she wants. If the guy is vulnerable enough, he’s wide open and she’ll get everything. There’s plenty of them out here in the world that want to be with the ball player or the rapper type and like in the movie, she didn’t want to use a condom and she would trap them. I know people who are in situations like that and can’t do nothin’ about it so you’ve got to be careful.

TeenHollywood: Ciara showed up for the Atlanta premiere for this movie. Are you two still tight as friends?

Bow Wow: I wouldn’t say that but I definitely respect what she does and vice versa; if you ask her, she’d probably tell you the same. I was just as shocked as everybody else was. I’m happy that she came out and enjoyed the movie. I saw that she had tweeted about it so I hit her back and said ‘Thanks, I definitely appreciate it’. But you know how that is, the moment people see us even close or near each other it starts raising eyebrows but no, I’m totally focused to on the project at hand and my career right now. That’s all I will be focused on. I wish her the best of luck. I was definitely glad she came out and supported the film. We’re growing older, we’re maturing and we’re adults and we’re able to go to each other’s events. We’re not the only ex-couple I’ve seen support each other so it shows growth and it’s all good.




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