Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Gets Caught Mid-Rape & Finishes At Police Headquarters

- By Bossip Staff

Jesus? Please take the wheel and run over Cortez Moorman. Moorman tried to rape a 43-year-old woman who put up a fight and managed to escape his oversexed talons. Luckily, she was able to get away and report his attempt to police who detained him and took him to police headquarters. Once there, Moorman waited for police to leave the interview room and proceeded to ‘rough up his suspect.’

Cortez Moorman apparently has a poor sense of timing. A couple of nights ago, Moorman was arrested for allegedly trying to rape and sodomize a 43-year-old woman.

The 24-year-old agreed to talk to police. Fine by me. But when the cops left the room, Moorman is accused of blocking the door with his chair, whipping out his penis and masturbating in the interview room. Moorman must not have seen any cop show ever. They can see and hear EVERYTHING. But apparently that didn’t matter to Moorman.

With the cops back in the room, Moorman is accused of stroking himself under his clothes. And after the interview, he went back to work. C’mon cops. You have handcuffs at your disposal!

Moorman denied physically or sexually assaulting his accuser. He even claimed he was never inside a Ford Taurus. He claimed he was walking to a gas station to buy some smokes and walking to a shelter to get something to eat. That didn’t jibe with the woman’s or a police officer’s stories.

The woman told police she was walking home from a relative’s home near 40th and Paseo when Moorman pulled up in a Ford Taurus, claimed he was a friend of her nephew and offered her a ride. He looked familiar, so she hopped in. Bad decision. Court records say Moorman turned north on Troost, and the woman realized something was up and tried to get out of the car but the doors were locked.

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  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    he needs some help but that’s my type of chic. don’t just lie there if you can fight!!

  • shut the fu*ck up

    dayum shame

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  • Glok...Smooth as a Baby's azz!!


  • Glok...Smooth as a Baby's azz!!


    • tmoney


  • Satire

    Gives me the creeps just looking at his face – he’s every woman’s worst nightmare come to life!

  • Angel

    Moorman allegedly threatened to kill her, so the woman started to do as she was told, but stopped and said, “You’ll just have to kill me.”

    I guess his d.i.c.k. was dirty. Lol.

    • sweetness

      wtf!!! I was thinking tha same thing.

  • Queen R


  • Ms. D

    @ Learntowrite, I agree. I could barely get through this jumbled mess. An intern must’ve written this article!



  • Woozy

    Omg! His crazy as* is from Kansas City! Smh! What a perv!

  • Human Racist

    in addition to the obvious mental help that he needs also add he is in severe need of a line up, fade, temp, somethin’!!!

    • ImJustSayin


  • ALH

    Your headlines are confusing.

  • Ms. D

    @ Learntowrite, I agree. I could barely get through this jumbled mess. An intern must’ve written this article!

  • Curveball

    He “looked familiar”. So she got into his car? At 43, she should damn well know better.

  • datroof

    real talk, we should just execute. you cant fix this

  • CuddlyCheeks15

    WOW…ONLY IN KANSAS CITY MO!!! These fools are idiots!

  • Xster

    Under the jail you go….

  • Palefinger

    He looks sub-human, a Neanderthal/Australopithecus

    hybrid of some sort. The missing link.

  • Choco

    This is sooo not funny but the fact that she was like you gonna just have to kill me makes me wonder how disgusting he is and by the looks of him I can’t blame her…


    Do men really get like this when they don’t get any???

  • Mabel


  • heze

    as you would say: those black people are crazy.

  • Wendy

    She shpuld have BIT IT OFF!!!

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