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  • Monako

    Blacks and their f**k up priorities. Get real.

  • TMoney253

    This dumb negro is just steady wasting his money. I can’t wait til he’s broke and Wayne is stuck paying all his bills.

  • jane

    Sick of birdman…baby..whatever he calls himself.

  • http://www.hothornytube.com HotHornytube.com

    WTF?? Dude, we already know you rich! This is some straight ghetto foolishness! So, that’s where Juvenile’s money went. lol


    high fool!

  • N1GIRL

    i just don’t get the fact that he’s always claiming that he’s rich while i did’nt even saw him on the top 20 forbes list

  • juicyjessica

    This dude is stoopid! Where was he on the Forbes list again?? Oh! that’s right!! He wasn’t…I guess that’s why he calls himself the #1 stunner…cause he lies about his riches…he don’t got all he say he got

  • The One and Only "Its6amHoGetOut" just droppin' in to comment.


  • The One and Only "Its6amHoGetOut" just droppin' in to comment.

    LOL, 900 karats, now that’s some funny sh*t!

  • saldunn

    How much has he given back to his ppl. Did he build some low income housing, help the homeless. He’s to damn old to be doing this sh*t. Do something positive. God giveth and god taketh away

  • williedynamite

    ohhh so thats where:

    Young Turk

    Mannie Fresh






    Lil Wayne(owes back taxes)

    Jim Jonsin ‘s

    money went…ohhh, okay now I see. smh

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