Is Irv Gotti Choppin’ Down __________________ Fine Cakes???

- By Bossip Staff

Irv Gotti had quite a hot date when he headed to Katsuya (aka Paparazzi Central) last night for dinner. Keep reading to find out who the banger is on his arm.

Rosa Acosta was getting her free dinner and promo on with Irv last night. Is he choppin’ that down or is this another one of Rosa’s “business meetings”? She sure doesn’t look as happy as when the paps caught her out with 40 Glocc.

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  • WOW!!!

    How can anyone respect this man!! He is an azzwipe!!! And furthermore, What would posses a man to take the name of a criminal, (mafiosa) who hated black people. Called black folks the “N” with the “er” word every chance he got. What was IRV GOTTI thinking? His mama is black!!!

    • angeilinelee

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    • angeilinelee

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      25 USD c-o-a-c-h p-u-r-s-e-s, c-h-a-n-e-l ,-lv, g-u-c-c-I h-a-n-d-b-a-g-s

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    • leslie

      Sweety have you seen his show? Irv is NOT black…his parents are hispanic.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    and i didn’t mean that in a funny way either

  • I Am Legend

    she aight

  • I Am Legend

    she got some thick thighs

  • ses

    People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect.

    They defend our country and safeguard our policy.

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  • Rolly

    Irv Gotti is a selfish azzhole! His reality show was a mess! He treated his wife/mother of his kids like a dog! His parents appeared ashamed of his behavior. His sons were so disappointed with how he treated their mom and this dog azz n*gga didn’t give a flying f*uck about anyone but himself!

    • leslie

      And that’s why his “empire” crumbled…even though they cleared him of wrong doing his azz is STILL broke. treat others how you want to be treated!

  • williedynamite

    well hey she got bills…escorting pays

  • Ciana

    Irv Gotti is a lame.nobody should want him! did yall see how he treated his wife…?

    • kalifa

      if he was broke no hoes would want him and he’d run back to Deb.

  • williedynamite

    @I Am Legend

    bruh, them thighs is busting out of everywhere, GADZOOKS!

  • williedynamite

    man, for some reason I cant stop looking at this chick!…lol


    Irv is straight GAY!

    That dude needs to stop! Its all a front to try and stay on the straight and narrow with his manness……stop warroring with youself dude

  • Human Racist

    Ca-Lawd ham’ ercy!!! The lord is my shepherd, he know what I want!!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    bless his heart. that’s a silly fool right there…

  • MeetLove1112

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  • Ms. Sippi

    Some women don’t have any shame.. She know he is married. I think God punishes you when you mess with someones husband or wife. Look how it turned Fantasia’s life upside down. I don’t respect women who would date another woman’s husband.. She lost cool points..

    • kalifa

      as much as i hate hoes Irv is the guilty one here.

      -he is married

      -he cheats on his wife

      -he rationalizes his infidelity

      -he allowed the world to see how he treats his wife like she is a zero on their reality show

      -he is a hoe-chaser

      hoes come and go but they’re after money.

      Irv just doesnt respect his wife or their marriage

  • !!!!!


  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (BiG BrOtHeR iS WaTcHiNg & I'vE gOt tHe KKK DeBaTiNg My SN & PoStS)

    That broad is fineeeee!! I will hit it without a condom!!

    • kalifa

      and it will hit you back with an STD 🙂

  • realtalkatl

    brother why would u want a std you would pop a implant

  • dontjudgeme

    she got man features irv is washed

  • the female realist!

    Realist is FAKE

    • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (CeLeBrATiNg MiRiAm MaKeBa & FeLa KuTi ToDaY - MaMa AfRiCa)

      Thanks for being a fan of the REALIST – I’m like a fat lady in summer – I love my fan, ya dig..

  • Lady A

    Deb needs to DIVORCE that looser! They been separated for like 10 years. You know they probably still messing around. I would hate for him to bring her something. He constantly disrespects her by taking pictures out in public with random chicks, and on that show he treater her so bad. She finally got at him in the end. I know Sunny and J.J. will be mad at her for filing them PAPERS but she GOTTA DO IT. What is she teaching Angela?

  • sportstalk23

    If he had any deceny at all Irv would give Deb that divorce
    From their reality it was appalling to see her lack of independence and his playing on that
    If Deb would have been standing on her two feet then she wouldn’t have been worried oh what will I do since he bought the house and this or that
    Irv was even more appalling wanting to cavort like a single man but waltzing in and out of the house as if he was a married man but showing ZERO commitment to Deb
    It was clearly upsetting and confusing for their 3 kids,Irv played on that too
    With his we not divorcing look what that’s doing to the kids, hey d-bag treating their mom like a side piece/tenant aint setting a good example
    What was hysterical was Irv attitude toward his daughter future suitors and look how he treats her mother SMH

  • Keepnit100


    He is wrong for the long azz tube socks!

  • lexi

    there just ain’t nothing about him that I find attractive.

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    If he is, hes one of the LUCKIEST brothas out

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