US News & World Report Weighs In On The Top 20 HBCU’s In The Country

- By Bossip Staff

U.S. News & World Report has released their official list of the top 20 historically Black colleges and universities in the country.

The organization reports that to qualify for the U.S. News ranking, an HBCU also must be an undergraduate baccalaureate-granting institution that enrolls primarily first-year, first-time students and must have been a school that was currently part of the 2011 Best Colleges rankings.

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  • ses

    They defend our country and safeguard our policy.

    ‘ ___________M i l i t a r y f l i r t s * c. -0- m ____________

    show your love and respect to our military heroes.

    • Nevets Nonnac

      ‘Aint NOBODY trying to be chocked-out by some PTSD suffering, broke-down mercenary!!

      Go-head with that…In a world most in need of peace, why in the name of SELF LOVE would anybody put themselves in har’s way to maim and kill in the name of any “State” that uses them for sacrifice and cannon fodder?

      African American men are gunned down with impunity by agents of the “State.” And to put on their uniform and kill FOR THEM is somehow patriotic?


  • I Am Legend

    I didnt read the article but who was 1st ???

    • gb





  • KBeezy

    @ Glok, Who cares about some one’s sexuality. I’m going to need you to stay on the topic at hand. Its sad to see so many people judging other on their sexuality. Who cares what you do behind closed doors. Your comment was irrelevant and unnecessary.

  • obsessed

    yeaah spelman an ALL BLACK WOMAN’s college is the number 1 HBCU. because black men are coed HBCU’s they ruin its reputation, but because spelman is all FEMALE, and we all know black women are smarte and much more dedicated than black men, there alumni has higher success rates, and they have the highest graduation rates. go SPELMAN COLLEGE THE 1 HBCU.

  • BlaqProgressive

    Better an HBCU educated high heel bubble gum popping homo making a positive impact in the black community than a dumb a** uneducated thug who’s only accomplishment in life is prison time and collecting baby mommas.

  • chrissy

    Big Up Moorehouse…all my guy cuzins graduated from there…gotta love my engineers….

    don’t really know any spelman chicks….but big up to them too…..

  • Kbeezy

    @ Glok, No I didn’t, but I have a bachelor’s degree. I’ve never once said homosexuality was right or wrong. But the fact that you brought it up, when it was never discussed shows your stupidity. I don’t have a problem with anyone because I believe in equality. I have friends of different races, religions, and sexual orientation, but in no way will that effect my life or my beliefs (unlike yourself). But I don’t like the fact that you are talking down on black men getting a college education regardless of their lifestyles, that’s a great accomplishment.

  • Kbeezy

    @ BlaqProgressive, exactly, I concur (for Glok, concur means agree). See, you learned a new word today!

  • Congratulations to them all! Even those that didn't make the list.

    I agree with you Kbreezy (but I am sure that you meant “affect”. Sound like someone is a little upset because they failed to get their High School diploma!



  • Spelmanite05

    Spelman C/O 2005!

  • Dirty30

    Is someone Fruity!

  • Hawaii Fonz O

    Fisk University C/O 2003!

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