The Debarges Are Trying To Comeback Strong: Chico… Is That You?!??

- By Bossip Staff

First El Debarge hit us with the comeback at the BET Awards and now Chico Debarge is getting ready to release some new music. The Era of the Light-Skin is trying to make it’s way back especially seeing how all the women can’t seem to take their eyes off all the chocolate that’s dominating the scene right now.

Check Out Chico Debarge’s New Pics… How many of you would let him hit?!??

Photos: Rob Sky-Limit Smith

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    Everybody deserves a 2nd chance but if you fuk again IT’S A WRAP!!! just kidding, do yo thang Big Baby….

  • hey now

    Don’t start that light skinned vs. Dark Skinned mess..if a dude is fine he is fine period.. anyway the debarges got too much baggage you never know when one of them is going off the deep end…No bueno.

  • jadapooh2

    wow, that very first comment, smh. Guess we know you love too! Lol

  • Ari

    Chico definitely!

  • hmmm

    Love you Chico … we need more grown folk music these days …

  • Pamela

    I really like the Debarge family. From Switch with songs like “They’ll Never Be” and “I Call Your Name Girl” to El and the Debarge family’s early stuff like Rythm of the night, Who’s holding Donna, You Were It Well, Time Will Reveal, Love Me In A Speacial Way” I Like It, A Dream. To El’s solo stuff like “Who Johnny” I wish them nothing but the best. That’s when music was real music. The vocals, lyrics and meaning was the real deal. Now a days all you need is auto tunes, a cute beat, and something about booty,or money.

  • Sam

    If he is off drugs more power to him. That whole family had talent but they messed up big time.

  • fan4life


  • Darlene

    yes girl i remember those songs. in a special way was my theme song for our prom. You just took me back to happy times.

  • ISIShakur

    Chico looks good! Debarge was relevant…they gets mad respect. Some artist today should try to be more relevant.

  • Mr Fantastic

    You mean who like to lick pus-y! Because I know I do!

  • Tina

    The DeBarge family are LEGENDS. Legends can come and go as they please!

  • chaka1

    Leave the DeBarges alone. Like these current celebs aren’t doing drugs, hiding guns, serving jail time, baby mama drama, etc…

    Old stars can make a comeback. Prime examples: Tina Turner, Cher, Charlie Wilson, Sade, and Betty White…

    Lauryn Hill is on her way back to school you…

  • CEE

    I’m so tired of the Debarge equals light skin men are coming back comments. Can we move on PLEASE???

    • jelly bean belly

      lets’ keep it real it is about time for the light skin to make a come back because that whole the blackier the berry the sweetier the juice is a myth and because of it light skin been played out since Christopher Willams played in New Jack City,lmao

  • Really?

    Mmmm Chico…mmmm

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    maybe these are bad pics. because i use to think chico was like the only cute 1 out of the debarges and he use to b so fine. maybe its the drug use maybe its like i said the pics , he’s not cute in these pics to me .

  • Awesome-o

    Y’all so damn I-G-N-A-N-T…ig’nant! Chico’s been back since ’09 with “Addiction”. Do research before publishing an article.

  • oh yeah!

    i will take light and curly over dark and nappy anytime

  • Bey-nonsense

    sorry. i would not let chico or el hit. they got too many kids.

    • hey now

      oooh that’s right….el has like 10. forgot about that. still no bueno

    • whats good

      chico just had his 7th kid with his white trash girlfriend. seriously she look like shes on meth.

  • Concerned

    Hey Chico…good luck with that?

  • jelly bean belly

    i luv ChicoSticks so much i still play the h ell out of

  • gossip_guru

    cool pics! ima big fan of the Debarge family..much love to El, chico and the rest of the family. aslong as the music’s good, i’ll support the Debarges.

  • bigbaby

    @whats good… chico only has 6 kids not 7 and his girlfriend is black not white…you need to find better sources.

  • terrinyc29

    there are fine azz chocolate dudes and fine azz light and curly brothers like El and Chico

    Fine is fine it’s not a trend


    .com blog spot

  • notsuchafan

    @whats good….which concert?? because i also believed his girl was black. This dude is just triph. Its sad. Thanks!!

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