Blackberry BBM Lounge Event… iPhone Step Ya Game Up!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Since the Apple iPhone stepped on the scene, Blackberry has consistently been stepping it’ game up. One of the many reasons that most people keep their Blackberry and never want to let it go is because of the exclusive app Blackberry Messenger better known as… “BBM.” Bossip was invited to be a part of the BBM Lounge Party in L.A. and since that’s the phone that pretty much everyone on Bossip staff uses… It only made sense for us to partake in the festivities!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

People that didn’t have a Blackberry were still able to enjoy the party but if they were looking to enjoy all the perks, for example, having your drinks brought to you, order food or get in VIP… you had to use your BBM on your Blackberry.

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  • misstee

    Yayyy for BBM Lounge event! I love my blackberry!

    • ses

      People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect.

      They defend our country and safeguard our policy.

      ‘ ___________M i l i t a r y f l i r t s * c. -0- m ____________

      show your love and respect to our military heroes.

  • Nic


  • Cougar_Lover

    umm whats so great about bbm?

    is it just a more exclusive yahoo instant msngr

  • lexical

    I love my white blasckberry bold it is so cute

  • Deevil

    LOL @ gettin hype over a messenger.

  • Candid Canuck

    team iphone here.

  • Kizzle

    That’s becuz iPhone doesn’t need silly lounges to give away free phones for publicity, iPhone “just is” & sells it self!! Sorry

  • Rican King what Aim,yahoo I’M,msn I’M,facebook chat,google talk is for..and let’s not forget about texting..god people are so stupid if they want a BB for BBM

  • BlackLondonChick

    My blackberry is my WORLD!!

  • oboy


  • latinQueen

    Looooove my BB specially my bbm but can’t hate on apple cuz I’m a mac user. Its the best of both worlds!

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