Guess Whose Little Brother This Is?

- By Bossip Staff

This handsome guy is the lucky little brother of an international pop star, can you guess which one? This should be a cinch.

Big Red aka Rihanna took her younger brother Rajad to eat at Da Silvanos in NYC last night. Awwwwww isn’t that so sweet?

Bauer Griffin

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  • SkyeD

    I’d recognize that jacked up nose anywhere!!!! Fenton trademark

    • VA666

      I saw her in concert last night here in the DC area (Bristow, VA). I have to admit I was skeptical since I’m not a huge fan, but she put on a good show and I really did enjoy myself.

    • ses

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  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    he’s adorable. they have that afro-islander looks… or Rihanna did before the nose job


    ya’ll late!!! he’s still cuter than his big sis!!!

  • Ciana

    i think her eyes are fake because how is it that nobody else in her family have light eyes….? if she takes them contacts out and that red hair she looks exactly like him.

    • CHI GIRL

      Well my mom’s brother has light eyes and the other siblings do not. My brother has two children with light eyes and the oldest does not. However, their mom has light eyes. It can go down the family line but skip some.

    • dis bish bossy

      You mad cuz she got light eyes? LMAO

    • daliwood

      My brother has hazel eyes unlike anyone else in my family.


    Rihanna has her clown game on!

  • ?

    OH! MY look it is Strawberry Short Cake! LOL LOL

  • Ciana

    Is her multi color changing eyes real? i dont think they are.

  • It's Me

    Lil dude did you know your sister is a super freak???

  • no problem

    Her dads eyes are the same and if you get a chance you can look at tht mtv special they did on her when they showed her in grade school her eyes were green on the photo. Sorry honey they are real even tho I’m not sure why tht matters a lot of black ppl have light eyes. My dads eyes are blue but mine came out grey. My sisters are hazel n I have a brother whose are green sometimes then look grey in the sun. It’s a regressive gene so it jumps around if its in your family. Vanessa Williams has blue eyes yet none of her kids do but her daughter sasha has hazel eyes.

  • Coney Island

    @ Ciana

    Her father has green/blue-ish eyes.

  • dis bish bossy

    Yall sound mad and bitter on here. Mad cuz Rihanna got light eyes and seems happy with her little brother.

    • Droppin it like its hot since 1986

      Tell me about it @dis bish bossy..they even talking trash bout her innocent seriously u guys need to get a damn life if u aint got nothin nice to say about a kid..

      And for ppl who don’t know:

      She is half Irish/ Bajan/ Guyanese..and all over the Caribbean you will find ppl as light as her and darker who have NATURAL green, blue, grey eyes. My dad is half chinese/trinidadian and he has hazel eyes with some green in them..and his siblings are half black/white with green, blue and grey eyes. so dont be surprised or hate..smdh

  • Kera

    Some of you are pathetic. Rihanna has hazel eyes! So does her dad… My mom has green eyes but I have dark brown eyes. -_- Self hate is something serious lol.

  • Shananigans

    she looks like she has a mop on her head that was used to clean up blood

  • SkyeD

    Ciana girl u pressed and obssessed wit RihRihs eyes. Go get you some freshlook contacts and call it a day!

  • juliemango

    Handsome lil devil, love riri’s red bob!!!

  • makemewannascream

    yep recognized the pig snout and questionable forehead.

  • Devotee

    Umm her hair wasn’t that full or long last week…how u gonna have a short hair cut then add tracks to it….I’m so sick of her

  • Miss Tahbee

    Does it matter what color this illuminati promo girls’ eyes are? Her brother is cute. Fresh and innocent like when riri first came out

  • bria

    yall some haters.rihanna is beautiful green eyes red hair and all.jealousy is a sickness.get well soon.

  • coldt7

    Rihanna’s turning white right in front of our eyes.or is it just me?

  • well dayum

    Wow at the comments: her mother and other brother were there as well. The other brother has Light eyse like Rihanna. but whateva. i think its great that Rihanna has the support of her family. and they are able to come to the States to attend her concerts and travel with her. Its beautiful!

  • sholla21

    He’s a cutie!


    my darkskinned dark eyed Dad- took one look at me: light skin, freckles and green eyes and I knew I was his daughter cause I looked NOTHING like him but JUST LIKE his GRANDMOTHER right down to the dimple in my chin that no one else has but her and I.

    And yet so many times people will look right at him and ask “is her mother white”..IGNORANCE is a disease

  • Jessica

    Lol, he looks just like her

  • Silent Swagg

    awww cute!

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