Solange Sheds Her Afro And Steps Out In A Sheer Shirt

- By Bossip Staff

The last time we saw her Solange was rockin’ a longer afro look, but it looks like she’s returned to her nappy roots… Solo was spotted at The Grove having lunch with a friend. Check out a few more pictures below!


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  • SkyeD

    Basically she looks like a prostitute!! B needs to check her girl

    • angeilinelee

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  • Mama X

    She is absolutely beautiful just the way GOD made her.. Too bad most blks hate the way their hair grow out of there scalp. & bc she decides to wear her hair in her natural state she is deemed afrocentric, eccentric, ugly, blah, and blah. How backwards is that? I think it’s pretty damn weird how her sister has blond hair, bleaches her skin, and talks like she has the inteligence of a 14 year old.. I also think its pretty damn weird how the majority of these comments will state how she is trying so hard to be something she is not, when in all actuality she is simply being. Its a sad day in Blk America when our view of ourselves have become so distorted and white-washed. Ladies, you can’t buy African-pride from your local beauty supply store, it has to be in your heart.

    Free your minds, by any means necessary!


      Mama X….God bless you for stating a simple truth. My sista.

    • NewestObserver

      I totally agree with your comments 100%. All these BW walking around trying to be someone they really are not with this FAKE shatt on their heads just proves how low their self-esteem are. They all need to leave that FAKE hair shatt alone and pick up that self-esteem again because at the end of the day they are still the same person they were before putting it in their heads in the first place. I honestly do not see what point they are trying to make but again not my business because I know what’s on my head and it darn sure is not some paid for FAKE hair, Geez!


      uh i would call trying to be someone you’re clearly not to be a clear sign of low self esteem and self hate issues; two issues these two idiots need to address.

  • EbonyPearl

    I dig this chick….Some of the chicks that are obsessed with weaves and chemicals….should try and give their natural hair a try.Don’t believe the hype many guys of all races…whant to play in our natural hair.

    • wtf

      n_satiable u are so right! she is fake like her sister & momma so y are the tryna play like she is natural. & y is the paps following solange around?

    • http://steflova Steflova

      I can attest to that, white men love my natural hair when I cut it off 7 years ago to let go of the perms. They love the waves, the fro that it grew into, and they love when I wear it curly. They can’t understand the versatility of me going from curly one day, then flat iron it straight the next and how it “magically” grows from my neck line to my bra line. I love the versatility of my hair.

  • ISIShakur

    Solange is the best. Love her…her hair looks nice and she is carrying herself well. Look for the positive and speak on it…

  • wtf

    ok she looks good from the neck down. something fugly about her either that orange lipstick or that nose. solange u will never mesure up

  • When in doubt keep your mouth shut

    Who in the hell left the gate open?

    How are you “all natural” with a NOSE JOB dum dums on this thread need to get it together and keep it all the way 100, there is nothing natural or beautiful about Solange or her fraudulent sister.

    • Whatev

      I agree.

  • ladolcevita

    I love my hair and I relax it, dye it and wear extensions in the winter. I choose not to wear my hair natural because I like variety. Thats one of the good things about hair, it grows back. Its not about self hate, its about self expression

  • afan

    Solange looks cute sands the orange lipstick.

  • Mock Rock Star

    Solange looks nice 🙂 If she wants to give her fro more define curls I suggest she use “Kinky Curly” hair custard

  • bajanxhadaya

    I absolutely love her hair! And it’s not because I’m natural… well maybe but I still love her hair. Now the outfit on the other hand, maybe not so much lol.

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    she has great personal style & her hair looks wonderful.

  • 504_GV

    Her getup is FIERCE! DAMN she can dress. Love your style Solange.


    I gotta say – I’m likin’ it. I don’t know what it is. She’s looking fresh an’ so clean. Something about a woman in white. Sheer white at that. That sunlight is hitting her head just right making her look like some Seventies-era flower child. She’s got me catchin’ feelings right now. Like I’d be down to pick that fruit. That cornucopia of succulent, swollen, ripe, juicy berries.

  • Whatev

    All paid for by… wait for it… Beyonce!

  • Tee

    Solange who?

  • MAnnComeOn

    I’m SMDH at how @Steflova tried to cloak ethnic pride in what really has turned out to be self-hatred.

    “I can attest to that, white men love my natural hair ..THEY love the waves, the fro that it grew into, and THEY love when I wear it curly”

    That’s SO PITIFUL. Because WHITE MEN love your hair you are now validated???

    b i i i t ch please! The brotha man loved your hair long before the white man ever dreamt of bringing himself to appreciate or accept it. H#LL.. to most of them you’re still “nappy headed h0Z” with @$$iZ that are too big.

    You’re F’in right.. I internalized what you said. Hence my retort.

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    she looks great. I love her hair.

  • Ciana

    I like solange’s hair to me it fits her personality.

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS(D.K.N.Y. boys like me a lot)

    no it wasnt a weave, it was a wig. right? please stop LYING!! THAT’S PRECISELY WHY WE HATE HER AND HER BALD HEADED SISTER. UGH. SHE’S FUGLY AZZ HE!!. that is all.

  • Curious1

    Her HAIR is NOT the problem..her interviewing skills and PARANOID HISSY FITS are…

  • gucci

    i think she looks good in those pics and those legs are killin’ em, you go girl.

  • uhhh yeah ok

    I think she looks good and I like her style. She’s just herself and I give her props for that.. Some ppl should try doing that more often..

  • lomaia



  • casey jones

    the woman is an extreme free spirit. its why i had to do what i did. T.O.N.Y……… iam just a rollin stone.

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