BeyBey And Jay-Z Enjoy Their Coupled Up Matrimony-Dom On Vacay In Italy

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Jay-Z and Beyonce are having a great time in Italy on vacation. Bey Bey stopped to take a few photos as the couple strolled the streets of Portoferraio. Check out more shots below.


Fame Pictures

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  • MsRachael

    Beautiful.It must be so nice to be rich… *sigh*

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  • bre

    i love these two!

  • TastesMinty2010


  • myhairparadise

    They are cute together…check out myhairparadise dot com for hair care tips

  • Kyla

    Laar hermercy! Am i bored with these ugly attention seekers?

  • Lisa

    Lovely couple no drama, I love it

    • yvonne

      Cosign, just beautiful.

  • I'mJustSayin

    With the awkward body language between Jay and Bey I still don’t think they have are happily married. He looked more genuinely fond of and happy to be hugged up with Gwyneth Paltrow. But their marriage is firmly intact and I give them a LOT of props for that! Nobody can really define the terms of someone else’s marriage. And they are definitely holding it down.

    • MsRachael

      This is gonna sound weird but they are is a Saggitarius 1 and beyonced is Virgo 2. I am a Virgo and I daded a Sag 1 for 3 years. We werent that affectionate in public. At that time -If you had run into us unknowingly- you would see good friends buggin out,laughing at people. However behind closed door…….it was another story….Lets just say he taught me everthing I KNOW ABOUT SEX.

  • tweety

    i love them together!!

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  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    I love those two. But they do look awkward together…like…really…awkward…i hope their happy together.

  • Curious1

    I LOVE the sandy beaches and water vacations..Now about these 2,,HHHmm.. I wish these two would show more unity and huggin; on each other…When they dated they were much more touchy feely two roommates hanging out…

  • afan

    Love the Carters. So glad that they don’t show PDA all the time. They have and still do take their privacy serious and I respect that of them.

  • Chester Tha Kat Dislikes IGNORAMUSES!!! :D

    @ Lala, I know right, and she probably don’t have hair. That’s probably why she probably wear it all the time. Did you notice when Jay-Z and Beyonce notice the camera people, Jay-Z hurry up and put his arm around Beyonce? 😀

    • Fab.

      nah she’s always had hair. Not THAT much obviously, but she’s far from baldheaded.

  • kalifa

    y’all act like they should be joined at the hips and lovey dovey 24/7.

    do you hug and kiss your sig. other 24/7?

    if they displayed public affection you’d criticize and say its for show (like how rihanna does it with matt;)



  • msbliss

    They always look like their jus buddies hanging out. I would love 2 be a fly on the wall @ the Carter home thou! I didn’t even realize they been 2gether about 10 yrs! I see @ least another 3 yrs for them but I wish them longer cause bey would probably throw a “fantasia” on us if he left her lol

  • Truth-is-Truth

    Sorry y’all, but Bey and Jay look bored as he11. I mean how many freaking vacations can you go on. They have reached the pennical of success so what is it really for them to look forward to. Now their going to have to pay the piper. With their souls no less.

  • D.

    They are livin the high life!

  • Tee

    @2:06AM. I don’t know how many vacations a person can go on, but if I could only go to one of the places B and Jay have been to this year it would be a blessing!

  • Ciana

    Love Beyonce but to me her and Jayz relationship is boring….

  • Don

    Body language says they are not as happy as tey seem.she is walkkng far ahead if him..

  • West Indian

    These two people are happy clearly. They’re not playing it up for cameras, fussing over each other, like many others do. They just regular folks who happen to have a whole lot of money and living their lives. Touching and hugging and breathing each others air in public doesn’t define love nor affection. It’s knowing your partner, making them happy and above all playing by your own rules.

    How many of you just walk around kissing and touching your significant other non-stop?

  • ?????

    …all of that money and she still insists on wearing that tired lacefront. :/

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS(D.K.N.Y. boys like me a lot)

    She is so fake it’s disgusting. Looking like “this is the only hope for my washed up azz to get a decent review”.

    • xo

      No talent

    • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS(D.K.N.Y. boys like me a lot)

      @XO: does lying, cheating, stealing and faqing successful rappers count as talents? lol

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS(D.K.N.Y. boys like me a lot)

    I sooo RESPECT him for not dropping this SPECTACLE like a bad habit once he was DONE with her because he’s WELL DONE with her. She should really be “catering”. lol.

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS(D.K.N.Y. boys like me a lot)

    I love him. He’s adorable.

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