Ginuwine And Sole Coupled Up On The Cover Of Sister 2 Sister

- By Bossip Staff

Ginuwine and Sole met back in 1999 and have been booed up ever since. In the most recent issue of Sister 2 Sister, Ginuwine and Sole take a trip down memory lane and tell how they first met. This is one music union that is still going strong, so if you’re a hater then be mad at Tyrese

SOLE: We met in 1999. Tyrese introduced us. Ginuwine was looking for me.
GINUWINE: Yeah, I had seen her on TV. I said, ‘Oh, I’m going to get that.’ That’s what I said; because she was very attractive. She was just the one I wanted. I was actually doing a video called ‘None of Your Friends’ Business.’ I’d seen her quite a few times because we was doing shows together. I asked her if she would be in the video. And she was like, yeah. So basically that’s how it started.

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  • Baybaybay

    Wow Chester that was rough blaming his relationship on his decline in looks and career staying he should have stayed a batchelor I guess people are happier with you when your miserable!

  • Really?

    Awww….what a beautiful couple. I haven’t seen Sole in years. She’s still gorgeous

  • Rx Chic

    Nice couple but I didn’t know that Sister 2 Sister magazine was still out!

  • nettie

    What was her song called again?

  • Mister Obtuse

    Ha Ha!! “This is one music union that is steal going strong..” STEAL going strong. Good thing I rely on you for accurate news.

    • Jessica


  • kalifa

    if he had stayed a bachelor you would have said that he’s gay.

    Ginuwine isnt living his life to please you. Support something good for once: a black man who chose to get married to a black woman, have some kids and have a clean family life.

    drink your Haterade elsewhere!

  • ses

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    They defend our country and safeguard our policy.

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    show your love and respect to our military heroes.

  • in cali

    I always loved her she is so pretty. I saw an interview on youtube where she was talking about how she doesnt rap anymore because she is a christian, and she has all daughters and she can’t rap about that type of stuff she used too, now thats a real woman!

  • Lady A

    You know what they make such a beautiful couple. They are also very involved in the community in Kansas City. They have a house for people with special needs (i am not sure for which kind) and they have a beauty salon here too! They are so BEAUTIFUL!

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  • joey

    roley……u sound like a jealous jerkoff…..go put ur head on the curb…..cant stand jealous people.

  • HOtsy TOTsy

    his hair is waaaay too pretty for me !

    • Jess

      My family is black, indian, and white, and my uncle’s hair is like that. So you can’t blame genetics 😉

  • MAnnComeOn

    Glad to see they are still together. Do y’all thing. Congrats. And keep it like it’s been – OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE as much as possible.

  • Ciana

    They make a cute couple.i like how they cover magazines but u dont see them walking waiting for attention 24/7

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    they kinda look alike. same big schnoz

  • be

    I love these two as a couple. I saw Sole and her kids a few years ago at Montgomery Mall in Maryland with my friends. She’s pretty and the kids are cute. She was friendly and pleasant.

  • Curious1

    LOL..I think I remember she used to stalk the ish outta him…esp if he was at some radio station doing some intervieweing she throwing jealous Hissy Fits..

    But..okay…got it…her motherhood and JESUS..cured her of her jealous rages..

    Yeah that have half kids, step kids, their own Bio kids and a rumored trail of jealous drama behind them..His c o c k i ness..her jealously…yeah….lol..

    But all gets forgiven and excused because…they have..some looks between them…lol..ok…

    God does create miracles..but good for them for being married and trying to stay put together…RARE nowadasy..RARE…

  • dee

    Beautiful couple.

  • Chester Tha Kat Dislikes IGNORAMUSES!!! :D

    @ Baybaybay and kalifa, I don’t want Ginuwine to be misery, and I never ever thought he was gay. The only people were spreading lies talking about he being gay, was the jealous men. I am HAPPY my baby, Ginuwine, found LOVE but his career and looks went down the drain. Most of his TRUE fans feel the same way I feel. LOVE is better than a career and looks. Another thing, Kalifa, you can keep that HATERADE comment to yourself. I don’t HATE but state FACTS. If Ginuwine was selling music and look the same as he use to, I be like my baby GINUWINE still is doing BIG THANGS and he HAPPILY MARRIED, but he isn’t. I am HAPPY that he is HAPPY in his MARRIAGE unlike other celebrities. I do give him BIG THUMPS UP for that, and for having a clean marriage in God’s sight instead like Alicia and Swizz. 😀

  • little sexy

    they are a cute couple, but ginuwine misses fame a lot too this why he keep popping up doing interviews and crap he may cheat on Sole for another publicity stunt. i like ginuwine, but he did have an affair wit Lisa raye and robin Givens, Sole is hiding behind God. God should tell you never marry a man with nine kids and as pretty as you are. He go dump her just to get back in the music business.

  • Rolly

    Joker azzhole I’m not jealous! I know for a fact that dude got more kids outside his marriage. Sole knows too but she’s good with him just focusing on the kids they made together! He shamed his babymoms in I’ll and even tried to pay someone to botch the paternity test to refuse his 15 yo daughter Ginel! You never hear him mention his other kids! His Christen wife acts like they don’t exist either!

  • Streetz`Da`Block

    So I guess he’s done sneakin hoes/jumpoff’s thru the back door when Sole is at the grocery store down the street, lol!

  • Chester Tha Kat Tired of These IGNORAMUSES!!! :D

    I meant “miserable” not misery.

  • Who Dat?


    I used to read about Ginuwine on the Groupie-Tales ALL THE TIME. They outted him for having a small dyck. I hurd he was little where it counts….with a maximum of 6 inches….MAXIMUM!

    • Curious1

      He’s a bit older than me…BUT..I still wouldn’t mind…uh…testing that ” theory” see many ..inches he may…have “In Those Jeans”

      I know..that was corny as hayle…but…hee-hee-hee…ya get it…

  • shelly

    Chester you are a freakin hater and ignorant at that, why do you continue to put Alicia Keys and Swizz name into every comment you make? This is about Ginuwine and Sole, you ignorant back water troll.

    • Curious1

      hee-hee-hee-hee…@ back water troll…

      OMG !!! LOL…the VISUAL…the dang VISUAL !!!!!!!!!!!!

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