Chad Ochcocinco’s Relationship With Evelyn Is Ruining The Ultimate Becky Show

- By Bossip Staff

People over at VH1 aren’t happy over the Becky bandit Chad Ochocinco’s new relationship with Basketball Wife, Evelyn Lozada.

Chad is constantly tweeting about his dating life — but since it has nothing to do with his VH1 dating show, sources told TMZ … the network is none too pleased. Ochocinco has been dating Evelyn Lozada (of VH1’s “Basketball Wives”) for the past several months … and he has made no secret of their relationship (just check his Twitter once in a while). Things are so serious between the two, Chad might be popping up on her show next season.

Sources close to the couple say VH1 is pissed at Ochocinco about the relationship because the network doesn’t like the “spoiler” that Ochocinco doesn’t end up with anyone on his show, The Ultimate Catch.

A rep for VH1 toldTMZ, “We cannot comment on possible story lines regarding a series currently airing or in production.”

An Interview Wit Tiphany From Chad’s show! She Doesn’t Think Chad Is Racist!

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  • Seiko La'Rue

    Nobody ever stays together on those VH1 shows! we already figured that out!

    • kalifa

      its all for the money

      and the publicity 😦

    • angeilinelee

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  • MeetLove1112

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  • Syreeta

    T O is waaaaaaaay hotter

    • meyoshi

      yes he is…..i love T O

    • HoneyDip

      T.O is so much hottter! and so manly like I feel he smells good lol Chad looks like a turtle w/o the shell *womp womp*

  • SMH!

    Obviously you do, you took the time to comment! With your hateful little A$$!!

  • Me

    How do you date this woman seriously, when you know that she left her other ballplaying man as soon as his checks dried up? literally.

    I dont understand some of these brothers, I swear. Aren’t they interested in tax accountants, women who are nurses, or who own their own businesses but haven’t been around the ‘league’ before?

    • HF

      On a primal level, no.

      Any man worth s**t is NOT looking 4 a woman 2 provide security. That’s HIS role. Men r highly VISUAL, and on a primal, subconcious level, dudes look 4 the most attractive women 2 plant their seed in.

      9 times out of 10, a dude will holla at the the dime working the deep-frier at Mickey-D’s, faster than the beached whale with a PhD in Nuclear Astrophysics.

    • kalifa

      HF has a valid point. many men just look for the pretty young thing, not the educated woman.

      and athletes, well they just want another trophy (trophy wife)

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      Yeah, women like me LOL!

    • Chimera Zombie

      Dating beautiful women is one of the main perks of being rich. You just have to be smart enough to set the ground rules and do the pre-nup from the gate to weed out the chaff

  • p

    Evelyn is doin fine..she has a successful shoe store in miami so stop the hate!

    • MiamiDime

      which she purchased on her ex’s money..not your point is pointless..LOL

    • Juicymama

      LOL, I was about to say the same thing. She did not work hard for that shoe store, she got the money from her ex before the checks dried up!!

    • Miamimia

      Evelyn has a successful store? Ive been in it a few times and by it many,its always empty. Girl get all you can out of him while you can, cus odds are it wont last. But I did read on another site they are in “love”,it might be the real thing.


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    • juicyjessica

      Girl please those ghetto azz hair styles…I wouldnt let you do my dogs hair

  • JumpoFF

    She is a divorced Jumpoff. Why would you date her.

  • Jones7

    Evilyn is wack and a gold digger. Her ex’s money is drying up and now she is looking at Chad like dark skinned ATM

  • sheka

    that show was ruined from the jump

  • Ike's Beyotch

    As if we really thought he was going to have a long lasting relationships with any of those broads Vh1!!! FUNNY!!!!!!!

  • Royal Chocolate

    I thought he only liked white women.

    • daahlingnikki

      I guess she’s close enough…

    • sista2sista

      his children are all black, not biracial. think that means he does like black women.

  • re

    That picture looks like it was sliced together. Don’t believe it. It’s his agent trying to get support for O. from black women. He all raedy said he perfers skin with less melon…

    • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS(D.K.N.Y. boys like me a lot)

      they all say that when they cant get a woman of color to their liking. what does he need black womens support for, he’s not selling relaxers. first chance he got, looks what he’s with? ha!

  • kutthroat

    uhhh duhhh, these dating shows is exactly what it is “a dating show”, strictley for entertainment, these cornballs actually has a life outside of tv land women included.

  • wtfever

    WoW, Chad appears to be a decent Man, I dont personally know Evelyn, but would recommend that he has a woman without a history of spending funds that she did not earn

  • Cantria

    he got with the mean one. lol..

  • Gia

    Do they ever end up with the person they picked on these shows? Once they pick them, they usually don’t see each other again until the reunion show and that’s 3-5 months away. If they even pick anyone–Omarosa, who’s now dating Michael Clark Duncan “The Green Mile”

  • Cheeky

    I agree Evelyn is a major golddigger, but Chad can date who he wants. I seriously doubt he’s going to be with her longterm. And I would also be surprised if his show gets renewed for another season, it was awful.

  • Gia

    I agree, no one ever stays together on these reality shows and they usually don’t see each other until the Reunion Show and that is 3-5 months later. A whole lot happens in between that time.

  • RazeKane

    Ohhh, yall didn’t know…of course we successful brothers have kids by black women, but as we climb the financial ladder, our picks become lighter and lighter…lol. (dead serious)…na, just kiddin.

    • ImJustSayin

      Booty head 🙂


    I NO YOU BLACKWOMEN ARENT complaning ater all the i love whiteman threads yall be in GFTO

  • Boggie

    Ahahahaha the this idiot resembles an aadvark hehe. All black men knows that they have to have a lot of money to get a regular looking none black women duhh. They love your money so much. Go to Miami Florida as someone above mentioned, you will see the truth. Black guys are sad.

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  • sweetandrude37

    they both could do better imo…she whines too much and he got too many kids regardless of his profession and how much money he makes…blah!


    No pretty girl would date somebody that looks like this unless it was about MONEY. Believe that. Half of these brothers been beat with an ugly stick, but they have cash so pretty women will get with them to get it. If they were walking down the street and just a regular dude they would not give them the time of day. Women use what they have to get what they want. Been going on since dirt was on the earth. Nothing is going to change that. A pretty woman is a man’s weakness, check your history.

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