Kimora Quits Baby Phat… No Phat Fashions For Mrs. Fabulosity This Fall

- By Bossip Staff

Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou has announced plans to part ways with Kellwood Company, the parent property for Baby Phat and Phat Fashions, effective September 1st.

The model-turned-mogul-mama released the following statement about her decision:

“After 14 years of conceiving and nurturing Baby Phat, it’s time for me to move on and further expand my other businesses and create a new phenomenon. I adore all those who have faithfully been with me since the beginning. I’m forever dedicated to my family, fans and customers. My inspiration has always come from the fabulous women who have been with me through the years as we’ve grown from young party girls to power players! We’re ready for our next journey together and we’re taking a whole new generation of incredible young women with us. Girl power unite!”

Don’t worry about Kimora though, she’s got plenty to keep her busy. Besides her kids Ming Lee, Aoki Lee and Kenzo Lee, she’s also still head chick in charge for the KLS collection, Kouture by Kimora and Fabulosity lines, and her hit Style Network reality series, ‘Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane,’ is currently shooting its fourth season.


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  • bebeking

    She fat anyway!lol

  • jakey

    Fantastic, baby phat was of complete dreadatitude

    • kalifa

      she certainly isnt a fool

      kimora established her own brands and made sure they were viable before quitting….


      marry a rich fart for his money, let him give you a leadership position at one of his companies, divorce him but remain friends, establish your own $hit, leave his business and start a new life with a real hottie.

  • It's me

    O well another line go down the drain. It wasn’t like they were doing millions a year. Um just saying.

  • no problem

    Yep she’s making her money and loving it. Kimora is set for life.



    • jakey

      thank you. The gold charms and repetitive/multiple logos everywhere. Keep that

  • anewme

    Her clothes are really made cheap! They do not last long at all, but the killing part is that they are so expensive!

  • aqueenwaits

    Maybe she should be selling hamburgers and milkshakes to go with her onion ring neck of hers…………ha ha ha

    All of that junk is cheap and made in China.

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      I giggled at ur comment but now feel bad for laffin’

  • juliemango

    Continued success 2 kimora!!!

  • chocolate gold

    she never got a dime of my money with her cheap a$$ looking, uninspired “fashion”! oh please, like she’s going to be missed on the fashion scene, get real!

  • Anonymous1

    I could tell by the changing styles of the clothes that something was amiss; As long as Kimora doesn’t forget about us plus size chicks, I’ll buy KLS. I just love me some Kimora…

  • Chee-Chee

    i never liked her tube-necked azz and her kids act like spoiled brats, except the baby.

    she made money off gullible black women, the same ones that she talked mad ish about when she talks about growing up mixed.

    i’m glad that bish never saw any of my dollars.

    Black people, stop giving these ASIANS YOUR MONEY!!!

  • JAZZI247

    tube neck azz!!! roflmao! on rupauls drag race, one of the queens had to impersonate her! he drew lines onhis neck to make it look like that!! hilarious!!!

    • Curious1



    It’s about time she stop acting like she is a designer. Hate the look myself.

  • BAPE747

    Wonder if BDR had anythang to do wit it

  • Somali Ninga

    Who ever bought babyphat? the clothes are butt ugly

  • kasha

    Her clothes were cheap as hell and her lotion had the same ingredients as dollar store lotion for 15 times the price???? Who would ever spend their money on her sh*t

  • chaka1

    Kimora gets on my last nerve, but at least she works and is great mother…

    Baby Phat was always greasy kid’s stuff to me…

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Yeah real cheap and too damn high! And let’s not forget annoying to say the very least…like who wants to rock you’re Co. logo on everything you sell!?!


  • gucciframes


    Because for the life of me I do not know how they were making money anyway, cheap fabric, cheap designs just cheap cheap cheap and tacky…it shows how much these now im famous let me hurry up and make a clothing line thing goes straight down the drain…next month sean john and rocawear,hellz yeah!

  • Princess07

    I so admire Kimora. She is one chick that knows her business. Love watcing her show.

  • John D. Hater


  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Yea, I NEVER thought Baby Phat was cute. I have seen some scrubs that I looked at 2 or 3 times, but i never bought them.

    He11, I didnt even like the purses.

    And, it didnt help that the ONLY stores u saw Baby Phat in were Citi Trends & Burlington Coat Factory.

    Baby Phat= Ghetto chic. Not my style.

  • Over it....

    Cheap azz clothes w/ that big azz cat EVERYWHERE…..girl BYE!

  • IHateLongWindedPRStatements

    “Don’t worry about Kimora though, she’s got plenty to keep her busy”

    I honestly do not think anyone cared to the point of worry.

    Kellwood BEEN losing money on Baby Phat – go look at the financials.

  • Rolly

    When the line 1st came out she had some cute items but once she got customers everything go cheap looking. The shoe line was horrid. The purses were nothing to talk about. But those big azz foil cats on the back of everything is what killed it! Who wants to be a walking billbord?

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