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This flaming Fashionista, got butch yesterday:

The 6-foot-8 Vogue icon Andre Leon Talley, cuts a flamboyant figure even when he’s calm. Imagine when he’s frantic. Talley was early for the Stephen Burroughs fashion show on Friday and sitting in the vestibule of the designer’s West 38th Street showroom when a man opened a bottle of Piper-Heidsieck champagne and it sprayed all over Talley. The drenched fashionista screamed, “Look what you’ve done! I’ve got to wear these clothes all day!” And when the clumsy sprayer tried to towel him off, Talley yelled, “Get your hands off me!”

That sounds like some pure comedy. You know he had on some bullsh*t authentic “Possum” coat or something. We find it hard to believe that all of his “fashion sense” didn’t tell his big moronic ass to bring a change a clothes. Poor thang.


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  • tara

    i dont think it’s Randomn Ridiculousness .i love them style especially the gril .and i saw some hot videoes about her on ”””””’bigbisexual.com””””””that’s great .sexual baby

  • Hannibal


  • mandah. back in black like shaq with a big mac attack after having his car jacked...yeah i know

    hey hanni, its not

    this fat gargantuant explosive nikkr…. where does one begin?

  • Aunt Viv

    Hi Hannibal and Mandah!

    I can’t even comment on Andre the Gay Giant

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-1VkFVW0ns leave it be(STILL searching for some jelly beans)

    i like naomi’s shoes, tho her toes look uncomfortable

  • Brie

    Good question- why IS this even news??

    Either way- big or not, his ass had EVERY RIGHT to kick dude’s ass for getting champagne all over him!

    I got three words for the champagne poppin’ fool: YOU ARE FIRED!!!

    dumb ass

  • WhatsYoursIsMine-Fabulousness for less than $10 a day!

    I love Andre! I’m sure one of his many minions was able to call or text a designer or two to bring him something to change into.

  • iheartchicken

    BWaaaaahahahahahahahaha…pure hilarity. That’s what they get for anointing this mountain of a woman some kind of fashion authority. So far, all that he managed to get his paws on lately have been one horrible fashion mistep after another, including but not limited to his own “ensembles” i.e. J Hud’s magic munchkin jacket…I was just waiting for them to beam her ass up to the mothership during the [Oscar] ceremony.

  • http://www.j.com noelle

    Well i would be mad too if someone spilled sippy on my getup!

  • Dat_B

    Is anyone the slightest bit curious that with all of his “fashion sense” that he never EVER wears socks? Really though, what’s that ish about?

  • Richard

    A whiter person MUST have written this post because they don’t understand black people and their clothes.

  • WhodatsaidDat?-Boggle Minded

    them damn prune cobbler shoes he better pull that snauze outta VOUGE and get Manners for Dummies 101..him an Yomi

  • Nothing Nice: The officiating of games in the NFL is suspect.

    LOL.. pure comedy indeed. It was an accident right?

  • Dark&Lovely

    What tha hell do they have on??

  • azdelish

    WTF does he have on? Who cares anyway

  • Blacksmith

    Love Andre, and yes I would be mad too if the waiter sprayed my outfit down in the middle of fashion week! Are you crazy?!

  • Creole Baby Got Cone Bread on Love Lockdown

    “prune cobbler shoes” lmao @ misses huckstable

  • lanette

    slow news day?

  • Ready Set Go

    Is it me or does dude look like a mix of Denzel + Jay-Z with a splash of Forest Whitaker? “You want to kill ME?!?!?!”

  • kenya

    as bad as he dresses, those duds are no doubt designer and yeah i would be frantic too if someone sprayed me with alcohol. i also find it ironic that someone who is a fashion editor has such a bad sense of personal style.

  • Flawdagurl~tell em'

    they look like 2 jeenies in a bottle

  • Katrina/Born

    He isworking the hell out of Vogue…go Andre Leon Talley…black men in executive positions, you have to love it.

  • JJ

    What I find interesting is what people consider to stylish, lawd help us.

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