Soulja Boy Reacts To Making Forbes Millionaire’s List, Talks Movies

- By Bossip Staff

Soulja Boy shared his reaction about being listed as number 18 on the Forbes Cash Kings list.

In the interview with MTV’s Sway Calloway on RapFix, Soulja states that although he is happy to be on the list at age 20, he is aiming to be even higher next year.

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  • michelle

    Let’s see how fast he loses it all. I don’t understand this but how does he make his money? Does he produce songs for other artist? Hopefully he has a good financial advisor.

    • kalifa

      soulja boy makes his money off kids who like to dance & sing-song but have no clue what talent is.

      dude may not be the best rapper but he sure is smart with his marketing.

      pretty boy swag 😉


    u may not like his 1,2 raps, but u can’t knock his hustle!!!! i just hope he smartens up, handles his biz 2 make sure he STAYS on that list!!!!!

  • Droppin it like its hot since 1986

    Smfdh..You wish..Your only gonna be on that list this year only Soulja Boy..Your 15 minutes of fame is up right about..NOW! Lmao..

  • .

    I applaud him .

  • misskeya

    soulja boy tellem’…:

  • It's me

    how does he make money as his songs are so elementary, if he selling that many cd’s, I have to ask the question what is this world coming too?

  • .

    So what if his music aint the best . He’s a young black man making it . If he made the list he most be doing something right . Or maybe ppl wanna support him cause they rather him be a whack rapper then him being on the streets doing something that he shouldnt be doing

  • say what

    Congrats Soulja Boy!

  • Diva Diva

    Freakin Awesome dude! He’s 20 n his hustle is payin off. I can’t be mad…I really don’t understand haters mentality n most of tha times they’re broke as hell!

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I don’t see how, when all he has done lately is flash money around…but ok! I hope he can stay on top!

  • summerlea

    all im saying is the lil dude is in no way a lyricist however, he is a hustler. you CAN NOT be mad that he is making all this money off his own stuff. NOBODY co-signed him when he came out. he makes most of his beats and writes all his wack a** rhymes…who did that at 14? NOBODY. i like dude (not his music) because he is self made. some of yall should take a page from his book and learn a lil something.

  • juliemango

    He must have some closeted listenersbuyers!!!

  • Ree

    …and this is what’s wrong with hip-hop today. Weak a** artists with zero talent make a ridiculous amount of money. But to be honest awarding mediocrity is the American way! I guess I need to come out with a song… “1, 2, buckle my shoe.” I’m sure it will be a big hit in this day and age. SMDH.

    • sholla21

      lol@ “1, 2, buckle my shoe.”

  • What_am_iDoing

    soulja boy is a genius thats y!…hes about my age and im friggin hating!!! im just a broke college kidd

  • Jess

    Soulja Boy is not the best rapper…LOL,..but his songs are catchy, get the clubs crunk, and I am glad to see a lil brah do good in life. He making dough, and he not slanging drugs, he slanging silly songs….so what…get em SOULJA BOY

  • sunflower

    He will be broke when his season is up and every entertainer has a season. I did like

    “Superman” very catchy some of the older patients we had knew that one. I wish him well but he seems so wasteful and it doesn’t seem (I could be wrong) like he has the right people around him


    Hey soulja boy, she got a donk!

  • MsRachael

    I cant stand his Wack a$$ music. I hate the state of hip hop and RnB today. Oddly enough, I’m still happy for him. I hope he makes wise investments….. but by the look of that largely retarded piece of jewelry….. *sigh* I hope he doesn’t lose it all through gaudy living.

  • Who Cares?

    His cd sells are not even that good. How did he make that much?

  • Jayro

    typical haters hating, mad cuz he got money, get off this site and make your own dreams come true.

  • missperfect

    Dang, its A LOT of haten going on… Just because you don’t buy his albums doesn’t mean he’s not selling any. I don’t care for him or his music but I will give him props for making money. He’s a business man who writes and produces his own music. He also makes money off of ring tones. I mean he’s 20 years old!!! He’s still a baby and he’s making more money than the people haten on him! As long as he’s not robbing, stealing, or killing I see no problem, so let the man shine.

    P.S Soulja Boy, those lil kids went hard on you for stealing their song… LMAO!!!

  • SmartBizness2

    He’s a big hit and crowd sellout (concerts, CDs) overseas. The Asians and European thinks he’s the bomb. It’s good to know that our society and culture can’t control and dictate the success of others. Way to go Soldier Boy!

  • Seargent Gutta

    Those big bracelets? Those aren’t jewelry pieces—they’re shackles chaining him to his own mental ignorance.

  • Larry


  • dre

    for all da hating why cant you just give him credit for being a young black man who is doing his best at what he does and making an honest living. regardless if you like his music he still finds a way to keep his name and brand relevent. if you spent the time and effort it took for you to hate and envy this man and did something positive maybe you could make the forbes list.

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