The Top Ten Wives And Girlfriends In Hip-Hop

- By Bossip Staff

Jeffrey “Ja Rule” Atkins muttered the infamous line “Every Thug Needs A Lady” in his 2001 hit song “Down A** B*tch” and we couldn’t agree more.

Beside every strong man is a strong woman so we’ve compiled a list of the top wives and girlfriends in Hip-Hop. From Hip-Hop’s elite to the “homewreckers” the ladies are all here, so click below to see where you favorites fall.

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  • Bossip is tha shiz but who is that?

    This was a great article it’s great to see couples together enjoying each others companionship. What would life be like alone?

  • kalifa

    good list but clearly not in order

  • Lisa

    What about LL Cool J and Ice Cube

  • Over it...

    This list was horrible….Will Smith & Ice T are so far removed from music that they shouldn’t have made it on the list…..where’s Snoop’s wife?!

  • http://deleted I Am Legend (Allergic 2 Darkies)

    I guess both the husband and wife or bf/gf has to be semi famous for them 2 make the list which is why Snoop and Cube didnt make the list..They have non famous chicks

  • NuNu82

    Okay, sooo Remy Ma and Pappoose make the list cause they are……….?????? Still waiting……..

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Will Smith & Nick Cannon are “hip-hop”?!! Who the f*ck came up with THIS list?

    And, u may be getting a phone call from 50 & Diddy b/c those “relationships” are NOT publically official

  • KymBerli

    beyonce # 1 hip hop wife in my oppion

  • Curious1


    I meant Fergie from Black Eyed peas and her Hubs…

  • Curious1

    LOL…maybe should have added

    Queen Latifah and MC Lytle from old rumors I think I’ve been told…if we gonna dig back in time with Old Azz Ice T..and his Ho-Ho…speech impediment Bobble Head “Wife”

  • resurrected

    Swizz and Ak no I don’t think so and what put you on this list you money and career status or your ability to show other how to have and maintain an honest relationship? People show not follow or care about you relationship unless it reflects certain element to a healthy relationship.

  • kiapooh


  • !!!!!


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